Metro Toronto East Delivery / C.U.P.W. Scarborough Local
Consultation for Willowdale Depot 2 Restructure
Held on
Tuesday September 06,2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On

S. Simpson M. Duquette
J. Paulin L. Charles
V. Morgan B. Wier
J. Connery J. Gillis

The Corporation opened the meeting by indicating that the restructure package was sent to the Union on August 12,2005.

The Union advised that they were participating in this consultation on a without prejudice or precedent basis to any action they may take as a result of this restructure. They advised that the package was flawed in so far as amendments were being made during the fifteen (15) day review period; further that restructuring was still taking place after August 12, 05.

The Corporation then reviewed the changes to Willowdale Depot 2 as a result of the restructuring exercise.

Pre Restructure           Post Restructure          Variance

FT L.C. 60                            51                           - 9

PT MLC  8                             0                              - 8

FT RLC 10                            9                             - 1

FT LCA 2                               2                               0

PT LCA 1                               1                              0

DRS FT 1                               1                               0

Vehicles 14                             9                            - 5

Meal on rte 0                           6                            + 6

CMVI at time of volume count was a combined 92.3

The Union raised a concern with IRMA not pulling data correctly for the A 12 values. The Corporation advised that the parties discussed this concern nationally.

The Union also advised that they had requested a copy of the software in order to analysis the data themselves. To date only the data was sent.

The Corporation apologized for the misunderstanding, a copy of the software will be provided by the end of the meeting. (Union was provided the disk)

The Corporation provided the start-time and L.C. conveyance reports. The Union took these under advisement for review and will submit any concerns at a later date.

Rehab Grid

The Union advised that prior to the restructure there was a designated Re-Hab position in Depot 2 this is still a requirement. The Corporation reviewed the grid provided and suggested that walk 45 be considered. The Union will respond

(Update – upon further investigation by both parties walk 46 is now being considered as the designated re-hab position for Willowdale Depot 2)

The following was agreed to at the meeting:

The LCA’s will remain status quo and will not be part of the bid

The DRS will remain status quo and will not be part of the bid.

The parties did identify the other employee’s who will be accommodated with a suitable position during the bidding process. The grid will be used to monitor route availability.


The parties agreed to apply the same process as in previous restructures employees will be canvassed, by seniority, based on a schedule in order to complete the bidding by Friday September 16,2005.


The Union advised that while several concerns raised during the restructure were addressed many concerns were not. The Union read from the LCRMS introductory page and indicated that the Corporation did not follow the intent of this introduction.

The Union then raised their objections to this restructure through the various chapters of the LCRMS manual.

Chapter 2 – the Union sent a letter dated Mar 17, 05 objecting to the data capture during the volume count. Irregularities during the count – Seneca College on March break resulting in transient period of occupancy for the residence.

During the count the RMO failed to record all the disputes raised.

The Union acknowledges that meetings were held to resolve issues however no minutes from these meetings were produced.

Chapter 7 – The Union feels that loading times for the MLC’s were not calculated as per Section 4 – page 11. The Corporation did not apply the MSCWSS (3.8) as per Section 4 – pg 12 for the relay portion of the MLC tours

The Corporation will review and respond.

Chapter 9 - pg 2 - The Union was provided four (4) copies of an 074 for this depot, not sure which one is the one applied. The Corporation advised the 074 included in the package were used.

The Union also raised a concern that restructuring was still taking place on Aug 11,05 .

Chapter 10 – pg 2 1st paragraph . The Union observer raised an objection with respect to the day router. The Union feels that page 13 was not followed. On pg 14 , ( adjusted summary ) bullet 4 not followed.

Chapter 12 – pg 2 2nd paragraph 47.07 & 47.08 not applied correctly.

Chapter 13 – Pg 3 - The Corporation produced an 075 yet continued to restructure. Feel that the rtes were created first and then the adjustments made to the 075 in order to fit. Feel that the use of rte assistance of one or two minutes resulted form rtes going over 480 minutes and then adjusted to fit.

The Union raised the concern that not employees were canvassed as per 32.06, the Union observers were not canvassed. The Corporation apologized and will endeavor to ensure that compliance in the future.

In reviewing the 075 the Union raised a concern with Rte 56 – designated as Business but does not meet the definition under chapter 10 – pg 3 ( percentage of calls). Is this a meal before departure? The Corporation advised it was a meal on route.

The Union then raised a concern with rte 27 – 1068 calls yet only 93 minutes of sort time. The Corporation advised that this route has assistance of 128 minutes. The Union then advised that it was concerned with the start time of the route used to assist. When put together the mail would not be ready until after 10:00 AM.. The Corporation agreed to review the start times of the MLC’s.

The Union made a final statement in that it was not pleased with this restructure. A grievance was submitted under art 47.11 of the CPC/CUPW collective agreement.

Meeting adjourned.

Distribution :

All Present

P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations, Central

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

N. Johnson, Manager Labour Relations, National

C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations, National

J. Wozney, Director Delivery Support, Central

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Support