MAY 10, 2006

D. Beardmore M. Duquette
K. Burtt K. Davidson
R. Paul L. Charles
J. Hill G. Pratt
K. Vanderploeg G. Miller
C. Samonte



The union inquired as to the “SLB” on SS 7, it is still in use, the YDC does a clearance, and they should assume clearance off this route. Management stated that the issue of concern is that it is not a CPC box; the issue is with C&D Support at this time. The union expressed their concern that this was not added in the annual inspection, as the trigger was not exceeded.


Management stated that a review of prior minutes was conducted identifying no discussion on this issue as indicated by the union. The union stated that K. Vanderploeg said that J. Gilbert would pay, monies owing are approximately $15,000.00, IT IS ALL Scarborough, not just the WBC. Management sta4etd that locally the national position cannot be changed. The union stated that a grievance would be filed if necessary. The lack of this being recorded in earlier minutes does not mean that this was not mentioned previously. Management started that j. Gilbert would be contacted as to any recollection of discussions.

The union stated that they are not receiving payment at this time for regular oversize parcels to the door, why are they not being paid at this time to take to the RPO, as contractor’s, they did not take to the RPO. The union stated that they are not receiving monies to take carded regular oversize parcels that will not fit into CMBs to the RPO. Maritime Ontario was delivering these previously, now there is an issue. In July 2004 S. Valla at a RSMC meeting at the WBC stated that a log sheet was to be kept and payment would occur. We were using the log sheets at the time.


S. Hewitt has been requested to forward prior H&S minutes to the Scarborough Local.

The union stated that with Retail and Delivery separating facilities, will there be changes to routes, and when will the schedule As be provided. Management stated they would review and advise.


Updates have been completed for SS 16 and 29.



He union stated that updates have not been completed of Stouffville. Management stated that additional resources have been added to complete. The union stated that no adjustments have occurred since the added resource, management stating that training was required prior to adjustments being conducted. The union raised the issue of one route being changed, the hours now exceeding 10 hours daily. Management stated that an issue did arise with respect to the addition of boxes on a particular route, these should not have been added, S. Corrick. Management will review.


The union tendered a document last meeting referred to as Delivery Guide, RSMC, it is a management document provided by S. Valla. If this document is correct, then the discipline imposed @ Unionville was imposed incorrectly. Management stated they would review and advise.


Review occurred concerning the above and the changes being made whereby all RSMC would be issued flashing lights, reflectors and other safety tools/instructions to increase safety concerns.


The union stated that Richmond Hill and Unionville do not have Log Sheets, management stating they would review and advise.


The union stated that the Control Centre phone number is not posted or available @ WBC. K. Burtt will address and send out. The union requested that the purpose of the Control Centre be included in this information, management stating that this would be included, and the facility to be contacted first where available.


The union raised the issue with Yellow pages, not all mails can be scanned, and previously mails were taken over by a 5-ton vehicle, now the RSMC given instructions to deliver. The RSMC did not receive monies in 2005 for this activity, it was not reflected in the Annual Inspection, some items are carded, and some are not. The union did not want the call reflected as a caller as no monies would be received by the RSMC. Management stated they would review and advise.



The union inquired as to the position on modified duties, management stating that the issue is at the national level. The union expressed concerns that the WSIB has with this issue, specifically an early return to work policy. Management stated that prior accommodation has been with activities the RSMC can continue to perform on their respective routes.


The union stated that even though RSMC are required to deliver all HH in 1 day, management invariably allowed 3 days to deliver. It is unfair to have two standards for employees; WBC is the second highest station in the country for HH. By requiring RSMC to del9iver in 1 day, management is asking employees to throw them in the garbage. As Contractors the delivery span was 3 days. There may not be an issue in smaller locales, but the GTA has too much volume. Management stated that the product is sold with a 1 day standard in many instances with RSMC, certainly employees are not being requested to throw HH in the garbage as the union reflects, the standard is a national standard, unaltered in recent times with collective bargaining. The issue can only be escalated to the national level, it cannot be altered locally.


Employees were canvassed to perform duties @ Unionville, payment to be $150.00, turned out to be $77.00. The issue was kilometers traveled, (66) and a 4-hour delivery. Employees were advised monies to be split. Daily lists of payment are available.

An employee in Unionville is owed 2 days pay; D. Robertson had committed to pay, payment has not occurred, management to review.


J. Hill is pursuing adjustments to routes.


Ratification is between May 20, 2006 and June 30, 2006, Scarborough May 31, 2006.

Next meting is scheduled for June 14, 2006.