DATE OF MEETING: June 14th, 2006

C. Ciallella D. Hacking
M. Shearon D. Duncan
D. Daniels C. MacKenzie
S. Samonte M. Duquette
S. Running L. Charles
H. Bigras D. Burke
J. Kotska
S. Thomas
S. Chapman
T. Parkes

The Union raised a concern with the communication plan re: the restructure. They are concerned that employees are not being advised of changes that will affect them. They said that when restructures are implemented for the LC stations, a step-by-step procedure is followed, which includes a communication plan to employees. They also said they have issue with the fact that they are not being given the opportunity to discuss the restructure – they are being advised as observers.

The Corporation asked the Union how they had been advised that changes would be implemented.

The Union responded that they received an e-mail notice, providing 10-days notice. They reiterated that their concern is with the Corporation procedure not being followed, as it is when conducting LC restructures.

The Corporation agreed that there is a gap in the communication process. They said they would have preferred to meet prior to today to hold meaningful discussions. They also said that they are not aware of the reason the restructure/notice/communication process is different for the Hubs. They agreed that they need a process to communicate with employees sooner rather than later.

They proceed to advise the Union that the training on the procedures to follow when conducting ride-alongs was done last week. The ride-alongs will commence at the YDC next week.

The Union said that the process started last Friday morning at which time no management representative was assigned. The mgt rep was assigned at the last minute. They said they think the Route Measurement community is driving the process and do not feel they should be. They hope that issues will be discussed at the committee meetings and they will be involved in the process.

The Corporation said that their biggest concern at this point is that the process be stopped due to the confusion and miscommunication. They hope that some level of agreement could be reached today in order to move forward.

The Union agreed that the process should continue, as the YDC is three hundred-and-forty (340) stops under base.

The Corporation said that the reality is that they will not be doing a full restructure at this time. They want to “patch” the structure until the full restructure occurs in 2007.

The Union responded that the Corporation either has a restructure or not – there is no middle ground. They proceeded to say that the mere notion of moving the Flex to the end of the Loop involves changes to all the tours and that major issues were being addressed and the only thing being left out are the volumes.

The Corporation agreed that a full bid may be required, to be determined at a later date, but some form of bid would be required.

The Union proceeded to say that if the three (3) Hubs were not volume based, grievances would be filed in both Locals.

The Corporation replied that the Parties had discussed the issue of Route Measurement resources in previous consultations where the Corporation advised the Union that they would be relinquishing resources. They said that in those previous discussions, the Union had not raised any concerns.

The Union said that the Hubs are not structured to volumes as they should be and the interim PT tours are still being utilized. They said they would no longer sit back and worry about costs. They said they wanted the Corporation to meet the commitments they made in 2004. They said they do not feel that piece meal attempts are no longer acceptable and they will not agreed to Priority Courier only and delivery only tours.

The Corporation reiterated their concern that in previous discussions, the relinquishing of the route measurement resources was not raised as an issue by the Union. They also said that there is a significant decrease in interim PT positions at the YDC (one assignment left).

The Union said that if the Corporation were managing the Flex correctly, they wouldn’t have this as an issue.

The Corporation responded that significant improvements were made with respect to the management of the Flex PTs.

The Union said that the Corporation continues to zero out the Flex.

The Corporation responded that they do not zero out the Flex – the Supervisors were trained on the use of PDSL and the assignment of work to the Flex. They advised the Union that the YDC was at 82% capacity yesterday, but that three (3) of the loops were at over 100% capacity.

The Union responded that it was clear that the volumes aren’t balanced.

The Corporation reiterated that they do not have the resources available and asked the Union why they hadn’t brought up any issues up in previous consultations.

The Union said they didn’t understand and never agreed that the resources should or shouldn’t be relinquished.

The Corporation responded that they didn’t say the Union had agreed but were at a loss with the fact that no issues were raised prior to them relinquishing the resources.

The Union said they could not agreed with violating the Collective Agreement and that the problems need to be fixed. They said they felt that their members in both Locals have suffered long enough and half measures would no longer cut it.


The Corporation asked the Union what data they want with respect to volumes.

The Union responded that they need an up-to-date list to the end of May.

The Corporation will provide. They said they would have to keep the loops status quo since they do not have the resources to rebalance or resequence the loops now. They said they could look at RPO drive times, moving the Flex to the end of the loops and assignments on the planner.

The Union said they could not agree to that. They feel that late arrivals are a big issue that should be dealt with.

The Corporation said that PC&R has pulled data re: late volumes. They added that the data is not detailed and that 6 – 7% of overall volumes are keyed after cut-off (due to late freighter network). They also said that the issue of non-loop volumes is bigger at the WPDH than at the YDC.

The Union said that they felt the non-loop volumes (to the SS and RR areas) should also be addressed.

The Corporation responded that the issue was discussed at the Steering Committee and that it was left with the Union to come up with a process.

The Union said that in absence of the Union’s response, nothing prevented the Corporation from putting in a block of time. They suggested the Parties agree to a value for the block of time on a without prejudice basis.

The Corporation said they could agree to use a block of time – to discuss locally.

The Union also said they didn’t think it was necessary to do a full sampling for this exercise, as this takes up most of the resources.

The Parties agreed that the following issues were to be addressed:

1) volumes: overall, including a.m. and p.m., late volumes and non-loop volumes

2) off load times

3) large volume receivers (which the Corporation said wasn’t a big issue at the YDC)

4) fixed duties

The Parties discussed time values for end of day duties such as handing in keys, PDT and cash. The Corporation advised the Union that the additional parking spaces would help alleviate the problems as parking spots would be dedicated to the MSCs (Corporate vehicle and personal vehicle).

The Union asked if a data analysis was conducted at the YDC (Dan Tran would have conducted).

The Corporation responded that the analysis was never completed.

The Union asked when the new PDTs would be put to use.

The Corporation responded that the implementation was delayed by six (6) months. They added that there is an issue with the purchasing contract that is still being negotiated. If the Corporation is not successful in negotiating the contract in a timely manner, the implementation would be delayed until some time after Christmas.

The Union asked who would be getting the new PDTs.

The Corporation responded that they are targeting pick-up routes and from that all routes in the facilities that have both pick-up and non pick-up routes.

The Union said that they want the restructure to clear out the interim PT tours at both the YDC and the WPDH.

The Corporation agreed. They also said they wanted the Parties to understand that the right flexibility is needed to manage the late freighter and late courier.

The Union said that if the late volumes aren’t defaulted, they should be.

The Corporation explained that if the volumes are keyed after cut-off, they do not default to a loop, they are manually assigned, with the exception of Priority Courier.

The Parties discussed the labour intensive process required to manually assign late volumes. The Parties disagreed on the capability of PDSL and IRMA with respect to assigning late volumes to the loops. The Union contends that other regions do not rely on a manual process after cut-off.

The Parties agreed to review the process on another occasion and took the discussion off-line.

Fixed Duties

The Union raised an issue with placing the 0900 hrs SLB clearances on MSC tours at the YDC at 1700 hrs. They asked if the Corporation could set the SLB clearances at 1400 hrs to more closely match the customer pick-ups.

The Corporation agreed to review this suggestion. They said they could look at the possibility of moving the SLB clearances to earlier times on the tours.

The Union said it is their position that changes made to tours that lead to fixed duties (CPUs, SLBs) being moved from one tour to another is a restructure not an update.

The Corporation disagreed with the Union’s interpretation of an update and will raise the issue at the Steering committee.

The Union explained their position – employees were advised to bid on tours based on the end of the day fixed duties. It is their contention that changes to those fixed duties would not be considered an update.

The Corporation reiterated that since this is not a Toronto issue only, they would raise it at the National Steering Committee.


The Union will provide list of their top 10 tours to be reviewed. A meeting will be held on Friday to review the list in order to commence the ride-alongs on Monday.

Cross-loop Penalties

The Union suggested the cross-loop penalty issue be reviewed after the restructure.

The Corporation agreed.

Sequence Numbers

The Union asked if the LDUs and sequence numbers would be stabilized as a result of the restructure.

The Corporation replied that it would be done after the restructure.

The Union said they did not want delivery only tours. They said the Corporation had created a delivery only tour (Tour 106) and they want this to stop.

The Corporation responded they had no intention of creating delivery only tours. The tour they are referring to was created on an interim basis to accommodate the new SLB clearances. They said the restructure would correct the tour and would not include any delivery only tours.

Distribution of Radio Calls

The Union said that not all MSCs are getting radio calls and that the one who do are being asked to go outside their areas.

The Corporation responded that it was their understanding that everyone who has the time value built into their tour gets radio-calls. They said they would review the process with the radio room to ensure.


The Parties agreed they would review the process once they determine whether or not there would be losses or gains of assignments in the restructure exercise. They also agreed that an Information Notice would be drafted for the Union’s review this week, for communication to employees on Monday.

Relief MSC long-term absences

The Union raised an issue with RMSC assignments not being covered. It is their position that the Corporation must maintain their relief compliment.

The Corporation will review and respond. (It is the Corporation’s response that they are not required to cover the relief absences when the minimum criteria for the RMSC complement are met).

Weight Restrictions for 5 tons

The Union asked if the 5 tons loads were being weighed prior to loading the vehicles.

The Corporation said they weren’t being weighed at the YDC.

The Union said that no issue was raised but that they want to avoid any violations of Bill C-45.

The Corporation agreed to address the issue regionally and/or nationally.


The Corporation advised the Union that significant gains were made with respect to the original funding for headcount at all three (3) Hubs. Currently, the Corporation is off by one (1) headcount. They also advised that new staffing profiles would be consulted on shortly for the YDC and the WPDH that should also assist in meeting targets. For Group 1: $800,000.00 less was spent year over year in labour hours at the end of period five (5) (May 2006).

The Union said that this was in fact a good news story that should be shared at the national level.

The Corporation added that there were no bundle failures in either Hub in the last 11 months. For Group 2: $540,000.00 more spent year over year in labour hours at the end of period five (5) (May 2006). They hope the restructure will help alleviate some of the costs incurred so far.

Both Parties agreed that the successes, such as meeting service commitments, should be shared with employees.

Management Observer

The Union asked that the Mgt observer be invited to the next consultation.

The Corporation agreed.