JANUARY 25, 2006

J. Hill L. Charles
J. Coe K. Davidson
S. Simpson K. Munday
D. Beardmore D. Roosevelt
H. Bigras G. Tomaszewski
K. Vanderploeg G. Miller
C. Samonte G. Pratt
M. Shearon


The union stated that the road is too narrow on RR 7.

Management replied that the route has been revised, CMB have been added where required to alleviate this situation.

New Business;

SS 16 and SS 29 in Richmond Hill, routes have been updated and submitted.


The union questioned the addition of duties for RSMC at Unionville, specifically travel to RPO.

Management replied that the travel to the RPO is the responsibility of the RSMC, and that value is contained for this function.

The union stated that there is a five-ton truck that goes from the station to the RPO daily, this driver can take parcels. Management stated that this would be reviewed.


The union stated that the annual inspections were overdue, will management pay any retroactive pay if determined. Management stated that they would review and advise.

The union stated that there is a new route with 1000 POC scheduled. The customers are presently coming into pick-up their mails; no new route has been submitted to date. Management advised that they would review, and advise.

The union stated that management couldn’t split a route until an incumbent gives up the route. Management stated that they would advise.

Fatigue Mats

The union stated that Unionville and Stouffville require fatigue mats.

Union Representation;

The union stated that there are instances where shop stewards are representing employees and not receiving pay.

Management stated that the collective agreement does not contain a pay provision for this activity.

Modified duties;

The union questioned whether there are modified duties available for RSMC. Management replied that each instance is reviewed and considered in individual circumstances.

Next meeting will be February 8, 2006.