DATE OF MEETING: July 12th, 2006

J. Hill M. Duquette
D. Beardmore L. Charles
J. Coe G. Miller
S. Samonte K. Davidson
L. Wilkinson D. Roosevelt
A. Ilic G. Tomaszewski
S. Hardy G. Pratt
H. Bigras

Unfinished Business:

Payment of Parcels to the Door, Local Agreement

The Union has not finished compiling their list of RSMCs who believe that they are owed monies. They said they would it completed by July 31st – they believe it may be approximately twenty-seven (27) RSMCs for approximately $4,500.

The Corporation will review when the list is compiled and provided.


The Union said they have yet to receive the previous H&S minutes (S. Hewitt was to provide).

The Corporation will follow-up.

Yearly Annual Inspections

The Union said they have yet to receive the updates of the routes completed.

The Corporation responded that they are on schedule. There are two (2) routes on the schedule for August. The updates have been submitted.

The Union asked if the routes are actually being driven.

The Corporation replied that the instructions were that all routes were to be driven. They requested that the Director be advised if any routes are not driven. They explained that the schedule identifies which routes are to be done by which month – routes in one (1) station are staggered, with a completion date of year-end.

The Union indicated that Stouffville was to be completed by December 2005.

The Corporation responded that the changes would be retroactive.

Log Sheets

The Union said that some locations are not using the log sheets. They further indicated that, as of June 30th, the log sheets were not being utilized on Unionville.

The Corporation responded that log sheets were made available in all facilities. They will review and ensure they are utilized.

Unionville – Yellow Pages

The Union said that the customer does not want daily delivery.

The Corporation said that there are no shuttle trucks available to make the Yellow Pages delivery. They are not a storage company. The RSMC is to deliver as per the normal procedures.

The Union asked if the RSMC would be receiving payment for the delivery of the returns.

The Corporation will review and respond.

The Union indicated that the last inspection for Unionville was done April. They are concerned with the load capacities of the vehicles being used by the RSMC. They said it is the Corporation’s obligation to ensure the vehicles are not overloaded.

Unionville – Payment of RSMC from WBC

Union indicated that the employee had not yet been paid.

The Corporation will review, could look at issuing an emergency cheque.

New JOSH Committees and Structures

The Union said they were aware of ongoing discussions with HRDC and the possibility of changing the format of the JOSH committees. They asked the Corporation why they would change the number of committees.

The Corporation said they would change the number of committees based on the legislation requirements.

The Union stated that the Corporation couldn’t change the Local constitution or bylaws.

Both Parties agreed to review the new requirements and positions and discuss further.

Modified Duties

The Corporation said there are not modified duties for RSMC route holders who cannot perform parts of their routes. If an RSMC cannot deliver, they can sort their route and pay a helper to deliver.

The Union said this could potentially be an issue with WSIB causing problems with payments to RSMC.

The Corporation will review if voucher system is sufficient.

HRSDC Ruling on Gormley RSMC Route

The Corporation indicated that personal contact was made with all customers on the route. CMBs were put in place. He dangerous points were removed. They are not certain as to the outcome of the points of call on Preston Lake.

The Union said it was their understanding that they didn’t meet the Corporation’s standards.

The Corporation advised the Union that the complaint filed by a RSMC in Richmond Hill has resulted in sixty-three (63) of the sixty-five (65) points of call being deemed as unsafe. CMBBs will be assigned.

New Business


The Union said the RSMC who was discharged incurred an IOD prior to the discharge that has yet to be processed. They advised that a Form 7 needs to be completed.

The Corporation will review and respond.


The Union asked if there is another phone number for Marianne Dupuis in Payroll. They have been advised that RSMC are having difficulty reaching her and are receiving responses to their voicemails and e-mails days after they were left.

The Corporation will verify.


The Union asked if there were new vouchers for replacements and helpers.

The Corporation said they were not aware of new vouchers being implemented. They will follow-up and respond.


The Union asked what the delivery span for the catalogues was.

The Corporation said they would check the National Agreement.

Collective Agreement

The RSMC/CPC Collective Agreement was ratified.