Private Vehicle Talk – West Hill FILE: West HillPV-01
January 11, 2006

Michael Lam West Hill – Letter Carriers, RLC’s DRS and LCA’s
Imti Haniff Tom Parkes
Beth Blakney Steve Chapman
Stephanie Simpson
Monty Ferreira
Bob Vassileff
Patrick Wong
Cecilia Lee
Phyllis Kimmerer
Sandra Dyment
Jeff Paulin

  1. Introduced and explained why the Canada Post Corporation is offering Private Vehicle.
  2. The benefits of Private Vehicle (PV) to the Employees and to the Corporation.
  3. Explained how the Identified PV routes were determined.
  4. Explained the estimated PV values of the route and additional insurance.
  5. Explained how by seniority how PV would be offered that they sign against their route in column 4 that they have been offered PV and a signature in column 5 would be their choice for PV consideration.
  6. Advised that according to the collective agreement, the PV route holder would own the PV route until the next restructure or the Local Union waived article 32.06(k).
  7. Reviewed and answered questions related to the PV Package the employees had received in advance of the meeting.

Stephanie Simspon – Zone 6 Manager

  1. Spoke in support of Canada Posts position on PV and encouraged the West Hill staff to consider PV as an option

Tom Parkes – Scarborough Local Representative

  1. Advised the Scarborough Local membership present of the Unions position on PV.
  2. bullet That the member choosing PV would be on that walk until the next restructure or transferred out of the Scarborough Local as the Scarborough Local would not waive article 32.06(k)

cc: Stephanie Simpson – Zone Manager

Tom Parkes – Scarborough Local