DATE OF MEETING: August 24, 2006

C. Ciallella D. Hacking
M. Shearon D. Duncan
J. DeSilva C. MacKenzie
D. Campbell L. Jaret
S. Dyment M. Duquette
J. Toralba L. Charles
H. Bigras D. Burke
G. Fillier

The Corporation suggested the following topics for discussion:

- current status of YDC re: activities

- next steps

- unresolved issues

- issues both Parties foresee coming up

The Union said they specifically wanted to discuss the data received on the volume base, ride-along schedule and flex calculations.

The said that they were quite unhappy when they received a letter from a representative of Route Measurement to the effect that the Corporation was proceeding with the volume data without consultation, presentation or the opportunity to discuss any issues.

The Corporation asked the Union to clarify what it was they were looking for specifically.

The Union said they wanted a meeting to go over the details including volumes in the “buffer”.

The Corporation said they understood the concern was with data integrity but didn’t understand the issue raised with respect to volumes in the “buffer”.

The Union responded that there was a new functionality in PDSL.

The Corporation said that they were open to reviewing and discussing any issues with respect to data integrity with the Union.

The Union said that that expected a complete package including when the structure is expected to be implemented, what period the Parties agree to re: volumes data capture, timetables (bid…).

The Corporation said they had originally wanted to implement in mid-September, but that it now sounded like this would not be possible. They expressed their concern that the longer it takes to implement, the more difficult it would be on the employees when the volumes increase.

The Union said they wanted their 15-day verification period.

The Corporation replied that they understood the comments about not receiving follow-up discussions, but indicated that the Union had been in possession of the data for several weeks.

The Union reiterated that they wanted the complete package. They then asked of the ride-alongs were completed.

The Corporation said they were not.

The Union said they didn’t foresee the structure being completed in September.

The Corporation reiterated that as discussed in previous meetings, this is not a full restructure. They reminded the Union that they had agreed to fixing the biggest problems now, and leaving the rest for the complete restructure in 2007.

The Union then asked what was being fixed.

The Corporation responded that any time an MSC complained of an issue on their tour, it was addressed. All tours that the Union observer or MSC brought forward as being an issue, was addressed.

The Union asked if there were any outstanding issues with the fixed work portion of the tours.

The Corporation said no.

The Union observers clarified for the National Union representatives that there was one (1) outstanding issue that were currently being addressed and resolved.

The Corporation reiterated that on the whole, issues have been addressed.

The Union asked if the supplemental hours being incurred were due to the fixed duties.

The Corporation said no. They also said they would compare IRMA prior to the changes being implemented and now to determine the costs of these changes.

They also mentioned the MSC benchmark initiative being rolled out nationally. They said they have been reluctant to sign on to the initiative until they know what the baseline is.

They reiterated that they wanted to implement the changes to the current structure to reduce MSC frustrations and help reduce miscommitments during the heaviest period of the year.

They said they needed to understand what it is the Union needs in order to accomplish their goals. The fixed duties are no longer an issue. They asked if the offloading is still an issue.

The Union said the MSCs do not have enough time to offload their vehicle at the end of their tours.

The Corporation said that in order to conduct a proper study, they would need to bring in an engineer. They mentioned that the MSCs currently have ten (10) minutes to offload their vehicles.


The Corporation committed to conducting an offload study. They said they would consult re: the parameters of this study. However, in the mean time, they will supplement the Group 2 compliment with Group 1 employees to assist in the segregation of the mail on the dock.

The Union agreed, as long as the PO4s were segregating mail only, not offloading vehicles. They agreed to set up another meeting to set timelines for the interim period and the parameters for the study (locally).

The Parties agreed that the current offload time values will stay status quo and will be respected (MSCs will not be asked to stay longer than the value that is assigned on their tour)

The Union asked that the Corporation implement all adjustments once the study is completed.

The Corporation agreed. However, they did mention that they do not know what the full scope of the results of this study means, therefore could be implemented only at the same time as the restructure.

They said that for the 2007 restructure they can look at the level of detail the Union is requesting for all Hubs in Toronto.

The Union raised an issue with the drive times in IRMA being 0.0005 instead of the agreed upon rate of 0.0007. The Union said they would not agree to anything if this were not changed immediately.

The Corporation agreed to follow the manual.

The Parties discussed cut-off times for keying and volumes being assigned directly to tours and when they are captured.

The Corporation said that all volumes received between 1000 hrs and 1400 hrs is delivered the same day.

The Union said they needed to make sure that all volumes are captured in order for them to be structured into the tours. They said that the volumes that are in the “buffer” are not counted in the loops.

The Parties discussed and agreed to make the “buffer” window tighter in order to better capture the data. They also discussed how to consolidate the data.

They then discussed adding data into IRMA in three (3) separate pieces, delimiting a different “buffer” time for each time period.


The Corporation will look at rerunning the volume data. They will add this exercise to the timeline. They reiterated that the MSCs would be unhappy at extending the process again.

The Parties agreed to reconvene the meeting next week.

Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 1100 hrs.