DATE OF MEETING: May 12th, 2006

M. Shearon M. Duquette
S. Bain G. Miller
H. Bigras

UMO and YDC Staffing Issues

The Corporation said they wanted to discuss issues with the staffing in the UMO and the use of the YDC temporary employee list to cover absences in the UMO.

The Union said that this issues dates back to a grievance that was filed on behalf of three (3) employees who had raised a Health and Safety issue with respect to insufficient relief. A consultation was held following this grievance and an agreement was reached.

They said that the UMO couldn’t go to temps for annual leave and sick. They have a problem with the day-to-day. They proceeded to say that a Von Veh arbitration decision ruled that 1860 Midland is one (1) installation.

The Corporation said they had no issue with extending their PTs in the YDC to cover absences in the UMO as per article 39.07 of the C/A. The issue remains that the UMO should be staffed to include their relief.

The Union replied that they thought they were helping the Corporation.

The Corporation said that annual leave coverage is still a problem.

The Union mentioned that they gave the Corporation the opportunity to amend the 6.05 list to create one (1) Post Office encompassing the UMO, the YDC and East Transportation.

The Corporation asked to apply 39.07 for a/l in the UMO.

The Union said this could force the UMO to post their a/l schedule. They suggested that the Corporation could offer back-to-back a/l as one (1) absence. They said the Corporation could also consider occasionally offering O/T to UMO employees to cover for sick leave at the UMO or even YDC employees.

New MSC Tours at the YDC

The Corporation said that the four (4) new tours, created to structure in the Willowdale SLB clearances as previously discussed, have the following start times:


2 x 1345 hrs

1445 hrs

They indicated that the four (4) interim PT tours have a 1530 hrs start time.

The Union indicated that in order to build the new tours the Corporation butchered a number of other FT tours. They further said that some of the tours are left with parcel delivery only. They said this could be considered a Plan C restructure.

The Union asked for all the tours on order to conduct a more thorough review.

The Corporation will provide.

The Parties agreed to allow the interim tour holders to temporarily bid, by seniority, on the new PT tours. If they do not bid, the tours will be covered by available relief and then by other means if required.

The Corporation stated that it was their intent to move the interim tour holders into the positions and delete the interim tour positions. They will put them up for bid in the next monthly bid. If necessary, they are not opposed to conducting a full bid for PT MSCs.

The Union said that technically this would be a reduction in assignments and it would be their choice to consider article 47.16 or 47.17.

The Corporation responded that it was not technically a reduction of assignments as four (4) tours were being created and four (4) tours were being deleted.

The Union agreed.

Other issues:

The Union said that they would be seeking interest on the top-up received by David McGill (an employee who was not offered modified duties, was home for four (4) years – approved WSIB claim).

The Corporation responded that they had no issue with the reinstatement and payment of a/l and sick credits, but could not agree to the payment of interest.