MARCH 8, 2006

J. Hill M. Duquette
D. Beardmore L. Charles
J. Coe D. Roosevelt
S. Simpson K. Davidson
K. Samonte G. Tomaszewski
D. Kane G. Miller
G. Pratt



D. Kane raised the issue that there are too many people involved in pay issues resulting in confusion and extra work. Management requires a central point of contact.

Employee to see their supervisor first, if no resolution then the superintendent. The union should contact manager if there has been no resolution.

D. Kane states that Payroll can no longer offer investigation when the depot supervisor is the input person.

When corrections are made by the Friday following payday, the corrections will show on the next pay. Corrections need to be done prior even for off cycle issues.

Management will reinforce with line management. Supervisors will ensure employee is advised of when to expect correction.

C & D Unfinished Business

Status Change Forms, Temporary Employees Crossing Post Offices:

Lance is awaiting the local’s example of status change forms.

Issue is with temps moving back and forth.

Names provided to Stephanie.

Can result in bypass opportunities.

RLC or temp RLC can be sent across post office.

S. Simpson to review with Julie Best.

Splitting of Temporary Employee Lists:

Temp list will not be split at this time. WBC will continue to be included in Scarborough list.

Article 54-Rehab Grid:

Delivery support will provide rehab grid and start times if they are affected.

Article 17:04-Overassessed Routes;

National process is in place to pay those routes after March 15, 2005.

Lance has information will review.

Bar Charts;

Bar charts have improved. Local states YDC does not submit.

Modified duties, Employees Sent Home;

Union states 9 grievances submitted on the subject. Union wants to consult before sending employees home. Officers are not providing mod duty assignments. Operations make decisions based on advice from Medisys. Medisys is in transition with their staff and some delays have resulted. Management will ensure we contact prior to moving.

Pickering Internal Bidding;

Nearly complete. Awaiting 2 employees who are on A/L. Vacancy is now RLC.

Agincourt Relay Boxes;

1 Box will be placed. 1 outstanding. Depot has provided additional information to C & D Support and box will now be placed.

Vacation Leave Results;

Vacation leaves results. Management requires follow up. Will provide By March 15.

Night Recovery Leave, Don Mills;

Joanne to review bypass issue at Don Mills.

TN leave – will be taken as earned in each 3-month period. Joanne to review with OPI. Employees not being allowed first choice. Currently bid by Zone. West Beaver Creek – will manage its own TN schedule. Dave to review Zone 7 compliance. Richmond Hill (Cammy Chu not allowed March 8?)

West Beaver Creek;

West Beaver Creek – temp list resolved, TN resolved. Relief will remain status quo.

Scarborough F-Ramp;

Ramp has been reviewed by OH&S – slope is 1/12 within spec. Union requests push pull limit while pushing up the ramp. Several issues are still outstanding and I.E. has been involved. M. Gilston will be contacted to review slope. Work centers are still being reviewed with I.ER. With consideration.

Article 17:04 Sign-up Sheet;

Management advised that effective March 20/06 sign in sheet would be implemented for extended hours and overtime. There was agreement that consultation is not required.

DRS Operator;

DRS operator has been performing caller clerk duties, handing out mail to callers.

Fire Routes-Notice;

Local raised a concern regarding the parking in fire routes. An amended information notice will be issued.

Kraft Mailing;

Kraft dinner induction and payment and delivery span discussed. Induction in May. Local asked management to consider same delivery span. Management will use discretion when large mailings are inducted.


CMVI ends in June 2006. MVI is only kept until the restructure. Union requested how would an Article 50 be conducted when there will be no MVI available. Delivery support to respond.

Unused Vacation Leave;

Depot 11 has not been posting vacant weeks. Local operator has been directed to post regularly. Closed.

Accident Investigation;

An injury occurred at don Mills as a result of an accident. The shop steward was not informed or asked to investigate. J. Coe will review with local mgt. To endure union participation. Union also raised a concern regarding the materials used to seal the floor. They claim some employees noticed a smell.

Management stated the completion of I/A logs is still the responsibility of the depot, which the injury occurred. Closed.


Redirection improvement. Advised Local that management is holding meetings on

March 15 with some DRS operators.


Stouffville IDB training – ongoing. Has been scheduled.

J. Wineck to provide.

Don Mills Retail – improper canvassing using temps prior to canvassing building. Stouffville – Aziz Rahamn P.O. 4 has a problem with annual entitlement not completed. J. Coe/J. Wineck to investigate.