Private Vehicle Talk – Don Mills FILE: Don MillsPV-01

March 16, 2006

In attendance:

Don Mills – Letter Carriers, RLC’s DRS and LCA’s

Steve Chapman & Bill Weir – Scarborough Local Representative

Anita Goyal – Relief Superintendent

Joanne Coe – Zone Manager

RMOs: Cecilia Lee, Bob Vassileff, Patrick Wong, Sandra Dyment, Tim Shum and Hans Von Sallwurk.

Jeff Paulin - RMO Superintendent

bullet Introduced and explained why the Canada Post Corporation is offering Private Vehicle.

bullet The benefits of Private Vehicle (PV) to the Employees and to the Corporation.

bullet Explained how the Identified PV routes were determined.

bullet Explained the estimated PV values of the route and additional insurance.

bullet Explained how by seniority how PV would be offered that they sign against their route in column 4 that they have been offered PV and a signature in column 5 would be their choice for PV consideration.

bullet Advised that according to the collective agreement, the PV route holder would own the PV route until the next restructure or the Local Union waived article 32.06(k).

bullet Reviewed and answered questions related to the PV Package the employees had received in advance of the meeting.

Joanne Coe – Zone 5 Manager

bullet Spoke in support of Canada Posts position on PV and encouraged the Don Mills staff to consider PV as an option

Steve Chapman – Scarborough Local Representative

bullet Advised the Scarborough Local membership present of the Unions position on PV.

bullet That the member choosing PV would be on that walk until the next restructure or transferred out of the Scarborough Local as the Scarborough Local would not waive article 32.06(k)

Jeff Paulin

Superintendent, Collection and Delivery Support

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Scarborough, Ontario M1P 5A1

Cell: (647) 321-6074

Fax: (416) 285-7624

cc: Joanne Coe – Zone Manager

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