CPAA / JHSC Meeting – Jul 19, 2006
Location: 216 Broadway

Dave Baldock - CPC Connie Burggraf - CPAA Bill St.Germaine – OHS&E
Pratt Mehrotra - CPC Sandra Wilson - CPAA Mike Gilston – OHS&E
Absentees: Brian Dawe - CPC Marie Tran – OHS&E

CPAA Health and Safety Committee Standards and Procedures

Area Retail Managers (ARM) to accompany CPAA Health and Safety representatives and Environmental Heath and Safety Officer (EHS) to conduct 2 tours per meeting of CPAA Stations. CPAA representative are to advise the committee in advance on sites to be inspected.

The Committee was advised that the CPAA NJHSC agreed that LJHSC were required to conduct 6 Committee Meetings per year (January, March, May, July, September and November)

Completed CPAA Health and Safety monthly Inspection Sheets of CPAA Offices are to be provided to the committee by the ARM responsible for the stations.

Health and Safety Minutes and monthly station tours are to be posted at each station.

Copies of all Environmental Assessment and Reports are to be kept with the Postmaster for review.

CPAA Offices requiring a First Aid Attendant, Postmasters are to contact their Area Retail Manager to arrange for training.

JHSC documentation will be posted in an accessible location at all CPAA LJHSC Minutes. Each facility will be responsible for maintaining a copy of the minutes in a binder. A copy will be sent to the Area Manager.

Review of Previous Minutes

05/03/05 CPAA Health and Safety Committee has requesting information concerning the HVAC Maintenance as per the Labour Code (2.24 (2)(iv) for the Operation, Inspection, Testing, Cleaning and Maintenance of HVAC systems in CPAA Offices Managed Offices.

[April 27, 2005] On Going

[July 20, 2005] Update Real Estate will be requested to provide the processes for CPAA HVAC Building Maintenance.

[May 24, 2005] Organize a proper review of HVAC with Real Estate. Dave Baldock will contact Peter Longstaff.

[Jul 19 2006] Offices with specific issues will be dealt with individually. Closed.

05/03/07 Real Estate is requested to provide copies of the CPAA Building Maintenance Reports that are completed annually by Postmasters. ARM’s are requesting Real Estate to reissue Building Maintenance Inspection packages to all CPAA Offices.

[April 27, 2005] Real Estate provided copies of the Property Management Inspection Sheets received from CPAA building for 2004.

Sandra Wilson, will provide a Blank copy of the Property Management Inspection Sheet 45-068-025 (01 12) that will be forwarded with the next CPAA JHSC Minutes in June 2005.

CPAA Station Inspection are to be conducted in September 2005.

[June 21, 2005] On Going

[July 20, 2005] Update Real Estate will be requested to provide the processes for notifying CPAA Postmasters that Building Maintenance Reports are to be completed and submitted in September 2005.

[March 22, 2006] Update There were no issues raised or brought to the JHSC Committee’s attention.

[May 24, 2006] Follow Up.

[Jul 19, 2006] Closed.

05/04/01 Sandra Wilson will develop a Yearly Checklist for CPAA Offices that will advise the Postmasters on their building requirements. Dave Baldock will review the document.

[June 21, 2005] On Going

[July 20, 2005] On Going

[March 22, 2006] Update ARM will contact their Offices to ensure that the each office schedule to receive a 2006 Building Maintenance Guides have received one. The JHSC Committee to review the 2006 Building Maintenance Guides Checklist provided with the guide. Dave Baldock will bring a copy to the next CPAA JHSC Committee Meeting.

[May 24, 2005] The checklist is still on hold. Dave Baldock will bring a copy to the next CPAA JHSC Committee Meeting.

[Jul 19 2006] There were no issues. Closed.

05/06/01 Scarborough LJHSC advised Dave Baldock of Health concerns raised by the RSMC at the Maple PO. There was Potable Water, which has now been resolved. Emergency Access Door and the Emergency Access Steps will be investigated by Bill St.Germaine, EHS – Safety Officer Metro West Toronto who will conduct a site investigation and advise the CPAA LJHSC.

[July 20, 2005] Update Bill St.Germaine confirmed that the emergency access door was adequate. The step from the Stairs at the emergency exit is too high and an additional step will have to be added. Real Estate will be advised to take corrective action. On-Going

[March 22, 2006] Update The RSMC Delivery Operation will be relocating to the new Maple facility in June 2006. On-Going

[May 24, 2006] On schedule.

[Jul 19 2006] Closed.

05/07/02 Orono PO Front concrete steps and handrail are in poor condition and is crumbling. There is a risk that customers could injure themselves while using the stairs and handrail. Real Estate is requested to provide a schedule for the Capitol Budget required for the needed repairs. Also the rear loading platform concrete is crumbling and becoming unstable.

[March 22, 2006] Update Repairs had been completed to the stairs and ramp, however the specification on the work conducted are being reviewed.

[May 24, 2006] Follow Up with Brian Dawe.

Jul 19 2006] Follow Up by Brian Dawe.

06/03/01 Cannington PO Due to a water infiltration, there is damage to wall plaster with the plaster shedding in the loading area. Pinchin Environmental conducted tests for asbestos and mould. Reports came back negative.

Real Estate will schedule repairs to the interior walls. The leak at the chimney flashing has been corrected.

[May 24, 2006] Follow up with Brian Dawe with the status.

[Jul 19 2006] Repairs to the facility are still pending. Any issues will be follow up by Brian Dawe. Closed.

06/03/02 Mount Albert PO Pinchin Environmental conducted mould tests on the exposed soil in the crawlspace. Poly Plastic covers the exposed soil, with sand on top. Ductwork traveling through the crawlspace has been sealed and an exhaust fan has been installed in the crawlspace to promote air circulation.

[May 24, 2006] There was a distinct odour concern however the surface dirt has dried up and the smell dissipated. Air quality testing has taken place and the air quality has been deemed clear. Peter Longstaff has copies of the air quality testing. The project has been finalized.

[Jul 19 2006] Closed.

06/03/03 King City PO Due to a water infiltration through the roof caused damaged to a wall in the Postmaster’s Office. The roof was repaired in December with a mould remediation conducted on an interior wall was reconstructed.

[May 24, 2006] Completed. Marie Tran to follow up with any relevant reports.

[Jul 19 2006] Closed.

06/03/04 Sutton PO An asbestos abatement was conducted on plaster parchment on canvas elbow joints in the furnace room. The abatement was conducted on March 18 with air monitoring reports posted.

[May 24 2006] Completed. Marie Tran will follow up with any relevant reports.

Jul 19 2006] Closed.

01/06/05/24 Fire Evacuations drills should be conducted by June 2006.

[Jul 19 2006] Fire Evacuation drills have been completed in Pratt and Dave’s Areas. Follow Up with Brian Dawe for completion of fire drills.

Send copies of the fire drills to the OHS&E Officers.

02/06/05/24 LJHSC will be going to Maple and the new facility for a site visit. Move in date will be June 15, 2006.

[Jul 19 2006] Move was successful. Completed.

03/06/05/24 Three new forms have been developed to provide areas of improvement for CPC:

1. Safe Work Observations will be performed by OHS&E Officers with Postmasters and RBMs.

2. Facility Compliance Checklist is a level 1 compliance checklist to serve as a pre-audit for the Canada Labour Code Compliance Audit. To be conducted by OHS&E.

3. CAR – Corrective Action Reviews will be carried out by the OHS&E Officer and reviewed with Postmasters and RBMs. to determine areas of improvement following the receipt of a SAIRS.

[Jul 19 2006] For information only. Forms will be distributed to Postmasters and RBMs. Completed.

New Business:

01/06/07/19 OHS&E is currently organizing first aid courses to meet the CLC requirements. Management is required to determine if 6 or more employees exist at the work location per shift. An alternate must also be trained. Area Manager to contact OHS&E if more information is required. Closed.

02/06/07/19 A portion of the unused space in the rear of the building will be used to assemble CMBs. Closed.

03/06/07/19 REMINDER: All employees are reminded that open toe and open back shoes are not permissible as per OHS&E requirements. Closed.

04/06/07/19 Postmaster will ensure that RSMCs have the correct personal protective equipment (flashing light as per National requirements). A safety talk will be issued following the rollout date from National.

Next Meeting:

Uxbridge PO on Wednesday September 20, 2006 @ 09:00

67 Brock Street West.

2006 CPAA JHSC Committee Meeting Schedule

Aurora on Wednesday November 8, 2006 @ 09:00

Distribution List:

HILL, John W.; YAM, Arlene P.; GILBERT, Jim V.; DAWE, Brian; WALLACE, Richard L.; HEWITT, Stephen; TRAN, Marie; Connie Burggraf (E-mail); WILSON, Sandra; CARLIER, Michael; GILSTON, Michael D.; ST-GERMAINE, William F.; MEHROTRA, Prat; BALDOCK, David A.