DATE OF MEETING: May 11th, 2006

C. Ciallella S. Thomas
M. Shearon C. Kavadas
D. Racioppa D. Hacking
B. Beamish M. Ciddio
R. Vanderzwaag M. Duquette
H. Bigras B. Loreti
L. Charles
D. Burke
S. White

The Corporation opened the meeting by saying they wanted to discuss four (4) issues: Loop design, RPO drive times, placement of PT flex MSCs in the loops and ride-alongs. They asked the Union if they had anything to add to the agenda.

The Union said they also wanted to address the issue of under structured minutes and the interim PT MSC tours.

The Corporation said they would resolve the issue of the interim tours by reviewing the staffing profiles in the Hubs. They further indicated that the volumes assigned to the interim tours have been tracked.

The Union said that the Supervisors at the WPDH are assigning parcels to the

interim tours by combining loops that are not geographically in the same area.

WJ with WE

WK with WD & WB

WJ with WK for example.

The Corporation said that Rob Vanderzwaag is looking at the WPDH to try and establish a process to avoid this type of problem (as it was done at the YDC).

The Corporation said they understand that the Hubs are not structured to the agreed upon levels. They asked that the agreed structures be discussed in order to address staffing profiles and performance issues.

The Union asked why oversized parcels are going to the West Mall with the interim PT drivers.

The Corporation responded that when parcels go the stations it should be for an address check or postal code check. They said they can’t verify the information based on a generic comment, and asked that specific examples (dates) be brought forward in order to address and correct if necessary.

The Union responded that they have been bringing this issue forward for over a year and expect that it be corrected as soon as possible.

The Corporation responded that every time an issue was brought forward, it was addressed. They have always maintained that if the issues were specific and timely they would and have addressed and corrected.

The Union proceeded to say that they addressed the issue with their members in Delivery and were told to stop. They said that the Corporation is continuing to allow MLCs to deliver parcels instead of sending them back to the Hub for delivery by the MSCs.

The Corporation reiterated that they would address with the Delivery Directors, however said that it stands now, the Hubs do not received feedback from delivery that a problem exists.

The Union contended that if parcels are being sent to the West Mall in the afternoon, they should be delivered by the MMCs.

The Corporation asked for the time the parcels are allegedly arriving at the West Mall and will inquire with the appropriate management representatives in Delivery.

The Union replied that the parcels arrive at the West Mall at 1000 hrs. They said that this is too late for the regular carriers. They asked to find out who the deliveries are structured to, what type of product it consists of and whether or not the Corporation is meeting its commitment.

The Corporation will investigate (Rob Vanderzwaag and Mike Ciddio).

The Parties discussed the template (packeteer). It will hopefully be implemented in Toronto soon. Question of resources.

The Union asked if, as per previous discussions, Supervisors had been trained to conduct the ride-alongs.

The Corporation responded that a best practice template and checklist with instructions were created to assist the Supervisors in conducted the ride-alongs. One Supervisor has gone out with an MSC to validate the usefulness of the forms. A meeting is scheduled tomorrow to review the package prior to rolling it out.

The Union asked that a Union observer attend the debriefing meeting tomorrow.

The Corporation agreed. They also said they hope to roll-out the training package the week of June 4th, 2006. The added that they now have more Supervisors therefore will be able to free up some resources for this exercise.

The Union asked what activities the Corporation intended on doing in the next few weeks with respect to the Hubs prior to conducting the ride-alongs.

The Corporation responded that they intend on getting ready by providing a 10-day notice for the RPO drive times, which they hope to do the same week.

The Union said they heard that the Corporation had a new format for LC restructures and asked what this entailed.

The Corporation said that the only changes were to the schedule format.

The Union asked if Plan A restructures were going to take place for Toronto Stations P, G and J.

The Corporation replied that as discussed in the last Parcel Hub consultation, these are the same as any other Stations – as practicable.

Discussion continued with the Union claiming that the Corporation was in breach

of a MOA whereby the Corporation agreed to conduct Plan C restructures to convert PT MSC positions to FT MSC positions. The Corporation said that this should be subject of discussion for another meeting.

It was decided that the Corporation would provide copies of the document, referred to as a MOA, to the Union along with the Corporation’s position outside this meeting. They suggested that this be discussed further in another meeting.

The Union stated that they are being more than reasonable.

The Corporation said that everything that isn’t counted after June would be part of the MVI.

The Union said they would not raise any issues if the Corporation chose to exclude some stations from the schedule now. They said it was no different than when we discuss the MVI. The Toronto Local claimed that they had not been invited to discuss the MVI and have not received a copy in a long time. The Scarborough Local said they didn’t understand this as they have been invited and involved at each step.

The Corporation will follow-up.

The Union asked for the latest version of IRMA.

The Corporation will provide.

The Union asked if the SLB clearances from Willowdale were being added to fixed tours at the YDC.

The Corporation replied that they built four (4) tours with commercial pick-ups and SLB clearances by making changes to other tours (87 SLBs onto four (4) new tours). They asked the Union if they would agree to move the three (3) drivers holding the interim PT tours to these new tours.

The Union said they were concerned with the fact that the package was incomplete and the timeliness of the staffing.

The Parties agreed to meet at the YDC to discuss further.

The Union said that they have been advised nationally that ideally the Hubs should have a Group 1 staffing ration of 70-80% FT to 20-30% PT.

The Corporation replied that the work that the PT clerks in the Hubs perform is not all parcel related. The SLB culling and mail segregation functions must be considered before making such statements. They said they would look at building a new staffing profile for the YDC and the WPDH.

The Union asked how to identify when an RPO is “expected” versus “assigned” in IRMA.

The Corporation responded that when there is a red “X” the RPO is marked as “expected” not “assigned”.

The Union said that tour 805 incurred issues on May 11th.

The Corporation will check and respond.

The Union asked why some parcels with CPC labels are not going through PDSL.

The Corporation said that if the parcels went through the Hub it should have a label. They asked that the Union bring any issues to the attention of the Manager in a timely manner in order to address.

The Union said that they have brought issues of items not being keyed to the attention of the Superintendent.

The Corporation asked that the issues be brought to the attention of the manager specifically.

The Union mentioned that some of these items are mailings from Supervisors who are giving them directly to MSCs for delivery. They also said that Priority Courier is still being assigned to Flex PT drivers out of sequence.

The Corporation will review and reply.

The Union raised an issue with CP 72 keying issues on tour 718. They said that they are not showing up on manifests as signature required.

The Corporation will review and respond.

The Union said that tours are still going out over capacity due to funds and signature items not being captured.

The Corporation is looking at a 3-week average in order to build a fix. They did say it would take another few weeks to correct.

The Union said that Supervisors are not dealing with anomalies brought to their attention – such as on tours 639, 735 and 802.

The Corporation will address.

The Union asked if MSCs were delivering parcels in non-MSC areas, in North Pickering for example.

The Corporation responded that if committed parcels are received in the Hub after cut-off they build extra tours and deliver them. This does not occur on a daily basis nor are they significant volumes.

The Union said that they would review to see if this is affecting RSMC volumes, which would affect their pay. They said they think they should be valued or sequenced without defaulting to the YDC.

The Parties discussed oversized products. It was discussed that the issue has been addressed at the appropriate levels of the Corporation. We need to determine a plan and implement a process to address. The discussion ensued about messaging to customers (television adds).

The Union raised an issue with Flex PT being zeroed out on Monday.

The Corporation will address.

The Union raised an issue with Supervisors inappropriately touching employees.

The Corporation asked for more information in order for them to address this issue.

The Union said it would be dealt with in the grievance process.


Next meeting is scheduled for June 15th at 0900 hrs (tentatively scheduled at 280 Progress