DATE OF MEETING: July 11th, 2006

M. Shearon M. Duquette
D. Jones L. Charles
S. Samonte A. Bailey
H. Bigras G. Fillier

Group 1 Staffing :

The Corporation thanked he Union for their counterproposal previously received via email. They handed the Union their counterproposal which included minor changes as outlined below:

FT: 0600 to 1400 as opposed to 0400 to 1200 as there are already employees on site between the hours of 0400 and 0600.

PT: 8 employees “unscheduled” on Saturday.

Totals: 42 PT vs 40 in the current profile

52 FT vs 46 in the current profile

The Corporation suggested implementation of the new profile the week of September 10th, 2006 allowing as much time as possible for employees to make changes to their personal schedules and not affect their Labour Day weekend.

The Union suggested consulting on the rotation schedule (statutory holidays) ahead of time in order to provide as much information to employees as possible.

The Parties agreed that the bid would be conducted jointly between a Union representative and a management representative.

The Union asked that the FT schedule on shift #1 be flat (no change in hours on the Sunday evening) and suggested that it be revisited once the MSC restructure is completed.

The Corporation agreed to revisit the schedule once the MSC restructure is completed, however it remains as proposed until then (2200 to 0600 Tuesday to Friday, 20:00 to 04:00 Monday)

The Union agreed to the staffing profile without precedent or prejudice to any grievances currently in the system.

The Corporation agreed.

The Union advised that Al Bailey would be the Union representative conducting the bid.

The Corporation advised that Dan Jones would be the Management representative conducting the bid.

The Corporation said they would build the rotation day and statutory holiday schedule for review by the end of the week. They also said they would communicate with employees on all shifts next week to inform them of the new staffing profile and upcoming bid.

The Parties agreed to reclassify 2 PT PO4 positions to FT using the current seniority list.

The Parties agreed to cancel the August monthly bid and commence the new staffing profile bid the week of July 31st, 2006.07.11

The Union asked what arrangements would be made to provide relief for the employees in the cash office.

The Corporation said they would use a PT employee on shift when needed.

The Union raised a concern that a FT employee should be providing the relief for the preferred assignment.

The Parties agreed that they would cover sick and a/l assignments of these 2 positions under 39.07 temporarily and revisit the situation after the a/l bid for the next year.

The Corporation advised the Union that there are no changes to the Group 3 and 4 work schedules presently.