DATE OF MEETING: Sept. 9th, 2005

C. Ciallella M. Duquette
M. Shearon L. Charles
D. Jones D. Burke
H. Bigras S. Thomas
G. Kousmanidis


The Corporation reminded the Union that the implementation of the ATRs is Sunday, September 11th, 2005 (next Sunday).

The Union asked if employees will be asked to swipe prior to or after their 5-minute wash up time when going for lunch.

The Corporation responded that employees would be advised that they swipe before the 5-minute wash up.


The Corporation advised the Union that Purolator International must be cleared 3 hours earlier than the current time. This new “initiative” has been brought to the attention of Operations yesterday and was discussed with National CUPW earlier this morning. The implementation of this new process is Monday, September 12th, 2005.

Although the Corporation realises the Union has not received a timely notice, it would like to propose an interim plan to ensure the Purolator cut-offs are met and the impact to customers is minimised. The Corporation requested a 2-week period to plan the management of this new process. The Corporation proposed using Rovers and temporary employees to perform Purolator International clearances at the RPOs during the next 2 weeks.

The Corporation advised the Union that Head Office is studying the Purolator International volumes received at RPOs through ROSS to develop a long-term strategy. In the next 2 weeks, it is the Corporation’s intention to plan, strategise and consult.

The Union asked if the regular driver would continue to pick-up Purolator products on their regular tours.

The Corporation replied that they would. The Corporation suggested adding a.m. “tours” on an interim basis only, to pick-up Purolator International only.

The Union asked if OT would be offered to regular employees to perform this work.

The Corporation suggested changing the start times for the “rovers”.

The Union responded that they did not agree as n they had not received proper notice for consultation. Since this entailed a restructure they required a 15-day notice.

The Corporation indicated that since the “Rovers” were assigned work on an Ad hoc basis and did not have tours per say this new process did not require a restructure.

The Corporation broke for discussion. Upon return from the break, the Corporation advised they would proceed to advise the “Rovers” of their new start times today.

The Union did not agree and responded that they would file a grievance based on not receiving the proper notice. They also expressed their concern with the lifestyle changes this new start time would have on the “Rovers” who have just made new arrangements due to the recent schedule change the Corporation made recently.

The Corporation responded that under the circumstances, they were also concerned for the employees but that the work needed to get done in order to protect as much of the business as possible. The said they would meet with each employee individually to explain the emergency situation and allow for a short period of time to make the necessary arrangements.

The Union asked how many employees would be required.

The Corporation responded that they would have to wait until the RMO had completed their exercise to determine how much work and time was required. A sit stands now, the Corporation explained they have 9 “rover” positions they could utilise for this interim period.

The Union expressed their disappointment with the Corporation imposing their resolution on them when they had a counterproposal to offer. They would prefer the Corporation approach the employees with the emergency situation by asking for volunteers. If there are not a sufficient number of volunteers, the Union suggested the Corporation utilise temporary employees.

The Union further expressed their concern with this emergency situation becoming permanent.

The Corporation committed that a consultation would take place in the next 2 weeks. If this initiative becomes permanent the Corporation indicated they want the right solution including a bid.

The Union agreed.

The Corporation will canvass employees today and will advise them that should they encounter any discrepancies or issues on their tours (such as delays at RPOs) they are to advise a representative of the Corporation so that they can be addressed and corrected immediately.

Christmas Operation

The Corporation invited the Union (both the Scarborough and Toronto Locals) to provide input into the planning of the Christmas operation. They advised the Union that they would like to develop a plan to effectively manage the Christmas operation that includes being fiscally responsible.

The Union agreed.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 19th at 1300. Location to be determined.


The Corporation asked the Union if they had any questions or a counterproposal to the staffing profile provided to them prior to the meeting.

The Union indicated they were not satisfied with the proposal. They expressed their concern with the Sunday vs. Monday issue raised in a letter dated August 30th, 2005. The shift starting at 1800 and ending at 0200, if identified as a Sunday shift will require consultation for each and every long weekend.

A discussion ensued about the language of the C/A (Art. 14.01) and the 1800 – 0200 shift being an afternoon shift or a night shift. The parties agreed that as long as the employees were made aware that they are to start at 1800 hours on the Sunday evening the shift would be identified as a night shift (#1) as stipulated in the C/A.

The question of long-weekends was further discussed. The parties agreed that the common understanding is that the employees would not be required to report on the Sunday evening (Sunday for Monday) of a long weekend with the Holiday falling on the Monday.

The Union further expressed their dissatisfaction with the hours of work specifically that no one will be working between the hours of 1000 and 1600. They stated that Financial Clerks should be available when the MSCs return from their tours and should hold FT positions as they are preferred assignment holders.

The Corporation said that it is a struggle to find work on days. The explained that once the vehicles are loaded there is a limited amount of work left to do during the day. They explained that the profile was built with the staff available based on arrival patterns and with the intent of limiting the trapped hours for FT employees. The said they have more flexibility with PTs as they can be assigned where the demand is or when the demand changes.

The Union asked why the FTs cannot start earlier and asked what work the PTs are performing.

The Corporation replied that the PTs are responsible for the segregation and the dock.

The Union asked if there was a difference between the PTs and the FTs performing this work?

The Corporation responded that there is more flexibility with the PTs as they can be offered to start work earlier. Unscheduled days are also built on for added flexibility.

The Union expressed their concerns with the staffing profile not being conducive to the schedule of single mothers, employees who use public transportation and employees who will have to make substantial lifestyle changes and alternate arrangements.

Then Corporation responded that the based on the work, the volumes and the arrival patterns the options were limited. They further stated that there are a considerable amount of trapped hours on afternoons today.

The Union had concerns with the lack of trained and experience of FT clerks to load vehicles. They further expressed their concern with the Financial Clerks being PT. The Union requested a rotation schedule for the unscheduled days.

The Corporation will review the profile to add FTs on days to handle cash and will provide a full cycle of the rotation pattern for PTs by end of day Monday, September 12th.

Next meeting scheduled to finalise staffing profile: Wednesday, September 14th.