FEBRUARY 9, 2006

J, Hill M. Duquette
D. Beardmore D. Roosevelt
J. Coe K. Davidson
S, Simpson G. Tomaszewski
M. Shearon
C. Samonte
D. Kane
H. Bigras


Unfinished business:

1) Resolution of Hinnegan Decision (-00438):

The union asked if the Corporation has had enough time to gather die information required to settle the matter.

The Corporation replied that they would provide the information by the end of February.

New Business:

1) Bar charts:

The Union said they had not received updates since the system was fixed.

The Corporation has provided and will continue to provide updates monthly. Updates are provided to Al Bailey.

The Union said they understood the Corporation to be relying on SAP data to update the bar charts and asked if this was true.

The Corporation responded they were not aware of this. As far as they are aware, all updates are done manually and according to the process. Will follow - up.

2) Minutes of consultations:

The Union reminded the Corporation that minutes of consultations are to be posted in the information books.

The Corporation replied that YDC minutes are posted in the information books.

3) Vacation Leave Bid:

The Corporation indicated that the bids for both Groups would be completed by the end of next week.

4) Payroll - for YDC and East Delivery:

The Corporation advised the Union that T4s were sent out to all employees.

The Corporation asked that a meeting be scheduled with local management (three Directors) and the Union to determine a definitive process re: pay issues / inquiries.

The Union agreed.

The Payroll Manger suggested he schedule time to meet with employees and Supervisors in Stations from where a large number of pay inquiries are received. He also explained that they have been receiving many calls from employees who were affected by the mathematical error in SAP - vacation calculation for some employees. Letters were sent to all employees affected, as well as an IBN posted. All employees who have called Payroll have received detailed data - whether they were overpaid or underpaid. He said that pay recoveries and payments would be done in PP3 (February 9th, 2006) and PP4 (February 23rd, 2006).

Don Mills, part time vacation leave:

Management stated that there have been no bypass of employees for selection of vacation leave, employees are being canvassed, and this has been ongoing for approximately two weeks.

The union stated that they were aware that second round bidding is occurring, results are to be posted. The union stated that employees at Willowdale Depot 3 have submitted their ballots, however, results not known. We should be progressing to the second round at this time. Management would review.

First level grievance hearings:

Management stated that they wished to move first level grievance hearings from Wednesday each week to Friday The union agreed to this request. The time of hearings will remain unchanged, namely 7:00 AM D. Beardmore, 7:30 AM YDC, then S, Simpson and J Coe. The article 54 meetings will continue the second Wednesday of each mouth, 7:30 AM for Delivery, 8:30 the YDC, the monthly union management consultation can commence at 9:00 AM.

First Aid Attendants:

Health & Safety has provided an update, more resources are required prior to my additional training for renewals can be continued. The hiring of additional resources is in progress

Shop Stewards, right to know modified duties employee's restrictions:

The union stated that shop stewards are to be advised of employee's restrictions, and the duties being provided. The union's position is that this is required as the employer frequently forces employees to exceed these restrictions.

Management stated that shop stewards would not be advised of employee's restrictions. The present process is that the Local Executive representative is advised by written document daily, in the "bubble" report. That union representative visits each postal unit and has contact with employees on modified duties, if there are instances where the employer has forced the employee beyond their restrictions, this can be raised at that time. The shop steward can request from any employee on modified duties their restrictions, if this employee wishes to advise the shop steward of their condition, and/or restrictions, they can. In this manner, there would be no potential claim of a violation of an employee's privacy.

Temporary employees crossing "post offices":

Management stated that this issue should be resolved given that postal units K, S, and R. have bass removed from this area's jurisdiction,

The union stated that the issue is the receipt of status change forms being transmitted from the national employer to the national union, then to the Local.

Management stated that the SAP system generates a status change form when an employee is charged to a different cost centre. This may be occurring when relief assignments occur. The union stated that they we only receiving when the period is of two weeks or more. This is of significance to the union as union dues are / may be impacted, the Scarborough Local has a $5.00 assessment, and depending on the time period in the month, deductions are made. Management requested that the union provide a copy of names and review will occur.

Splitting of temporary employee lists:

Management started that there were originally three lists, now west Beaver Creek Will be incorporated into zone 9. The union stated that they were not in favor of having more than one list, however, the employer may have more than one list. Management stated that in view of West Beaver Creek, further review was necessary. Discussion arose with respect to existing assignments. It was agreed to consult further on this issue, it may be advisable to reset and rebid assignments, and a tentative date of Much 31, 2006 was discussed.

West Beaver Creek:

The responsibility for WBC is moving from zone 6 to zone 5. This may impact the relief, specifically the area of coverage should their area of coverage be changed. Discussion needs to occur if changes too the area of coverage is to occur,

Plan C restructures - impact to article 54 assignments:

The union expressed concern that in a plan A restructure the RMO provides a rehab grid, however, in a plan C restructure there is no rehab grid provided, including no map of the area of delivery. Information on start times is not provided in a plan c restructure. The union requests that a process be implemented to address this and that consultation occur prior to implementation of plan C restructures. The union produced a listing of the recognized rehab routes as of 1992, indicating that they have not received an update recently.

Management responded that they would review with C&D support and advise.

Willowdale depot 2, final sort:

Management stated that the equivalent of 3.5 person years would be added as a result of the receipt of final sortation. There will be four full time positions, hours of duty presently are three employees working 300 - 1100, one 400 - 1200, their hours will be changed to 0001 - 0800, plus a new full time position with the hours of 0001 - 0800. There will be two part time employees, 400 - 0800 hours, and three part time employees 0600 - 1000 hours.

The union dated that there is one position vacant presently, there are article 54 employees who could perform final sortation duties. These positions should be held for article 54 accommodations, and not staffed under article 54. An implementation date has not been established as yet, it is tentatively scheduled for the end of March 2006. A letter is to be written to G. Deveau copied to M. Duquette inviting consultation as this involves schedule changes, it is anticipated that M, Duquette will be authorized to proceed with the National director's authorization.

Management agreed not to invoke article 13 for the full time positions. Discussion occurred with respect to training, agreement to train prior to implementation.

Payment of over assessment routes when article 17:04 is applied:

The union questioned the status of this, are employees receiving the over assessment, they do not believe it has been implemented.

Management stated they would review with National and advise.

Walk 10, Pickering:

It was agreed to remove this walk from the article 13:18 monthly posting. The relief assignment is deleted. Employees will be canvassed at the postal unit for this assignment. It was agreed that walk 36 would be posted under article 13:19, any subsequent vacancy filled would not be eligible to participate in the station bid.

National grievance N00 03 0002, implementing values:

The union stated that this decision found in favor of the union that CMB routes where PCI are to be delivered are to receive a value of three quarters street distance, not half street distance. Adjustments and damages are owed from 2002 unless there bas been a subsequent restructure.

Management stated that they would review with National and advise.

Bar Charts:

The union stated that they we not receiving the bar chart information, only Pickering is providing, and this is hard copy. The information is required from all units, request soft copy.

Management will canvass to obtain the information.

Article 54 employees sent home:

The union stated that employees with, no sick credits on modified duties are being sent home, and that consultation has not occurred, nor has the greater need provision been applied.

Management replied that this occurred at Willowdale depot 2, employees were sent home as they were not being medically managed, nor are complying with providing medical documentation substantiating the need or requirement for modified duties. In one instance there was a concern with an employee being retained due to risk if injury. Employees are required to provide satisfactory medical documentation n to support continuing modified duties.

The union raised the issue that one employee on modified duties had his work location assignment changed, D. Roosevelt being advised the Friday night, the change to commence the Monday.

Management stated that the accommodation from group 2 duties to group 1 duties had occurred previously, this was a change of work locale only dependent on availability of work. The issue of consultation has been discussed with the Local president previously; this is required when changing groups.

The union stated that Delivery is already receiving labour from the YDC; an example is an employee whose incumbent position is at the YDC and is being accommodated at Willowdale Depot 2, yet has been sent home for not providing documentation.

Management will review, J. Coe.

The union stated that consultation remains required when an employee’s duties are altered from group to group. Management stated that S. Hardy's phone call advising of employees changing groups has been successful; the union stated that zone 5 is not contacting the union. Management stated that they would ensure contact is made. If D, Roosevelt is not in the office, another officer of the union is to be advised,

Entry/Egress door, 280 Progress Ave.

The union expressed concern that the doorway by the garbage compactor even though is not to be used for entry/egress is being utilized. There is no salt, the box is empty.

Management stated that it is to be utilized as an emergency door only, salt from another box 3was placed on the ground by management representatives. The LCA can apply salt as well. The door is not intended for regular use of employees.

Scarborough F, LCA:

The union stated that the LCA for this postal unit hours of duty are not the same as other LCA at 280 Progress Ave. Management stated that the current complement of LCA could handle the existing workload and that no other adjustments are required at this time. If adjustments are required, than after review changes can be made.

Consultation Minutes:

It was agreed that the consultation minutes would be posted in the information books.

Stouffville IDB training:

It was agreed that additional training will be provide, however, RSMC we not entitled to Pay for training. Retail Temporary employee list:

Management stated that J. Wineck would send to M. Duquette, the union stated that the list is required twice Yearly, or when changes me made.

Management agreed.

The union stated that temporary employees are not allowed on the Counter. Management disagreed, temporary employees can Perform duties on the counter.


The union stated that they believe there is a weight problem with IRMA, the union S. Chapman needs to access for Unionville from the 072 block card information at the YDC, the dividing formula may be improper.

Management sated that they would review with C&D Support and to determine if and when the information can be accessed.

Agincourt, employee requesting relay box:

An employee has a medical report issued by Dr. Sutton reflecting a twenty - pound weight limit; the employee continues to have to carry greater weights, as the relay has not been added. He was subsequently interviewed for absenteeism; the union stated that the employee should have claimed as an injury.

Management stated that they would review immediately.

The union questioned where an employee is performing five hours of modified duties, and three hours IOD. The employee wishes to displace his scheduled vacation leave as he has an MRI scheduled for a day during his scheduled vacation.

Management stated that they would review.

Realignment of zones, potential impact TN leaves:

The union inquired whether the realignment of zones will impact TN leave, scheduling,

Management stated that they would review.

Next meeting Wednesday, March 8, 2006