DATE OF MEETING: July 12th, 2006

J. Hill M. Duquette
D. Beardmore L. Charles
J. Coe G. Miller
S. Samonte K. Davidson
L. Wilkinson D. Roosevelt
A. Ilic G. Tomaszewski
S. Hardy G. Pratt
H. Bigras

Delivery Unfinished Business:

Issue with temporary employees crossing Post Offices when on daily or longer assignments

The Union indicated that the Employee Relations Officer understands the problem brought forward by the Local and would be raising the issue with the appropriate levels of the Corporation. The Union is concerned with stopping the problem now to avoid any future issues with respect to dues and bypasses.

The Corporation will review and respond with respect to the correction of the matter.

National Policy Grievance N00-03-00002 and Local Grievances 602-03-00134 and -00371

The Union said they had received the documents provided by the Corporation. They will review and respond to Labour Relations re: a possible resolution of the two (2) Local grievances.

Scarborough F Ramp

The Union said they had received the documents re: the slope of the ramp. They advised the Corporation that it is unsafe for employees to be using any other equipment, other than C3s (binnies), on the ramp. They asked the Corporation when they would put a stop to the unsafe practice, by employees, of pushing other equipment up and down the ramp.

The Corporation responded that they would police it. They indicated they would also have to restrict the traffic on the ramp to foot traffic only.

The Union then asked when the high docks would be replaced by low docks.

The Corporation responded that it was in the plans, but it al depended on the funding required for the work.

The Union then said they wanted to be involved in the testing of the equipment that would be used to evaluate the grade of the ramp (Scarborough F).

The Corporation said they had provided the Union with the report.

The Union asked why drivers were asked to sign-off on the report.

The Corporation responded that they assumed (and would follow up) that it was to ensure the employees were aware that the equipment to be used on the ramp was restricted to C3s (binnies) only.

Information Book Notices

The Union said that glass cases, to be placed in the lunchroom, were promised but have yet to have been provided.

The Corporation will follow-up and order the glass cases for staffing notices.

The Union then indicated that the glass case, at Willowdale 3, where the bids and equal opportunity sheets are posted, doesn’t have a lock. They said they had requested a lock and it has yet to be locked.

The Corporation will review and respond.


The Corporation said that addressed admail has to be delivered daily even if it the only piece of mail to an address. As for unaddressed admail: the CMS was amended.

The Union asked why the application of the CMS procedures wasn’t consistent. They also asked if they would review the interviews and discipline imposed on employees to determine if warranted or not.

The Corporation responded that if employees are instructed to deliver the unaddressed admail and do not follow the instructions, they would be interviewed and disciplined for insubordination. They indicated that some cases are clear issues of “work now, grieve later” where the employee chose to grieve only. They agreed to review the individual circumstances of each case and respond.

The Union replied that if they were satisfied that issues were resolved, they would resolve the outstanding grievances.

JOSH Training

The Union said they had not yet received confirmation that the marking/defining of demarcation lines at 280 Progress were completed.

The Corporation responded that the work orders are out but the work has not been completed.

The Union said that some of the work was done but that it wasn’t completed. They expressed a need for a clearly defined walkway and a mirror located in a blind spot/corner.

The Corporation will review with Industrial Engineering and respond.

Article 33.31 of the CPC/CUPW Collective Agreement

The Union stated that investigations under Article 33.31, violence in the workplace, are to be sent to the JOSH committee.

The Corporation stated that their interpretation of the language does not support this position. They will not forward their investigation reports to the JOSH as requested. The language of 33.31 will be adhered to.

The Parties agreed to disagree on the interpretation of this clause.

Lay off of Temporary Employees

The Union stated that pursuant to the meeting held to discuss the issues surrounding the lay off of temporary employees, they had not received answers to their questions.

The Corporation will review and respond at the next monthly meeting.

New JOSH Committees and Structures

The Union said they were aware of ongoing discussions with HRDC and the possibility of changing the format of the JOSH committees. They asked the Corporation why they would change from two (2) JOSH committees to seventeen (17).

The Corporation said they would change the number of committees based on the legislation requirements.

The Union stated that the Corporation couldn’t change the Local constitution or bylaws.

Both Parties agreed to review the new requirements and positions and discuss further.

Delayed Reporting of Employees (Grievance # 602-03-01030)

The Union said they received the documents provided by the Corporation. They asked that the issue be carried-over to the next monthly consultation if the issue isn’t resolved until then.

Changes to Routes

The Union stated that changes were made to routes in Agincourt in absence of Union participation. They asked that the new 075s be provided to them.

The Corporation responded that it was their understanding that an observer did participate in the process.

The Union said an agreement was made to pay employees (an employee) for an overassessed route and that the employee was still getting paid for overassessment.

The Corporation said they would see what the employee was owed and resolve the matter.

The Union said they have never received a reply to their grievance.

Group 1 Bidding

The Union said they received the results for Unionville, Willowdale 2, Don Mills and Ajax only.

The Corporation replied that they would look into the results for Zone 6; they expect that it will be completed tomorrow after having reached four (4) employees who are on LTA.

The Corporation also advised the Union that the effective date for reporting is the week of Sunday, July 16th, 2006.

The Union asked who would be included in the next bid.

The Parties agreed to allow all current employees in the Post Office in the next bid, which will be posted for a two (2) week period at the end of July/beginning of August. It will encompass both the July and August bids. The next regular monthly bid will take place in September.

The Union requested a position control at the end of the bid.

The Corporation agreed to provide.

Willowdale B – Conflict Between Two (2) Employees

The Corporation advised the Union that they provided them with the accident reports and interview narratives.

The Union raised a concern in a complaint that they are failing to monitor the workplace to ensure a safe workplace.

The Corporation reiterated that a response was provided to the Union and they are in compliance with the Collective Agreement.

The Union responded that they are not satisfied with the response received or the Corporation’s interpretation of Clause 33.31. Their position is that this issue does not fall under Clause 56 therefore it falls under 33.

New Business

Don Mills, Willowdale B and Depot 2 Restructures

The Corporation advised the Union that have put suggestions, questions and concerns forward to the Route Measurement community but have not received a response yet.

Don Mills: The pacing is being done. Some values are missing on the 038s. There are concerns with the pacing done for the apartment buildings.

The Union advised the Corporation that the Route Measurement community have suggested that the restructure would only be completed on time if they worked on it during the weekend. They advised the Corporation that the Union observers are not accepting to work on weekends. They asked if the implementation dates would be extended.

The Corporation responded that have suggested extending the deadline.

The Union stated that if work would be performed on weekends, they would expect RDO for the Union observer by using the appropriate list.

The Corporation said they would request a response from Route Measurement as soon as possible.

Willowdale B: The Corporation said they were open to the proposal advanced by the Union (to change all hours by one half hour). They did advise the Union that some employees have requested a complete rebid if any routes incur time changes.

The Union said they couldn’t force a current incumbent to change the start time of the route they bid onto. They will go to the station to talk to the employees and reply on a possible solution.

Depot 2: The Corporation does not have any updates. They will review and respond.

West Hill Restructure issues

The Corporation advised the Union that the bidding is almost completed. They have not heard of any other issues.

The Union said they heard a complaint that Supervisors are saying that route holders could bid on another route when another private vehicle route becomes vacant.

The Corporation said that this is not the case and would address the issue with the Supervisor.

Evening Delivery Cut Off Times (LCs and MSCs)

The Union asked what the Corporation intended on doing to ensure the evening delivery cut off times (LCs 2000 hrs, MSCs 2100 hrs) were adhered to, pursuant to the National Notice dated June 29th, 2006.

The Corporation responded that a Supervisor Briefing Note had already been issued to Supervisors. They said they would look at reissuing it to Supervisors in the fall.

Air Testing at Don Mills, Ajax and 280 Progress

The Union advised the Union that they issued a letter yesterday with respect to obtaining maintenance records for the above-mentioned facilities.

The Corporation advised the Union that they had already requested BLJC’s records. They also advised the Union that the Health & Safety Officer had already conducted air quality tests at Ajax, Don Mills and 280 Progress and determined that the air quality meets the standards.

The Union said they wanted tests done under the Code (for fresh air circulation).

The Corporation asked if these concerns were raised at the JOSH.

The Union said they were entitled to the tests.

The Corporation responded that the Union’s concerns were noted. They will forward the request, for the maintenance records, to the Divisional Manager for BLJC.

The Union raised another issue with the transition from Profac to BLJC re: lights at West Beaver Creek that are too dim.

The Parties discussed the differences between safety tours and inspections.

The Union asked if a Supervisor was designated as H&S contact at each station.

The Corporation said that a Supervisor should be designated as contact at each station and should be involved on the H&S tour with the Union representative.

June Minutes

The Union said the minutes weren’t posted in all information books.

The Corporation will ensure the minutes are posted.

24-hour notices for meetings with Medisys

The Union said there was an agreement that Medisys would provide employees with a 24-hour notice prior to meeting with them in order to allow them to seek Union representation if desired.

The Corporation doesn’t disagree and will remind Medisys representatives of this agreement.

Article 17.04 Sign-up Sheet

The Union raised an issue with the current practice in Unionville re: the application and use of the sign-up sheets under Clause 17.04. They said that there was an agreement that the Corporation would cut-off the sign-up sheets at 0735 hrs and that in Unionville, management is deliberately keeping the lists open, past 0735 hrs, to allow the PTs to sign-up.

The Corporation responded that there was no agreement to a 0735 hrs cut-off. They said they would cut-off the sign-up sheet dependent upon the postal unit or official start times of postal units and routes. They also advised the Union that a draft guideline was sent to them for review and further discussion and provided them with additional copies.

The Union reviewed the guidelines and expressed their general dissatisfaction with the document. They reiterated that they want a cut-off time. They will not agree that employees who are late can call in to express their interest.

The Parties agreed to take the discussion off-line in another meeting.

Employees With Modified Duties Being Denied OT/Extended Hours

The Union said that employees with modified duties should be given consideration for OT and extended hours when the work being offered is within their restrictions.

The Corporation agreed.

First Aid Training

The Corporation advised the Union that classes would be held on July 25th and 26th, as well as August 15th and 16th.

CMS – Hostile Dogs

The Union said that the CMS was amended and asked if the Corporation had issued the pepper spray control sheet to all facilities.

The Corporation responded that the control sheets were issued in all facilities last month. Letters were also sent out to all customers – owners of dogs. They also said that addresses with dogs were identified on the cases and in a binder available in the station. If an employee has any issues with a dog on their route, they should raise it with their Supervisor.


The Union said they are not receiving barcharts regularly.

The Corporation will address and provide.

Corporate Equipment

The Union advised the Corporation that employees in Unionville and Scarborough F are taking ownership of Corporation equipment by locking it up in the electrical room (which is also a safety hazard) and chaining them to their cases. This must cease immediately.

The Corporation will address.

Pay issues

The Union raised issues with respect to specific individuals – one (1) who has recently returned from LTA. They also indicated that employees are not being advised when recoveries will take place.

The Corporation will address specific issues – in one (1) case, they agreed that the employee is owed for three (3) pay periods. They will review the issue re: pay recoveries.

Annual Leave Bidding

The Union said they have issues with the posting of blocks that become available and cannot be included in the monthly bid. They said that there is an agreement to post the available block on the Friday prior to the block.

The Corporation will review and respond.


The Union raised a concern with the fact that LCs are being told to wait at the back door of Staples for ten (10) minutes in order to deliver their mail.

The Corporation responded that it was their understanding that the back door delivery was for parcels only.

The Union said that the Staples, located at approximately 1800 Eglinton East is not on the LCs 038. It is their understanding that all deliveries are to be made at the back door.

The Corporation will review the LCs 038 and the agreement contract with Staples for further clarification.

Green boxes (Relay boxes)

The Union raised an issue with the Corporation’s practice of checking the green boxes for mail. They said that a LC left some mail in the box while she delivered to an apartment building and found the box empty when she returned for it.

The Corporation said that they want MSCs and MLCs to check the green boxes for mail and report back when they contain mail from the previous day. They will review the specific incident raised by the Union.


Stouffville IDB Training

The Union inquired as to when the training would be conducted. They said that there are problems with the IDBs, the RSMCs also need training.

The Corporation said they would send a trainer to train the Registration Clerk. They will also provide posters/signage re: the proper way to complete an IDB.

Temporary Employee List

The Corporation to confirm if there are any employees on a temporary employee list.

New Business

E.O. Lists

The Union asked for a copy of the E/O lists. They have raised an issue with employees being offered OT by seniority instead of by EO.

The Corporation will provide.