DATE OF MEETING: November 22nd, 2005

D. Jones M. Duquette
H. Bigras G. Miller

Annual leave Group 3 and Group 4

The Union asked what was done last year.

The Corporation responded that there was no annual leave consultation for these Groups last year. The employees came to the Post Office with the schedule they previously had. They advised the Union that the employees do however have an agreement among themselves to only have one (1) person on annual leave at a time.

The Union said that technically the two (2) Groups don’t have to bid together but if they wish to continue with this practice, they can.

The Parties agreed that these employees could work it out themselves. The Corporation will prepare separate bid sheets for the two (2) Groups. The Parties also clarified that pre-retirement is bid separately.

Annual leave Group 1

The Union provided the Corporation an Employee Notification package that was used in the past that outlines the process to follow for bidding (rounds) and other general information including anniversary date, exchanging of vacation time and pre-retirement.

The Parties agreed that as long as nothing has changed since the last time this document was created, the Corporation would use it.

The annual leave schedule ends on March 26th, 2006 therefore the Parties agreed that the new schedule would commence the same week.

The Corporation advised that the weeks from December 3rd, 2005 to December 30th, 2005 would be blocked for annual leave for Groups 1, 3 and 4.

The Parties reviewed the package provided by the Corporation and agreed to the following:


Shift #3 = 14 weeks = 1 column

Group 1A = 119 weeks = 3 columns

Group 1B = 99 weeks = 3 columns


Shift #2 = 33 weeks = 1 column

Shift #3 = 108 weeks = 3 columns


FT = 1 column per shift

PT = 1 column

Annual leave Group 2

The Parties discussed discrepancies between the number of blocks the employees are entitled to and agreed to opening 15 columns (blocks) for annual leave and 1 column for pre-retirement.

The Parties agreed to the standard Employee Notification package as long as no changes occurred in the last year.

The Parties discussed the application of Appendix S Article 2.1 h) – n). The Union said this should have been consulted in the last Hub restructure therefore the Corporation could not apply this clause in the upcoming year.

The Parties agreed to waive App. S and apply 19.16 j).

The Corporation has since sought clarification on this issue and advises the Union that this agreement was reached without the proper authorization. The process outlined under App. S 2.1 is currently being reviewed. The Corporation will hold separate consultation, in the near future, on this issue.

The Parties agreed that the annual leave bid, for all Groups, would commence the week of December 4th. The Corporation agreed to review the possibility of conducting the bid by big board (depending on resources available).

Equal Opportunity Lists

The Union raised an issue with the way the Corporation is offering OT to Group 2. They are concerned with the confusion the offer of 1 or 4 hours prior to the beginning of their tours is confusing to the employees and violates the Equal Opportunity clauses in the Collective Agreement.

The Corporation explained that all MSCs are asked to sign up on either the 1-hour prior to or the 4-hour prior to list or both. The Supervisor then determines, by Equal Opportunity, who gets OT and then by seniority who gets which assignment (1 hour or 4 hours).

The Parties agreed to the following:

- The Corporation will utilise one (1) page for the sign-up sheet instead of the two (2) previously used.

- As agreed in the Christmas consultation, employees will be canvassed 2 weeks in advance to ensure better planning of OT and will confirm, by using the sign-up sheet, every day for the next day’s OT opportunities.

- The Supervisor will explain to employees that if they wish to be considered for either the 1-hour or the 4-hour OT opportunity, they must check both off on the sign-up sheet.

- Only those employees who have confirmed on a daily basis will be considered for OT.

The Union then raised an issue with the Group 1, shift #1 E.O. list currently posted in that it does not have any numbers of opportunities marked on it.

The Corporation agreed to correct the list in question.