DATE OF MEETING: August 3, 2006

M. Shearon M. Duquette
G. Ramlochan L. Charles
H. Bigras

TN (Night Worker’s Leave)

The Parties agreed to schedule TN leave as is done in Delivery. They discussed the guidelines. They agreed that employees would draw every twelve (12) weeks for the next twelve (12) weeks. Employees will be asked to pick two (2) days by seniority in the first round, any additional days will be picked in a second round of bidding.

The Union provided the Corporation a TN leave planner as a suggested tool for employees to assist them with the planning of their leave.

The Parties also agreed to have employees exhaust any and all accrued TN credits (list provided by the Corporation) in the next block (starting August 27, 2006 and ending on November 18, 2006).

The Corporation asked that a quota be set.

The Union asked that the Corporation allow some flexibility with respect to employees who have annual leave blocks booked that would conflict with the TN blocks.

The Parties agreed to consult on a combined TN and annual leave schedule for the next year.

They further agreed that PT and FT employees draw separately.

Parties discussed situations where employees have stopped accruing TN credits, due to no longer being on the night shift, and what is to be done when they have fractional amounts of credits left.

The Union’s position is that employees could use the left over fractional credit as a day.

The Corporation disagreed and replied that employees would not be entitled to using increments of a day until they have accrued a full day’s worth.

The Corporation is to prepare the schedule and post it for bidding.

The Parties agreed that if “blocks” of TN are open after the twelve (12) week bid is completed, employees will be allowed, as last minute requests, to pick additional days on a first come first serve basis.