AUGUST 9, 2006

J. Coe M. Duquette
L. Waine L.Charles

Management stated that the intended implementation of this restructure is scheduled for August 21, 2006. Management is working with the union representative on the MC routes, correction of missing relay locations on some of the routes. The RMO are revising the route sheets, will forward to the union.

Presently there are 81 full time routes, the new structure is 83 routes, and there is 1 new part time route as well.

The union stated that column 8has been adjusted for all routes, bidding is impacted as a result, in accordance with management’s national witness at the recent national policy grievance, all routes must be structured @ 480 minutes.

Management responded that the union has been provided a reply from C&D Support with respect to column 8, will request further clarification/understanding.

The union inquired whether the values for this DRS patch are applicable in June of 2006.

The union stated that it can not proceed at this time with any discussion with respect to the bidding process until replies are provide to obtain a clear understanding of all issues.

The parties agreed that the two (2) new full time assignments would be filled via transfer under article 13. The one (1) part time walk by virtue of one part time employee in the unit is academic.

It was agreed that the 12 full time L/C impacted by these changes will have first opportunity to bid on the 14 walks, 12 existing and 2 new, followed by the remainder of full time L/C in postal unit. The remaining 2 routes will be posted under article 13:18, (monthly bid).

M. Duquette confirmed that D. Thurston has provided information concerning walk 14 and removed 105 minutes for missorts.

Routes 68, 35 and 45 utilz3ed for accommodation are unchanged, 14 walk is to be withheld from bid for accommodation.

It was confirmed that the relief complement is unchanged.

Walk 83 is the new relay route.