Metro Toronto Delivery Services & Operations / CUPW, Scarborough & Toronto Locals
Mail Volume Index Meeting
Held on
Friday August 12,2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On

D. Racioppa M. Duquette
J. Paulin S. White
S. Madsen T. Parkes
C. Hazlett L. Charles
G. Fyfe D. Hacking
L. Comrie S. Chapman
C. Merton
J. Connery

Previous Issues

The Union asked about the concern for the LVR’s from the previous meeting. The Corporation advised that the mail sorted by the letter carrier would be counted, if the mail is not sorted, and comes as hold out it will not be involved in the MVI, the same would apply for the seasonal type volumes that may occur. The Corporation advised that this should be addressed during the verification, if a P.O.C. is an issue another may be selected within the LDU. The Union provided an example of Seneca College which is obviously seasonal volumes.

The Union also was concerned that by excluding the holdouts the value for the volumes would be affected when the restructures take place. Why is there a difference between the calculations of MVI and CMVI. ? The Corporation explained that CMVI is city wide and based on a variety of sources, whereas the MVI will be calculated by the station receipts giving a more representative account.

The Corporation explained that missorts, which is the result of culling LVR’s is part of the restructuring count, not the calculation for the MVI. The value would still be there at the restructure as always.

The Union raised their concern over the culling of missorts from LVR’s during volume counts prior to the arrival for the letter carrier. Feel that the 3 piece system as per LCRMS should be involved. Carrier flips through the mail front, middle back, for missorts.


The Corporation advised that Mississauga has been done, Pickering to be done, Richmond Hill is partially complete while Etobicoke D was only just provided with the list.

The Union raised a concern as to whether the P.O.C’s selected represented the station make-up, Richmond Hill is almost 80 % residential are the POC’s reflective of that percentage. The Corporation provided the Union with disks of the P.O.C. selection.


The Corporation advised that for Richmond Hill that training is set for Sept 7, 05 however if everything is ready suggest that we start on August 22 and do a “dry” run.

Same for Ajax, training set for Sept 29, however would like to start earlier.


The Corporation indicated that for Richmond Hill PO 4 ‘s are being considered for the purpose of counting the 120 POC’s, The Union raised it’s concern as to how that could be handled, as most of the clerks in Richmond Hill are on number 1 shift, are you prepared to pay them overtime to stand around and if so unless you used all of them daily equal opportunity would have to be applied.

The Union also raised concerns for all areas, with respect to routes on equal opportunity, how was that to be handled, is the Corporation prepared to have people return to count those calls, The Corporation responded that in such case a supervisor may do the count or a PO4 or a modified duty employee. Union then raised concern over consistency. The Corporation advised that this is not a difficult task.

The Union inquired as to compensation for those involved in the count, are you going to cover PM’s pay overtime etc. The Corporation responded that compensation would be as per the collective agreement. It was further suggested that 15.08 would be applied. The Union felt that this was an additional duty and should be compensated as an over-assessment. The Corporation will address that concern. The Union feels that having the L/C of the route count is the best method. The Corporation advised that that is not a consideration.

Other issues

The Union asked how the Corporation is going to address P.O.C’s that may get missed due to various reason. The Corporation responded that again this is not a complicated issue. The Supervisors will be on site and can address issues, part of their job will be to verify the counts daily.

The Union advised the Corporation that they will provide a list of names and that any time spent on this project is to be compensated above the structured value of their routes.

The Corporation responded that with all due respect, it is not the Unions decision as to who will be used for the counts.

The Union advised that as such no further discussions are required.

Meeting adjourned.

Distribution ( via email and/or mail)

All Present

P. Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

N. Johnson, Manager, Labour Relations National

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations National

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

I. Nanda, National Director, CUPW Metro-Toronto Region

J. Hill, Director Metro East Ops GTA

J. Gilbert, Director Metro West Ops, GTA

A. Yam, Director, Metro Central Ops GTA

A. Kapoor, Officer Labour Relations GTA

N. Toulis, Officer Labour Relatiosn GTA.