Metro- Toronto East Delivery Ops / C.U.P.W., Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation ( RSMC )
Held on
Wednesday September 14,2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

S. Simpson M. Duquette
D. Beardmore L. Charles
J. Coe K. Davidson
S. Hardy D. Roosevelt
J. Connery G. Tomaszewski

Previous Issues

Richmond Hill SS 1 - 26 Split

The Union has not been advised of a resolution to this concern. The Corporation advised that the proposed salaries have been discussed at the Transition Committee and were sent to the National CUPW for input, CUPW has not gotten back to the Committee, suggest that the local contact the National office for an update.

Home Depot Mailing

The Union asked if the RSMC were involved in the delivery of this product and if so was any discussion held re compensation. The Corporation replied that it is possible that RSMC’s would be delivering this admail, however cannot give specifics to routes, provided the FSA distribution, there was no discussion with regards to compensation above the entitlements and guidelines in place for RSMC employees.; they were not part of the MOA signed between the parties.

New Issues

Maple as CUPW

The Union advised that they were in receipt of Mr. Keery’s response to their letter involving the change of grade to the Maple Post Office. The Union will be filing a grievance in this matter.

The Corporation advised that there are no provisions within the CPC/CUPW agreement allowing for a review or updating of the grade to post offices, as such the Corporation has not violated your collective agreement by not reviewing the grade assigned to the Maple Post Office.

The Unions position is that by reference to grade offices in the C/A it is open to them to challenge the grades.

Safety Issues on Rural Routes

The Union is concerned that in Ajax, specifically RR 7 there is no safe area for the RSMC to stop on the roadway ( Brock Rd) in order to service the rural boxes. We are requesting a review of the CMB conversion plan to include this route. The Corporation is not aware of any conversion plans for rural customers to be placed in CMB sites. Update- When discussed with O.H.S. & E it is their understanding that this is a case by case issue based on the requirements to complete delivery and the roadway involved.

Pay Issues

The Union advised of an RSMC in Richmond Hill who had received a salary adjustment dating back to Apr 05, 05 however had not been advised of the adjusted yearly salary on the route. Request that his be provided. The Corporation will advise those responsible to provide the information. ( S. Valla / M. Beamish)

The Union is also looking for the resolution to updates on the routes in West Beaver Creek, it seems that they are being sent back and forth between the station and Delivery Services and the employees are not being paid . We want to know if these employees will be paid for the adjustments back to the actual change date and not the date that the paperwork is completed , further is this money going to be on the September pay.

The Corporation will escalate to Delivery Services. ( S. Valla)

Oversize Parcel Payment

The Union indicated that some eleven (11) months ago the RSMC’s were told that they would be paid extra for oversize items and that these should be logged on their daily log reports. They are now being told that no additional payments will be made for these items. The Corporation will respond to this concern by next meeting

(S. Valla / K. Vanderpleog)

Meeting adjourned.

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All Present

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

P.Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations, Central Region

C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations, National

N. Johnson, Manager Labour Relations, National

J Wellsbury, Manager Delivery Services, Central Region

S. Valla, Officer, Delivery Services Central Region

K. Vanderpleog, Manager, Delivery Operations GTA

M. Beamish, Officer Employee Relations