DATE OF MEETING: March 30, 2006

C. Ciallella M. Duquette
S. Mc Inerney D. Hacking
M. Shearon B. Loreti
A Nordheimer S. White
H. Bigras L. Charles
C. Kavadas
D. Burke
D. Duckworth
S. Thomas
M. Ciddio

The Corporation introduced A. Nordheimer as a new member of the Parcel Hub team, responsible for Process Improvement.

The Corporation advised the Union that they have received approval for forty-seven (47) additional parking spaces at the YDC. They said they would provide the Union with the proper notifications to this effect when required. They explained that they will be assigning parking spaces for corporate vehicles and will be instructing the Group 2 employees to replace their corporate vehicle with their personal vehicle every day. Other tenants of the YDC will be notified not to park in this designated area.

The Union asked if the MSCs would be getting time values to park their cars in the corporate vehicle spaces.

The Corporation responded that they would review this possibility when they implement this process.

The Union asked when the Corporation intended on adding the additional spaces.

The Corporation responded that they wanted to put in the additional parking spaces at the same time as the restructure and would factor everything in at that time.

The Union asked if the Corporation would continue to address the issue of pollution into the stations. They said that at one time an employee was placed at the AO run-outs to monitor the mail and was able to cut down the amount of pollution to the stations.

The Corporation responded that from the Hubs’ perspective, the pollution from the BMF into the Hubs is being addressed. They also mentioned that the GM fully supports correcting the AO/packets pollution problem into the Hubs. The Parcels Director will be preparing a letter to the three (3) Delivery Directors about the Hub restructures and the importance of cleaning up the 038s.

The Corporation asked the Union to provide them with recent and specific issues relating to pollution in order to address them with the other Directors at the Service meeting.

The Union said that parcels are being sent directly to walks in the Scarborough local for example. They also said that similar problems are occurring in other locations such as London.

The Union said they want to look at the keying data from Plan C restructures when the Corporation moves into the Hub restructures. They said that other areas have signed MOAs re: the data from Plan C.

The Corporation said they have addressed these issues with the GM. They reiterated that they need specific issues and problems to address at the service meeting with the other Directors.

The Union said it was necessary to establish issues as early as possible prior to the restructure in order to avoid having to re-sequence all the tours.

The Corporation said they wished to schedule a separate meeting with the Union and the Mail Operations Support group to discuss the pollution and the Plan C restructure issues.

The Union agreed.

The Corporation gave the Union a summary of their preliminary discussions with the Mail Operations Support group held in a previous meeting:

1) 0 codes: The Corporation suggested that all parcel delivery, even to the RPOs be built into the Hub restructure and delivered out of the Hubs.

2) Supervisors and RMOs being assigned to work on Hub restructures: The Corporation wants to being the ride-alongs as soon as possible, by the end of April at the latest. They discussed the fact that the data collected during previous ride-alongs was not given the appropriate attention by the RMO group. They said they received commitment from the RMO group to officially train Supervisors on the process. They will invite the Union observers as well.

The Union asked that Union observers from both Locals attend.

The Corporation agreed.

3) Time values for driving during rush hour: The Corporation asked the RMOs to give management representatives education on time values in order to give the Hub management team a better understanding of the time values.

The Union asked that drive times be addressed and sampled prior to the restructure. They suggested that the Parties could enter into an agreement for a “core” time being applied such as in the downtown area.

The expectation is that all drive times will be correct.

4) Staggered times: The Corporation advised the RM group that they had issues with staggered start times for the MSCs and want to reduce the number of start times in the restructure.

5) 10 hour days: The Corporation expects the data will show where it is more feasible to schedule the 10-hour day.

The Union agreed this must be reviewed.

6) Reduction in split-shifts: The Union is not opposed to reducing split shifts, however they do not want to increase the number of PTs.

The Corporation indicated they would rely on the data to build the tours.

The Union indicated that the split shifts were created to address the P.C. issue.

7) MSCs coming back with 1430 hrs earlier.

8) The Corporation would like to implement later cut-off times in order to reduce costs and address delivery issues.

The Corporation said they would like to know exactly when the cut off would be.

The Corporation will review and advise the Union when they make a decision, and will ask for their input.

The Union said the cut off times should be realistic and maintained after.

The Corporation agreed.

The Corporation further indicated that based on an unofficial analysis of service failures, the Hubs are receiving P.C. items too late to deliver on time.

The Union said that at 1 Yonge, the P.C. should be culled out, as the mail is not broken down when they receive it.

The Corporation told the Union that they want to start tracking the cost of managing late mail (extended hours, temporary employee hours, overtime). They said that the more they understand how things should be, the more they will understand what needs to be done.

The Corporation further indicated that they have seen valuable results from spending more time with the MSCs on educating them on some of the processes and tools they required to perform their work.

The Union said they had previously requested a report of the supplemental hours worked. They asked if and when they would be provided that information.

The Corporation said they would follow up and have a response for the Union today. Further to this request, the Corporation explained that the supplemental hours report would not reflect where the Corporation is today with respect to the improvements made in all three (3) Hubs.

The Union said they still would like to review the report.

9) Flex PTs at the end of the loops: The Corporation told the RM group that they want, in all cases, the Flex PT structured at the end of the loops.

10) The Corporation told the Mail Operations Support group that they would like to review the weekend SLB clearance activity to determine if it will continue to be conducted out of the WPD only.

Other issues:

The Union said the volume data would not be complete until May 1st, 2006 therefore they cannot review.

The Corporation said they understand that the twelve (12) months ends on April 30th but asked if there was anything else that could be done prior to that.

The Union said that they could do commercial pick-up updates, sort plan updates and offload study. (the offload study conducted at the YDC will be sent to the Scarborough Local electronically)

The Corporation said that they decided that the work of offloading would remain with Group 2.

The Union asked for volumes from the 0900 LC SLB clearances as the work is being moved to MSCs in the Hubs.

The Corporation responded that many discussions were held about the elimination of the 0900 SLB clearances. It was decided that the Hubs will in fact continue to take the 0900 clearances but they will stay at 0900. They advised the Union that they would structure tours with pick-ups and clearances in the a.m. and delivery in the p.m. This would enable them to continue providing mail to SCLPP in a timely manner as well as offer OT in a more equitable manner to the MSCs.

(Information received following the consultation indicates that the 0900 hrs SLB clearances will remain with the LCs in Delivery).

The Union asked if the P.C. would be assigned to those tours.

The Corporation responded that it was in fact an opportunity to correct this problem as well.

The Union told the Corporation that it seemed they were intentionally failing on P.C. commitments by mismanaging its delivery at the WPDH.

The Corporation responded that they are not intentionally failing. The process as it flows today is difficult to manage as it depends on the freighter network arrival times. They reiterated that, if any problems occur, the Union observer should address them with the Manager right away.

The Union suggested the Corporation consider giving the P.C. to the Flex PT drivers.

The Corporation said they had been assigning the P.C. to the Flex PT drivers, however the issue brought to their attention by the Union at the time was that the Flex were driving in large geographical areas that made no sense. They will review however raise the Union’s concern with the Superintendents and Supervisors.

The Union indicated that MSCs at the YDC do not have the required keys to access all locations on their tours.

The Corporation responded that they are in the process of correcting the problem. They have communicated with the stations and are awaiting the keys. The issue should be corrected by the end of next week.

The Union suggested the Corporation put lock boxes in place for the buildings where the MSC could access the key to the building via the lock box. This would avoid having to carry several keys. (an email has since been sent)

The Corporation will review this option and respond.

The Union said they have heard rumors that the Corporation would be moving work from one (1) Hub to another. They asked the Corporation if they would meet to discuss.

The Corporation responded that they would absolutely consult prior to moving any work from one (1) area to another.

The Union responded that it was only a question of moving three (3) tours (570, 571, 572) from the WPDH to the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Corporation said they would follow up with the RMO and reply.

The Corporation advised the Union that, at the YDC, an RMO would provide tour updates every Friday that would be effective the following Monday.

The Union indicated that this works out well and asked that the updates be highlighted on the front page in order for the MSCs to easily see the change.

The Union said they had serious concerns with Group 1 staffing.

The Corporation asked what the concerns were.

The Union asked if the restructure would have an impact on Group 1.

The Corporation responded that they are certainly looking at making some changes to the Group 1 staffing in the Hubs, but will consult prior to doing so.

The Union said they had heard that a staffing bid would be occurring soon at the YDC.

The Corporation responded that they had consulted and were conducting an APOC bid but were not ready to make any changes to the Group 1 staffing. They reiterated that they would make any and all changes at the time of the restructure. They proceeded to say that when the PDM was implemented there were too many FTs. There needs to be a different ratio of FT to PT at both the WPDH and the YDC from what we still have today. The Corporation does not want to conduct another bid unless they need to.

The Union responded that the C/A is clear in that the Corporation must maximize FT work. They will not agree to additional PTs.

The Corporation reiterated that the issue is with the hours of work and not with PT hours. They proceeded to say that they would respect the C/A with respect to the FT-PT ratio and will have FT jobs where appropriate.

The Union replied that they had difficulty in believing that there were too many FT Group 1 employees when the Corporation relies on extended and overtime hours on a daily basis.

The Corporation responded that productivity levels are currently lower than where they should be. Even after negotiating a lower level of productivity level, the expectation has not been met.

The Union said that the Corporation has said, for the last eighteen (18) months that they would staff at the appropriate levels. They said they did not trust that the Corporation has managed better or made significant improvements.

The Corporation responded that significant gains were made in the past year. They said they have not made any Group 1 changes in trying to be sensitive to the employees needs.

The Union replied that they have a problem when the Corporation says they want more PTs when they are extending the PTs to forty (40) hours a week.

The Corporation responded that they could eliminate extended hours by developing a new staffing profile and conducting a new bid. However, they chose to wait until the restructure in order to avoid creating hardship for the employees by changing their hours of work several times. The Corporation also told the Union they need to remember that a lot of the extended hours are being used due to late mail, late arrivals, process issues that will all be addressed and corrected in the new structure.

The Union replied that they do not believe the employees are the biggest issue (performance issues as raised by the Corporation).

The Union raised a concern with training issues for employees at the YDC.

The Corporation said they have raised the issue with the Training Group and has asked that a training package be provided by the end of May. The Corporation further indicated they are very unhappy with the lack of support employees are receiving with respect to receiving the tools and the skill to perform their jobs.

The Union followed up by saying the Corporation would be facing bigger issues later if training was not done appropriately.

The Corporation agreed.

The Union suggested that the Corporation provide MSCs with a different holster for their PDTs in order to prevent losses. They also suggested putting a phone number on the PDTs in case of loss, the PDT could be returned.

The Corporation will bring the suggestion to the appropriate person for review.

(Email has since been sent)


Next meeting: April 12th, 2006 at 1400 hours at SCLPP in the Pacific room.