JULY 27 2006

R. Paul M. Duquette
L. Waine L. Charles

This meeting was convened to discuss staffing changes in Don Mills following notice to local and regional union representatives. M. Duquette advised that a regional presence was not required.

Management stated that a review of staffing requirements has been conducted and that the position, number 8246571 was not required to be retained. Accordingly this position will be deleted effective August 13, 2006.

The Corporation proposed to create two part time assignments, one, the hours of 6:00 to 10:00 AM Monday to Friday, the other, the hours of duty 1:30 to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday. Both these assignments will be effective August 13, 2006.

The above two positions will be staffed under article 13:09, application under article 13:11. These assignments will also be posted in the monthly bid under article 13:18.

The Corporation also discussed the realignment of position # 82046563, assignment holder G. Ricketts. Presently this assignment is scheduled from 3:15 to 11:15 AM Monday to Friday. The proposal is to realign the hours to 11:15 PM to 7:15 a Monday to Friday shift.

The effective date will coincide with above. Employees will be canvassed for this assignment by seniority within the section only as per the provisions of the collective agreement.

The union stated that the above should be completed as soon as possible to coincide with the monthly biding.