Minutes of Consultation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Canada Post Corporation

Kevin Burtt Mike Duquette
Randy Saunders Learey Charles
Ashok Kapoor Steve Chapman
Soren Madsen (On phone) Laura Jewel

This meeting was held on August 11, 2006 at West Beaver Creek facility, to review the MVI – 120 POC data capture process, for the Restructure exercise in progress on site.

Union: Referred to a communication from Michael Tong to CUPW Regional Directors on July 2005. The process for MVI – 120 POC should have been consulted in May 2006 to discuss:

Ø what resources should be used

Ø which EE’s will participate

Ø agree on the process and selection of 120 POC

It was mentioned that the Union observer and EE’s involved did a dry run for 1-week.

There should be 7- EE’s counting but we are managing. Employees currently involved are D. Osgood; S. Ebel; Laura Jewel; J. Youstnowski, S. Chapman. LCA’s Lauren and Bill fill in case of absences.

M: Supervisor Chris Picken is assisting with data input. In case of need we can bring back Relief Supv’ John.

U: - any problems with vacant POC?

We can have up to 30% vacancy rate without any affect on the count as long as it is in the same LDU.

- Do we count Hold mail POC?

Yes, redirect is counted as long as it is not a permanent move.

- Do we identify POC on the case, in case the EE is off duty.

Yes, they are red flagged, but some of the red dots are falling off.

- How do we identify, it is an A/O?

By square inches and < than 3-lb weight.

- Any other concerns?

M: If there is a problem, we are not hearing of any.

U: How were the 120 POC picked?

Steve Chapman explained the process. There should be proportionate % of representation of residential and commercial calls in 120 POC.

U: There is not one High Rise building in the 120 POC within L4B.

These are considered as part of residential POC.

U: What % of Business calls?

In Thornhill, there are 1,717 Business & 21,520 Residential POC. Only 7-Business calls are in 120 POC.

L4B has 1,851 Business & 7,232 Residential POC. Only 10-Business calls are in 120.

M: 120-POC relate to trend of mails not volume count.

U: Steve Chapman agreed that as far practicable, 120-POC would represent proportional % of the demographics of the Station/Depot/area. L4B Business POC are not proportionate to %, should be > 20%.

M: Soren advised that the POC system spits out the 120-POC. Representation by %age is the intent of the system. He will check with Jamie Steane and advise. Let us meet again, once clarification is received.

U: We can drop off some POC to bring relative %ages in line.

Parties agreed to meet August 16, 2006 @ 10 AM.

U: is comfortable with how 120-POC MVI count is proceeding, but if we had met prior, this could have been avoided.

M: we will disseminate to Delivery services, Zone Managers & Directors that such consultations take place.

Meeting adjourned.