JANUARY 25, 2006

J. Hill L. Charles
D. Beardmore D. Roosevelt
J. Coe K. Davidson
S. Simpson G. Tomaszewski
M. Shearon G. Miller
K. Samonte K. Munday
K. Vanderploeg G. Pratt
H. Bigras


Unfinished business:

1) Extra Hours Arbitration Decision:

The Union asked if the employees, on the list provided, had been paid as per the agreement reflected in last month’s consultation minutes.

The Corporation responded that they would confirm payment today.

2) Resolution of Hinnegan Decision:

The Union asked if the Corporation was ready to respond to their proposal or discuss resolution.

The Corporation stated that they still did not have all the information required in order to meet.

3) Barcharts:

The Union indicated that the barcharts were not updated. They understand the program is not working therefore updates are not being saved.

The Corporation will review the situation with the appropriate group and correct the problem.

4) Equal Opportunity Lists:

The Union said they sent a request to Dan Jones, in early December, for E.O. lists, dispatch sheets, extra hours sheets and sign-in sheets and have not received a response.

The Corporation responded that they would supply all information requested. They asked that a representative of the Union attend the YDC in order to retrieve the documents.

5) Article 54:

The Union indicated that they have previously received a good break down of the employees identified with restrictions. They would like to continue receiving the information in such a format.

The Corporation agreed.

The Union said the Union Stewards are not being made aware of employees’ restrictions and would like them to be made aware.

The Corporation agreed that the Union stewards should be aware of the restrictions/limitations as long as it was not to discuss specific issues about employees with other employees.

The Union agreed. They further indicated that an employee, accommodated in Unionville is having pay issues.

The Corporation indicated that the hours are to be input manually at the YDC. They will remind the Supervisor in Unionville to contact the YDC weekly.

New Business

1) Pay issues:

The Union indicated that another employee is having pay issues involving her shift differential.

The Corporation will review.

2) Temporary employees:

The Union asked that Supervisors be reminded that temporary employees should be given a Collective Agreement and given the right to see a Union steward.

The Corporation agreed.

3) SLB clearances being removed from LC routes:

The Union said that they have not been notified or consulted with about the 0900 SLB clearances being moved from the MLC routes to the MSC tours and from the Toronto Local to the Scarborough Local.

The Corporation responded that upon their review with Labour Relations, they would be notifying both the Ontario and the Toronto Regions for consultation.

4) Health and Safety:

The Union said they thought Supervisors needed training on the process to be followed for investigations. They asked that the Corporation reiterate to Supervisors to contact the Union Local in the event there is no Union Steward available to conduct an investigation.

The Corporation agreed.

5) Stacking of empty monos:

The Union asked if the Corporation was within the legislated guidelines pertaining to the height of stacks of monos.

The Corporation responded that by stacking the monos eight (8) high, the Corporation is still within the legislated guidelines. However, they indicated that they would try and keep the stacks to a maximum of six (6).

6) Vacation bid:

The Union asked where the Corporation was with the bidding process for both Group1 and Group 2.

The Corporation said that for Group 2, the 1st round is complete and the 2nd round is starting. The Group 1 bid is virtually complete.

The Union asked if employees at other facilities are being contacted.

The Corporation said they were.

The Union indicated that an employee that has since transferred from the YDC should be contacted, he has been told he wasn’t allowed to bid.

The Corporation will follow up.

7) Modified duties:

The Union raised a concern with an employee on modified duties who shuttles vehicles being allowed to leave early.

The Corporation thought this had been addressed. Will follow up to see if it is still occurring.

8) Staffing:

The Union asked if the bids were in place?

The Corporation responded that Group 1 was completed but the Group 2 results would be posted on Monday.

Scarborough Postal Unit F Move, Taxi Policy;

The union requested the taxi policy, especially in view that Scar borough F was moving into 280 Progress Ave. there have been instances where a taxi driver has requested two taxi chits from two employees riding out together, how is an employee to contact the taxi while out performing his/her route.

Management stated that there have been several meetings where the policy has been addressed. The policy will be posted in the information book.

The union stated that there are several issues that require discussion. Management stated

That issues are to be addressed with the local supervisor/superintendent first, if satisfactory resolution does not occur, and then it can be raised/addressed at this level. Supervisory staff will compile a list of outstanding issues and address with the contractor. The union inquired about plug-ins for the vehicles, which management stated that there are several plug-ins for diesel vehicles. The union was advised that there is no designation for dock areas for any station, however, the back ramp is urged for Scarborough F employees. In spring 2007 two (2) high docks will be converted to low docks. The union raised the issue of the door by the compactor, is it an emergency exit. The union was advised that the use of this door is for cleaning staff to dispose of garbage. The door is not intended as an entry/egress point. It has been suggested by the union that a “crash” door be installed. The union was advised that this is under investigation and consideration.

The union inquired about 452 updates. Management replied that specifics were required; M. Duquette was involved earlier in discussions with respect to this concern, and provided the updates that were available.

SAP-Vacation entitlements;

A separate meeting is to be arranged with D. Kane and L. Wilkinson.

First Aid Attendants;

The union requested any update. Management replied that Medisys continues with training, including employees whose Licence is expiring. This has been addressed in the local JOSH meetings.

Employees on Modified Duties are Shop Stewards entitled to be made aware of their restrictions;

The union’s position is that the shop steward is to be advised of the restrictions of any employee requiring modified duties in the station. Management replied that this information is shared with the local office, not shop stewards. The employee if they so desire can advise the shop steward of any restrictions. The Corporation is required to respect privacy issues of employees. The union believes that employees are forced to perform duties exceeding their restrictions; this is why the shop steward is required to be made aware of their restrictions. There is nothing preventing the shop steward from inquiring from the employee their restrictions to ensure this does not occur. It is not in the best interest for the employer to engage in this type of behavior. Management questioned why this issue is being discussed in consultation today, yet there was a grievance submitted today, this violates the premise of our program. The union stated that previously there was agreement to share this information.

Temporary Employees Crossing Lists;

The union stated that temporary employees are being offered assignments in two post offices, Scarborough and Toronto, and based on the duration a status change form is being generated.

Management stated that they were not aware of this and would review.

Scarborough Depot 4/Superintendent Issues;

The union stated that there have been several instances of harassment and discipline of employees, where in other instances no discipline is imposed.

Management stated that in each case the grievance procedure has been utilized, consultation is not the proper forum. Management representatives have and will continue to investigate and address instances of poor work performance.

The union stated that if discussion occurs openly, the situation might change.

Management replied that this postal unit’s overtime is excessive as to other postal units in the GTA; employee’s conduct is of concern and will be addressed.

Splitting of temporary employee lists;

The union stated that they preferred one list for temporary employee assignments.

Management stated consultation has occurred, the preference is for three lists, by zone. Employees selecting a list will be required to remain on that list for twelve months. The current requirement will dictate the number of assignments on each list. Practice has been that employees select assignments in the area where they prefer and that wherever possible assignments have been offered in this fashion. M.Duquette has requested that management identify normal requirements, including long-term assignments to allow employees to select preferred list where possible. Seniority will prevail. Management has encountered several problems with one list; it is unwieldy, especially given time constraints to cover assignments.

Willowdale Depot 2:

In September the union raised several concerns with a management representative at this location, and the manner in which employees were treated. The union requires that management representatives acknowledge that there is a requirement to respect employee’s rights in the workplace.

Management stated that the employer is responsible for its officers to conduct themselves in a professional manner, treating employees with respect and respecting their privacy where at issue. There have been grievances submitted with respect to this issue, and action implemented.

New Business;

Posting of minutes and consultation;

The union requested that minutes of consultation be posted in the information books. Management stated that this could be performed.

Householder payments not posted in all facilities;

The union requested that householder payment information be posted in all facilities. Scarborough C posts these properly, the union requesting that this occur in all facilities.

Management stated it would review and advise.

Plan C restructures0article 54

The union stated that a review of article 54 placements is required, employees status may have changed, this issue is arising after plan C have been conducted, assignments are being determined without consideration of employee’s individual restrictions. There is a need for proper review of employee’s restrictions to determine proper assignment. There have been two recent instances where Medisys has accommodated employee’s requests without medical documentation to support this need.

Management stated that there has been a process in place for a number of years and that this process has been followed, regardless if it is a plan A or C restructure. Management considers this issue closed.

Willowdale D Restructure;

The union requested that the LCA assignment be removed from bidding, management agreed to remove from the bidding exercise.

Scarborough F MVI count;

Management stated that a new process would commence in March 2006. There was concern expressed with respect to including new POC, consultation and observers should be able to address and identify.

Accident Investigation;

The union stated that the Health & Safety representative and shop steward to be involved, if they are unavailable, then the Local is to be contacted. There was an incident where the employer’s representative was not aware of an assault of an employee in Ajax. Management stated that they would investigate.

A camera is required at West Beaver Creek, an employee was injured and pictures would have aided the investigation. Management stated that cameras are normally available, will review.

Another situation was raised where salt was required as slippery conditions existed. Management replied that a supervisor was involved; the contractor applied salt. However, additional salt was required in areas. The union stated that a box for salt was empty. Management stated that this would be investigated.


There have been several instances where final call is late, 10:001 to 10:15 am. This causes issues for Letter Carriers; the union believes that a lack of group 1 staff is the cause.

Management staed that there are a number of issues contributing to this situation; mail has to be able to be sorted for on-street delivery. There is concern that the structuring of the hours and productivity are an issue. In one instance the supervisor was

Absent due to illness, the employees forgot their normal duties; they perform sortation of parcels daily. This is unacceptable. We are addressing the profile presently.

The union expressed concerns that there is a large backlog of mail; employees are being advised not to return carded items, yet depart late for delivery. Emergency overtime is offered to some via cell phone. The union stated that consideration of out of station overtime should be considered.

Management replied that there are issues involving processing as well, these are being addressed, will be dealt with separately. Employees are accepting overtime, there is no requirement to go out of station.

A union observer, and the supervisor are to address issues involving mobiles, this may require shift adjustments.

Staffing Issues- Depot 11

The union raised the concern of eight employees/assignments at this postal unit inquiring as to the assignments they are covering. The supervisor has not responded to their request of information.

In Ajax there is a staffing problem, there are six vacation assignments posted, however, there is not six-vacation relief. There is a temporary employee in one of the vacation assignments. Attempts to address with the supervisor have been unsuccessful. There are only five vacation assignments. J. Leblanc is requesting an article 50.

Management stated that they would review with the superintendent. We are in receipt of a letter pertaining to Ajax and will respond.

Realignment of Zones;

The realignment of zones was discussed; J. Coe to have responsibility of Unionville West Beaver Creek will be the responsibility of K. Burtt. K. Burtt will attend our monthly meetings.


The union raised concerns involving completion of IDBs, and asked one of the postal clerk trainers to highlight those concerns ion the meeting. It was suggested by the union that a training refresher course be provided to the employees, tentative date of February 19, 2006. Additional training at Scar depot 4 is required also.

Management replied that this request would be reviewed and a response provided.

MLC-Priority Assignment;

K. Davidson sent a letter to J> Hill concerning the coverage of a MLC assignment, coverage should be under the provisions of article 52, not splitting the assignment into portions.

Management responded that a relief would cover the assignment where the absence was known, as per the provisions of article 52. However, in this instance the absence was reported late, and confusion existed. It is agreed that the provisions of article 52 govern the coverage of MLC assignments.

Interview-Delay of Mails-Tax Forms;

On January 16, 2006 two supervisors stated that delivery was scheduled over two days, there is no consistency, in the past it was three days, in some instances employees are being advised delivery in one day. The interview of the employee should be removed.

Management responded that this was addressed in the complaint stage; employees were issued clear instructions that the tax forms are considered as letter mail, delivery in one day. This has been in effect for two years. The employee chose to disregard the instructions, the response was appropriate.


The union questioned when Maple is moving. Management replied that there has been no determination to date.