FEBRUARY 8, 2006

J. Hill M. Duquette
J. Coe K. Davidson
S. Simpson G. Tomaszewski
D. Beardmore D. Roosevelt
H. Bigras
D. Kane
C. Samonte
M. Shearon
L. Waine


On June 2,2006 the Retail will be separated from the CPAA office at Maple. A.Yam will provide an overview of our plan. The union requested consultation prior to implementation.

Unassigned RLC sorting RSMC routes:

The union stated that unassigned RLC are sorting RSMC routes. Management stated that this should not be occurring and will correct.

Urban shop stewards not allowed to represent RSMC employees;

The union inquired about the employer's refusal to allow shop stewards to represent RSMC employees, however am allowed to perform RSMC duties. Management replied that the two collective agreements provide union representation for each separately. Employees represented by the urban CUPW collective agreement are permitted to act as replacements while not on duty, including times during their vacation leave. They act as a replacement for the RSMC, and are not considered as an employee of the Corporation.

The union stated that there could be an issue of loss of seniority.

Yearly annual inspection:

There has been slippage with performing all the yearly annual inspections, there have been APOC added resources to address this issue. Any issues involving pay are being addressed.


The union stated that there is an arbitration, (regular ), that identifies that routes prior to being identified as RSMC routes upon effectiveness of the collective agreement that did not reflect duties to be required and although reflected on the Schedule A can not be added as duties to be performed now. Unionville is requiring RSMC to take items to the RPO, and may include other duties. One grievance will be filled to address.

Management replied that a part of the Schedule A reflects that the RSMC is to take items to the RPO at the end of day. Unionville was paying as an overload to take these items to the RPO, however it is the function of the RSMC. There is no precedent in a regular decision.

Health & Safety minutes, CPAA, Maple:

The union requested a copy of the H&S minutes from Maple, D. Baldock to forward.

Rate of pay clerks, February 1, 2006:

The union stated that there was an increase in pay rate effective February 1, 2006, clerks who start their shifts prior to midnight should be entitled to this pay rate increase.

Management stated that it would review the SAP system to determine.

Next Meeting, March 8, 2006.