DATE OF MEETING: Sept. 14th, 2005

M. Shearon M. Duquette
H. Bigras L. Charles


Although the Union is not satisfied with the hours and the rotation for PTs, the Parties agreed to the following:

1) 2 FT financial clerk positions, 1200 – 2000

2) 1 PO4 position with the hours of 1800 – 0200 will be identified as PO4 financial clerk, with the understanding that the hours of work will change when the clerk is required to relieve a financial clerk (on bid board/sheet, a notation will be added to identify the position and indicate that the primary function of the assignment is relief in the capacity of financial clerk).

The Union raised a concern with the PT schedules in that the hours of work vary week to week. They are concerned that this will cause issues with leave credits. They requested that the number of hours be the same week to week.

The Corporation responded that this was a possibility; they would review and determine if they could even the hours out to make them consistent week to week. The hours have since been revised.

The Parties agreed that the Corporation would prepare and share bid sheets prior to the bid for the Union’s review. The bid will be conducted by “big board”.

The Parties agreed that, in order to avoid delays in the processing of mail, there would be multiple/staggered breaks and lunches. The Parties further agreed that all must adhere to breaks and lunches under normal circumstances.

The Union requested to see the bid sheets and the finalised version of the proposal before agreeing to the dates the bid would be held. They however agreed to the following tentative dates:

Bid: week of September 25th

Implementation: week of October 16th

The Corporation agreed that they would canvass employees who will be on annual leave the week the bid is to be held prior to their leave.

The Parties agreed that the bid is a full bid.

The Union requested a complete ROD schedule.

The Corporation agreed to meet with the Union representative to discuss the ROD schedule later in the week.

Discussion ensued about the requirements that need to be met in order to unload vehicles and the concern with senior employees who do not possess the required licensing.