Metro East Delivery Ops / CUPW, RSMC Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday August 10, 2005
280 Progress Ave

J. Hill M. Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
L. Wilkinson G. Tomaszewski
B. Stephen G. Pratt
S. Hardy G. Miller
K. Ratchford D. Roosevelt

Previous Issues

The Corporation advised that the transition committee has approved the recommended route split for the Pickering/Ajax issue.

The Corporation shared with the Union that national has put out payroll guidelines for the RSMC’s , and that an error report will soon be received in the region to assist in the management of pay issues. It has also been approved that with the Regional General Manager approval the local pay office in cases of pay problems can issue advances. As well a roll out is taking place for online route updating. This will allow for an automated process to implement changes that could result in pay increases/decreases.

The Union raised a concern with a safety issue out of Stouffville, an employee was ordered to deliver approx 20 POC near Musselmans Lake that is a potential safety hazard. There is no place for a vehicle to stop except in the roadway, with the current construction taking place nearby a high volume of gravel trucks are on the road at the time of delivery. It has been suggested that these POC be moved to a nearby GMB location, however the local manager has done nothing in that regard. It is our position that the mail stop until this resolved. The Corporation will investigate the situation and respond as to the status and resolve that will be taken. ( K. Ratchford)

The Union enquired as to whether the Home Depot mailing involves RSMC areas. The Corporation will respond

- Update, their may be some POC involved, however no special arrangements are needed as item fits within the RSMC U/Admail standards.

The Union is concerned with the split of the SS 14/15 route in West Beaver Creek and the offering of the new route for outside employment. The new route will have an additional 350 POC’s in the very near future which will increase the dollar value. By offering the route at it’s current number it bypasses other route holders in the facility as it is not greater than current routes, however that will soon change. Would like to see it offered internally first to all employees. The Corporation responded that we are following the staffing provisions of the C/A. We cannot hold off staffing or offer routes based on what may occur in the future.

The Union raised a concern with the split of the route in Richmond Hill ( SS 1 & 26) it appears that while nothing on spec’s has changed the total dollar value has decreased . We would like an explanation as to how this occurred. The Corporation will respond ( S, Valla)

The union announced that George Pratt was appointed to the National Negotiation team for the CPC/ CUPW - RSMC C/A.

Meeting adjourned

Distribution ( via email)

All present

P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations, Central Region

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

S. Boudeleau, Manager, Labour Relations, National, RSMC’s

A. Yam, Director, Metro- Central Ops

J. Gilbert, Director, Metro- West Ops

S. Valla, Officer, Delivery Services GTA

J. Wellsbury, Manager Delivery Services GTA