MARCH 8, 2006

D. Beardmore M. Duquette
S. Simpson K. Davidson
J. Coe L. Charles
J. Hill G. Pratt
M. Shearon G. Miller
C. Samonte D. Roosevelt
D. Gayle G. Tomaszewski

Ajax-New Route:

Ajax – RR7 completed – missing some RPO times and mileage. Has been returned to transition committee.

Maple Move:

Maple move – Pending June 9. Consultation will take place prior. The local wishes to know if there will be PO4 support LCA’s. Will the H & S committee be under CUPW or CPAA?

Richmond Hill-SS 16 & 29:

SS16 – Lost POC. Can we provide original copy of schedule A? Local asked that we review P.C.I. Local operators did not inform the employee of the changes until Feb. 28 for implementation March 3.

Urban Employees Performing RSMC work, Or as CUPW Representatives:

The union stated that any urban stewards booked off to represent RSMC would be billed to the local. Management has concerns and will consult Labour Relations.

Yearly Inspections-Householder Mails:

Yearly inspections. Stouffville is behind in their inspections. Retroactivity applies to the inspection date.

Health&Safety Minutes:

H & S inspection from Dave Baldock.

Malvern-New Route:

New route in Malvern. S. Simpson to identify if route will be priced at current POC

Versus old value. P.C.I. count is not correct.

Malvern-Pay Problems:

Malvern has had numerous pay problems. There has been a management change and there has been a reduction in pay problems. One recent problem has been actioned. Closed.

Payment-Over-sized Parcels:

Local previously advised that they would be paid for regular oversize parcels at a rate of $1 each. S. Valla now advises no payment will be made re: Jan. 2004 notice.

Modified Duties:

Management direction is that the employee can perform any portion of their route and pay a helper to complete the balance. Will investigate further.


Ajax RSMC – Ivon Essue, Anne Savoie. Follow up re: inconsistent pay. George Pratt to email.

RSMC overtime is not offered. Collective agreement specifies conditions that must be met to receive overtime payment.


The new superintendent is disciplining for various issues. There are numerous grievances to be heard. Employees were not attempting delivery, which must be addressed. RSMC advised to go to RPO with carded items if they arrive back to the depot after 12:00. Work from Markham was supposed to be moved to Unionville. The work never moved. This is not resulted in RSMC being instructed to take product to RPO directly. Management states that the RSMC’s “Schedule A” requires the employee to take product to the RPO. Union states not all schedules say this. Management will investigate and respond.

Next meeting Wednesday, April 12, 2006