Metro- Toronto East Delivery Ops / C.U.P.W., Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation ( Urban )
Held on
Wednesday September 14,2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

S. Simpson M. Duquette
D. Beardmore L. Charles
J. Coe K. Davidson
S. Hardy D. Roosevelt
M. Shearon K. Munday
A. Ilic
L. Wilkinson
D. Kane
C. Samonte
A. Azzopardi
H. Bigras
J. Connery


The Union raised an issue of the tech staff working alone and provided a copy of the Corporations “ Working Alone in Technical Services at Canada Post “. The Corporation will review the paper and it’s operation and respond.

The Union also raised a concern that when the EL 5 is on annual leave and the Mam 11 has left the facility the machines are allowed to remain in operation. When discussing the mechanics issue at consultation for the machinery installation it was suggested that relief comes from SCLPP tech services by offering overtime. The Corporation will review and respond.

The Union asked if the swipe system was only applicable to group 1 at YDC. The Corporation advised that yes it was only for group 1 employees.

The Union raised a concern that the fire route in the centre aisle is being blocked by monos/and or equipment. Will review and correct if required.


D. Kane, Manager advised that he has meet with D.Clark, Manager OHS&E, to discuss the WSIB issues. Mr. Clark has raised this concern with his colleagues across the country with expectations to have a process to remedy the concern. More information will be forthcoming.

The parties had discussion with respect the process for over payments. It was recommended and accepted that the Supervisors and Superintends be advised of the necessity of advising payroll of any changes to employee hours in SAP that will result in a recovery of money. ( Zone Managers )

Previous Issues

Bar Charts - Retraining

The Corporation advised that some of the refresher training has been completed; several more individuals are still to receive training. The Union advised that as they were not made aware of the training dates, those stewards who attended not clear on why they had been sent and therefore did not get out the course what they should have. The Union is asking these individuals attend another session and that the respective station supervisors attend with the steward they will be working with. The Corporation will revisit the plan and set up additional training sessions within the next few weeks in order to start the new period with as much knowledge base as possible.

The Corporation also took the opportunity to provide the Union a roll-up of the preliminary results of the Sept 04 – Aug 05 period. The Union will review the disks provided. The parties agreed to a separate meeting to be held on Oct 5, 05 at 280 Progress Ave.


The Union enquired if there was any update on the new facility. The Corporation responded that everything was on schedule, and as per the Health and Safety Committee a tour would be arranged in the week prior to the actual move. It should be noted however that some construction might still be occurring. The Union then asked about the floor plan and whether it was set. The Corporation advised that some changes may be required but do not foresee the work area changing. Some alterations to the admin area could be made. The Union was also advised that C. Merton was returning to Ajax as the Superintendent. The Union raised a concern that if the city was making changes to the building, renovating, that there may be an issue with respect to the Employment Standards Act vs the Canada Labour Code for installations. The Corporation advised that all building codes would be respected. However will advise Operations Support of the concern (. Eli Aguinaldo)

WSIB Notice of Appeal – National Agreement

The Corporation indicated that no additional information has been provided. Will contact O.H.S.& E. ( D. Clarke / C. McLachan)

Sun Life Packages to Employees

Benefits is aware of the requirement to review the SAP report of those employees who are on long term absences and are running out of sick leave credits. If the Union becomes aware of any specific incidents were applications are not being provided, these should be raised to the Manager responsible for the employee.

17.04 Process Change

The Union advised the Corporation that the National CUPW has instructed them to grieve any and all occasions when the sign up sheet is utilized to obtain volunteers, as no agreement was made with CPC to this change. The Corporation advised we would respond prior to implementing. The Union advised that if no part-time employees sign the sheet then they must be considered to have declined same as full-time employees. The Corporation responded that was our understanding and would be our position.

Update – The Corporation will not be implementing the sign up sheets in the GTA.

Article 54 and Restructures

The Union advised that packages had been received for Agincourt and Unionville with that suggest that the parties meet as soon as possible to discuss the accommodation issues.

Project Notifications

The Union raised a concern that project notifications are not being completed for all work being performed. Provided an example of work performed at 280 where a notice was not issued. The Corporation will investigate.

Update – Upon consulting O.H.S.& E it was found that yes a notice should have been issued for the weekend work conducted at 280 Progress, this has been raised with PROFAC on numerous occasions with little or no improvement. (J. Hill)

Scarborough F Relocation

The Union wishes to raise their concern with the washroom facilities at 280 Progress when the additional staff will report, also feel that parking will be a concern. The Corporation will be addressing these issues in the fit up to done at 280. The facility will meet the codes with respect to washroom facilities; additional parking is being worked out at the present time.

Co-Chair Health and Safety Committee

The Union is concerned that no one has been named to replace the out going co-chair. Currently there is only one management rep on the committee. The Corporation advised that the position of zone manager, who is will be co-chair has not been yet been filled. The Union requests that a temporary co-chair be named until such time as the position is filled and the appointment to the committee is made. ( J. Hill)

Article 48 Concerns

The Union is again raising the issue of employee’s processing mail after completion of routes through use of the flex meal agreement. It is our position that this constitutes an early start as they begin to process the next day’s mail. The Corporation will re-issue instructions that employees who return to the facility following the delivery of the route will not be allowed to process mail. ( Zone Mgrs)

New Issues

Willowdale Depot 3 Rehab Positions

The Union is requesting that the parties meet to review the rehab grid for Depot 3 to determine which four (4) routes will be identified under 54.01, as there were four (4) prior to the restructure. Once identified these fall outside article 13 for staffing. The Corporation asked whether the Union had a proposal of routes, to which the Union replied no, however would involve Tom Parkes. The Corporation will arrange to have reps meet. ( C. Carpenter)

Modified Duties

The union its concern over employees being asked to work outside of their restrictions, provided an example of this occurring. The Corporation was aware and has addressed this situation. The Corporation will ensure compliance with restrictions and where there are concerns from the Superintendent/Supervisor, will involve the Health Services Nurse prior to having employees exceed limitations.

The Union asked that the Superintendents be advised that the Union stewards should be involved in employees’ assignments and when a complaint is raised that restrictions can be shared with them. The Corporation agrees that early resolution to concerns at the station is valid, by way of these minutes the Superintendents will be advised.

Changes to Group 1 Annual Leave Schedule

It is the Corporations understanding that the number 1 shift superintendent may have spoken to employees regarding a change to the annual leave schedule, in that the bidding will be by station. This is not the case, no changes will take place to the agreed on process or schedule.

280 Progress Positions – Changes

The Union indicated that last year the Corporation requested consultation on a change to start times for the Scarborough C and D section, however it was never followed through however some of the start times were changed and once it was realized they were reverted back. It has now been brought to the attention that some employees may have been cross-sectioned. The Corporation will arrange a meeting to review the positions in 280 and incumbents. ( S. Hardy, F. Ala , C. Samonte)

Stouffville Retail Position

The Corporation advised the position is under review and will not be posted in this months bid. It has not been deleted at this time.

Depot 11 Staffing ( 17.06)

The Union brought to the Corporations attention that an agreement to review the staffing at Depot 11 and the 17.06 assignments has been settled. The Union has not had the opportunity to review the staffing and is unaware of any settlement. The Corporation is also unaware of any settlement in that issue. The Superintendent will provide the staffing documents for review as agreed.

Motorized Letter Carriers

The Union is concerned that the MLC’s are adhering to departure times, which results in letter carriers either waiting for drops or missing the departure. The Corporation will review as needed the MLC tours to ensure that they reflect the appropriate times.

( Stn Supt’s)

The Union also raised an issue from Scarb Depot C with respect to discrepancies between the Headerboard and the actual tour sheet with regard to the departure time. The Corporation will have the Stn Supt review and correct as required. ( S. Hardy)


The Union raised the issue that while the Corporation has issued a dress code it would appear that compliance and monitoring same is not a concern. Would like to see that employees a re wearing the proper uniform. The Corporation agrees and will review with the stations. ( Zone Mgr’s)

Station Access

The Union brought forth a concern that stations are not always accessible to employee’s who need assistance. Suggest that supervisors stagger lunches and other activities to ensure that phones are answered. The Corporation responded that employees are provided alternate numbers, such as the control centre, for that very reason. Supervisors are required to perform on street duty and as such may not be at the stn at all times. Further the LCA can answer phones in place of the supervisor.

Unionville Relief

The Union advised of a situation where an employee was removed from his assignment to cover an LCA position due to MMHE requirements. Feel that all the relief should be required to have MMHE license. The Corporation advised that in this situation it was the junior relief who was qualified who was removed and this was done as per article 52. In the event all the RLC’s had the qualifications the situation may still have resulted in the junior RLC being reassigned. However will continue to train the RLC’s

Depot 3 Willowdale – Fragrance Program

The Union raised a concern that some employees were not being sensitive to the fragrance awareness program at this location. The Corporation will ensure that all the available literature is available at this facility. ( Zone Mgr )

Temporary Employee List

The Union provided a copy of the last temporary employee list dated July 05 as well as the names of individuals who are paying dues but do not appear on the temporary list. Request a current list for comparisons. The Corporation will advise the appropriate group of the request (M. Dionne)

Unionville Depot

The Union raised an issue that it has been found that mileage on some of vehicles is not recorded and results in variations between end of duty and start of the next, it was found that some employee’s had possession of duplicate key’s. The Corporation advised that the Superintendent would follow up with the employee’s and take the appropriate action to resolve this concern.

Willowdale Depot 2

The Union is concerned with the relations at this facility; the management staff lacks the necessary skills to deal with certain employee’s. This concern is escalating through grievances. The Corporation is aware of the Unions concern and is taking steps to correct the situation, however annual leave has delayed the process.

Home Depot Mailing

The Corporation provided the Union the distribution of this mailing for the Scarborough Local .



The Union received a copy of the letter sent to the Mayor from Corporate Communications in response to the Unions letter. The Union is concerned that some of the information contradicts that previously provided at these consultations specifically the general delivery customers and the Pickering closure. The Corporation responded that currently there are approximately 300 customers on general delivery; we are unaware of advising of 1300 customers being involved. As for the Pickering closure it was indicated that under the fifteen (15) year plan Pickering is set for review, however that is long range and is not a commitment to the closing of the Pickering office.

The Union would like to bring to attention that under the Mystery Shopper test, Ajax was ranked as number 2 in the country, that sales are up some nine (9) percent and that the national Union agrees to an Appendix T pilot.

The Union is concerned that the operating hours of the new depot will not be suitable to all those who will be on G.D. The Corporation advised the G.D. issue would be addressed as per Corporate Policy for delivery of new areas. Further where customers indicate a difficulty in picking up mail alternate arrangements can be looked at on case-by-case basis.

The Union wishes to know if staffing changes are planned specifically additional clerks to pick up the duties required such as general delivery and callers. The Corporation responded that the delivery clerks are currently sorting the general delivery mail at Ajax; with regards to callers this will be part of the assigned duties to the current staffing complement. If a review indicates changes then it will be addressed at that time.

The Union would like to suggest that Ajax remain at full staffing until the move is complete by ensuring relief coverage for any absences.

The Union indicated that further to the previous months minutes a request to J. Hill for the financial reports has not been responded to. The Corporation advised that a response would be forthcoming, however the decision to close this counter operation was more than just a financial one, many factors were considered in reaching the final business decision.

The Union wanted to know the impact under Appendix I and the number of outlets that are to remain. The Corporation will investigate and respond. Update – There are currently some 560 outlets open; as such the closure will not impact on Appendix I .

The Union identified that Corporation has indicated only four (4) positions are being deleted yet there are five (5) positions in Ajax. The Corporation advised that one (1) of the positions is a relief position that will be attached to a new home location, we understand that two (2) employees have provided retirement dates. Suggest that we set a separate meeting to finalize staffing. The Union was in agreement. Update ­– October 04, 05 has been set for this meeting.

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting date : Wednesday October 12, 2005 at 10:00 AM 280 Progress Ave

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All present

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

P.Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations, Central Region

N. Johnson, Manager, Labour Relations, National

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations, National

D. Clarke, Manager, O.H.S.& E, Central Region

L. Caruso, Officer, O.H. S. & E, Central Region

P. Scott, Manager, Retail Business, GTA

S. Lewis, Corporate Communications

M. Dionne. Supt. Delivery Admin.

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