Metro –Toronto East Delivery Ops / C.U.P.W., Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday August 10,2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

J. Hill M.Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
S. Hardy G. Miller
B. Stephen D. Roosevelt
L. Wilikinson G. Tomaszewski
A. Ilic K. Munday
K. Ratchford
J. Connery


The Union raised a concern with a new swipe system being implemented in YDC, and whereas employees were advised that if they failed to have their cards with them that they would not be paid.

The Union further raised a concern that the maintenance staff is directing the postal clerks to remove the safety chains form the machinery as required to clear jams themselves.

Also raised was the issue of a rumor at YDC that a Driver Trainer had indicated that it was okay to drive the vehicles with an open door during those days were a heat alert had been issued.

The next issue raised was a lack of MMHE training for the PO 4 ‘s. by not having everyone trained a certain group is forced to deal with the all heavy tasks in the operation, while others only operate the MMHE.

The Corporation responded that the first two issues, as well as the forth, would be answered by the management group at YDC, with respect to the third issue it was stated that under no conditions are the vehicles to be operated with one or both of the doors open while traveling. The Corporation can assure you that the driver trainer would not have made such a claim. In fact we believe that an information notice was just recently placed in the information books advising drivers that vehicle doors are to be closed while in travel. The Union asked if we would communicate this to the stns.

Will contact Corporate Communications ( S. Lewis)



The Corporation opened the discussion on the Ajax closure but reaffirming the Unions receipt of the National 6.05 notice as sent on July 27, 2005. The Union replied in the affirmative however was not sure of the actual date of receipt. The Corporation advised that both the National and the local were sent the notices from our national office at approx the same time.

The Union has requested the financials from the facility that would be used as part of the basis for closure. Similar requests have been made and the information received for the Scarborough Depot 11 and others. It is the Unions position that if this service is profitable then it should remain open. We would also suggest that the Corporation look to an Appendix T application for a Retail presence at the new location similar to that applied at West Beaver Creek and 280 Progress Ave

The Corporation will request the information from Peter Scott. The Union then asked where the current employee’s would be placed.

The Corporation advised that they would be deemed unassigned upon the closure and placed in vacancies in the Metro East Post Office.

The Union enquired as to whether the Corporation would consider using the same plan as for the Willowdale B staff. The response was no, that these employee would be placed in unassigned positions. The Union will be advising them to start to look at the monthly bids which could result in some or all of them leaving prior to the closure. As this would result in a lack of trained staff how would you propose to staff ? Also suggest that the placement of art 54 letter carriers into PO 4’s will result in no positions for these employees’s. The Corporation advised that some of the staff have indicated an interest in retirement; we suggest that we revisit this issue at the September consultation after employees have had a chance to review their options and the Corporation will have a better understanding of vacancies.

The Union asked if the Corporation had plans to increase the PO 4 staff at the new location to handle the same issues that resulted from the Willowdale B closure. The Corporation advised that as no boxes were placed in the new facility it was not a consideration, as the caller activity is minimal feel that current staff will be able handle that issue.

The Union then wished to know if the Corporation had the current number of Corporate retail outlets and if this closure would make the number fall below the four hundred and eighty-three ( 483) as per Appendix I of the collective agreement. The Corporation will respond. ( J. Connery)


The Union inquired as to whether or not the window has been fixed. The Corporation advised that Profac has tendered the work, however cannot confirm at this time if the work has been completed.

The Union raised a concern with the handling of a situation between two individuals at this facility. An RSMC helper in a fit of anger yelled at one of the PO4’s in the performance of their duty. The Union felt that the situation was not addressed in accordance with the Corporations zero tolerance policy.

The Corporation will follow up with the RBM and reply. ( P. Dyck)

Previous Issues


The Union asked if construction has started on the new building. The Corporation advised everything is in place, however believe that the ground has not yet been broken. The Union will keep this on the monthly agenda until the move so that updates can be provided. The Corporation will share information as it becomes available.

Depot 11 – 39.07 backfill

The Union representative and the A/ Manager will meet to discuss the damages. The Union feels that damages are from January until June .

WSIB Challenges and First Aiders

The Corporation is awaiting a further response from OHS & E on these issues. ( C. MacLachlan)

Bar Chart Refresher training

The Union supplied the list of the reps at the stns they wish to be involved in the refresher course. The Corporation will contact the individual with the names for follow up ( J. Connery / A. Azzopardi)

Sun Life Applications

The Corporation advised that it is the Benefits group who receives a report of employees who are absent and are at near the end of the sick leave credits, from that list Sun Life packages should be sent. The Union advised that the process is not in place and gave an example of an employee who did not receive a package automatically and further when they requested one the supervisor failed to action the request. ( C. Reece)

Effective Date of Appointments

The Union acknowledged receipt of the emails indicating that the use of Sunday as an effective date is applied across the country. No further concerns.

New Business


The Union again raised their concern over the timelines with the restructuring exercises, Willowdale Depot 2 is to implemented on September 19, 05 yet the package for the fifteen (15) working day review is still received. When you add another seven days for bidding which cannot start until after the consultation there is no time for any concerns to be addressed. This is also problematic for placement of those employees under article 54. The Union also rasied a concern with outstanding issues raised during the restructure that have not been responded to.

The Corporation and the Union have arranged to meet on August 11,05 to discuss the article 54 issues for Willowdale Depot 2, as well Delivery Support will have a representative present to address the questions and issues surrounding the one day data lost for the ten routes.

The Union explained that as a result of the concerns with the current restructures the employees assigned to these were pulled, we understand that you can still utilize mod duties employees, however this should be consulted on with the Union based on greater need and no work within the group. The Union also raised a concern that for MVI project mod duty employees will be used resulting in inconsistency.

17.04 Process Presentation

The Corporation shared the package that was presented nationally to CUPW. The only major change is to the sign up sheet as opposed to a one on one canvas by the supervisors. The Union asked if the MLC’s who had a later start would be included, further was no signature an automatic decline, how is

Reverse seniority being conducted. The Corporation advised that the same procedures applied to overtime as before, no change takes place with the introduction of the sign up sheet. Suggest that you take the package and review and we will discuss your concerns at the next meeting.

Home Depot Mailing

The Union was supplied a copy of the National Memorandum of Agreement. The Union asked if the distribution list was available. The Corporation advised that this has not been made available at this time, however when it is received a copy will be forwarded to the Union.

The Union asked if the RSMC’s would be involved. Corporation to respond.

- Update - The date for this mailing has been changed to September 19, 05.

LCA Duties

The Corporation raised the issue that in some offices the LCA’s were refusing to perform sortation on routes when assigned by the supervisor to do so. The Union was supplied with the job description. The Union advised that they are aware of the duties and unless a restriction exists preventing such activity the employee should be following the direction of the supervisor. The parties agreed that a copy of the job description is to be handed out to all LCA’s and a copy to be attached to the minutes in the information books.

Status Forms

The Union supplied copies of recently received status forms, concern that the positions show as being in local 602 but located in Nanaimo BC. The Corporation investigated and found that the position number applied to the acting assignment of the two employee’s This has been corrected in SAP.

Willowdale Depot 2 – Equal Opportunity List

The Union provided a copy of the equal opportunity list showing that the agreed upon format was not being used, no numerical accounting of opportunities. Also the placement of names is inaccurate, resulting in bypasses. The Corporation is aware of the bypass of one employee as the union raised this issue at grievance hearings early this morning, corrections will be made to the list. The Parties agreed to restart the opportunity numbers by applying one opportunity to everyone above the cutoff point on the date it was last used. The Union will review and advise if any other bypasses took place. ( manager/ Supt)

Don Mills – Floor plan

The Corporation has asked for assistance from Industrial Engineering to review the floor plan.

Hot Weather Procedures

The Union asked that the Corporation revisit the ability to have the carriers on the street earlier in the day during the heat advisory days, suggest start time changes or early call of final draw. The Corporation indicated that service standards had to remain on place and that early call of final draw could result in service failures. The Corporation recognizes the impact of heat on employees and does take this into consideration in determining final draw. Bottled water has also been made available at the stns for employees during this hot weather. The union indicated that at one station the water is not being made readily available but placed in a corner. The Corporation will follow up. The Union also feels that the PO4 levels are an impact in the late departures. No relief for employees on annual leave.

Processing Mail after Deliveries

The Union indicated that this concern was starting again, employees are returning to the stn after completing delivery duties then processing mail scheduled for the next day. The Corporation will follow up (Managers)

Mod. Duty Employees being sent home

The Union indicated that some employees on temporary modified duties are being instructed to use sick time when work in their stations is not available, yet other stations have sufficient work for them. Prior to anyone being sent home it is our position that the Union be contacted as the “greater need” aspect of modified duties and the workforce. We wish to be consulted. The Corporation will seek work in other locations prior to sending employees home.

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting: Wednesday September 14, 2005

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All Present

P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations, Central Region

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

N. Johnson, Manager Labour Relations, National

C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations, National

C. Reece, Manager Employer Relations, Central Region

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Support, Central Region

C. MacLaclan, A/ Manager O.H.S. & E, Central Region

D. Clarke, Manager O.H.S.& E., Central Region

A. Yam, Director Central Area, GTA Ops

J. Gilbert , Director West Area, GTA Ops