DATE OF MEETING: February 23rd, 2006

C. Ciallella B. Loreti
S. Mc Inerney D. Hacking
H. Bigras D. Duckworth
G. Poulosofos
M. Ciddio

Old Business

1) Utilization of Flex & the Application of Cross Loop Penalties, Overtime & Overloading:

The Union stated that there are still problems with the Flex. They also said they were addressing the issues as they occur.

The Corporation said they have stopped zeroing out the Flex.

The Union responded that some are still being given too much work. They provided the example that on February 3rd, at the WPDH, a Flex received nine (9) hours worth of work.

The Corporation asked if this issue had been raised with the Manager at the time.

The Union replied it had not. However they said they had with the Supervisor who had manually assigned some products to the Flex.

The Corporation said that the Union was raising a valid issue and they wanted to correct the problem. They reiterated to the Union that immediacy was key is resolving this type of problem. They asked that the problem be raised to the Manager right away who will address it with the Supervisor and correct it.

The Union said they would continue to raise it with the Supervisor immediately and if they do not understand, they will go to the Manager.

The Corporation asked that the Union understand that some of the Supervisors are new to the Parcel Hubs as well as junior to the Corporation and their learning curve is great.

The Union stated they understand this.

The Corporation suggested that a logbook be put in place to track issues the Union observer raises. This would enable both Parties to keep a record of dialogue. They also suggested a bi-weekly meeting with the Union observer to address matters in a timely manner.

The Union agreed.

The Union then raised an issue where at the 1 Yonge Hub PDSL is allowing drivers to go out overloaded while the Flex is sitting on the bench. There seems to be a glitch with the system.

The Corporation stated that when PDSL works correctly, it assigns work to the FT drivers first and then assigns work to the Flex.

The Union said that a problem ticket was apparently open to correct this problem. It is a problem that occurred at the WPDH before.

The Corporation said they would follow-up on the problem ticket. They also said they have asked the RMO to send spreadsheet on a regular basis outlining the route problem, the correction/adjustment made and the reason for the correction/adjustment. They also asked that the adjustments be made in minutes as opposed to percentages in order for the tracking to be consistent.

2) Interim tours

The Union said that there is still an issue with sequencing and drivers not getting manifests.

The Corporation responded that the interim tour drivers are getting manifests and they will start providing manifests for the Y bins.

The Union suggested that the rules of cross looping be posted in visible areas (transfer from and transfer to sheets).

The Corporation responded that the issue of Supervisors not understanding the drive times is a systematic problem in all the hubs. They will try to group the product by FSA and loop.

The Union said that not only do the Supervisors not understand the cross loop penalty; they do not understand the implication.

The Corporation responded that it is getting better.

The parties discussed a specific Supervisor who allegedly performs CUPW functions by sorting parcels.

The Corporation said that when the clerks have not been available and Supervisors have had to sort parcels, they have sustained grievances. They also stated that when a Supervisor reassigns parcels they are not performing CUPW functions, they are making a decision. Supervisors must deal with missorts.

The Union responded that when a Supervisor moves parcels from one area to another (dock, rack) they consider this to be CUPW functions.

The Corporation asked that the Union address their concern with the Manager at the time the infraction occurs.

3) Keys and Parking:

The Corporation will address the issue. They will replicate the YDC management of keys and manifests system.

The Union asked when this would happen.

The Corporation said that on a short-term basis they would use a half door at the office and will implement a sign-in and sign-out system for keys and credit cards. On a long-term basis they said they are looking at redesigning the office.

The Union asked if the sign-up system would include the drivers receiving a receipt from the Supervisors that the keys and cards are returned.

The Corporation responded that they would implement a total plan, which will include a Supervisor managing the entire process.

Discussion ensued about the manifests. PO4s will be assigned to print the manifests for the freighter network. They will scan to a tour, print a manifest and place in a bucket with the freighter network mail.

4) PDSL Keying Issues:

The Union stated that things have improved at the YDC but said they needed someone at the WPDH.

The Corporation said that Rob Vanderzwaag was working FT, along with Christine Penney on Event Manager and significant improvements have been observed. They will create new visuals for the keyers and the MSCs.

The Union raised an issue with overlabeling at the BMF. The BMF labels are stuck on top of the track and trace labels.

The Corporation said they would address with the Director of Gateway.

5) Commitment Issues with Premium Product:


6) Tour Issues and Updates:

The Parties discussed the roles and responsibilities of the WPDH Superintendents and the need for dedicated RMOs at the Hubs.

The Corporation said that one of the WPDH Superintendents is working on a project – Event Manager. They also said they had addressed the issue of having dedicated RMOs for the Hubs. It is very difficult, as they do not have enough resources. However, we do need RMOs for the drive-alongs and would like to ensure that they assist us in this exercise.

7) 1 Yonge Pilot:


8) Information requests for WPDH and 1 Yonge:

a) IRMA backup


b) PDSL sort plan:

The Corporation has provided.


c) Breakdown of all supplemental hours relating to the Parcel project:

Carry-over. The Corporation to review and respond.

9) Drive times:

The Corporation said they still needed to consult.

The Union responded that it was only a question of moving three (3) tours (570, 571, 572) from the WPDH to the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Corporation responded that there is an issue with vehicles. They said they needed to better understand the proposal before making a decision. The Corporation apologised for putting a hold on it but would like to know that this is the best solution and not repeat mistakes. They will follow up with the RMO and reply.

New Business

1) The Union said they hope that at some point soon, the two (2) Union observers will be returned to their former functions.

The Corporation responded that they hope to keep them in the Hubs for five (5) to six (6) weeks after the restructure. They further stated that they thought they would change things around in the restructure.

The Union agreed that the restructure is certainly a good opportunity to turn things around.

2) The Union said that the Corporation was changing the hours of PO4s in the WPDH this morning.

The Corporation was not aware of this. Will review and respond. Additional hours were offered to part time employees. Their hours of work were not changed.

3) The Union raised an issue with a perceived safety concern with the new vehicles.

The Corporation responded that the concern was raised at the National Committee.


Next meeting: March 30th, 2006 at 1030 hours (to confirm location).