DATE OF MEETING: July 20th, 2005

M. Duquette C. Ciallella
L. Charles M. Shearon
D. Jones
A. Ilic
S. Samonte
H. Bigras

Random numbers

The parties agreed that there are no issues with the MSC bid with respect of the random number issue. However, a rebid must take place for the PT PO4s who have a September 2004 seniority date forward. The parties agreed to do a “paper” bid to determine if there exists liability. The Corporation will determine whether or not they will continue to incur damages, if any, until the new staffing profile in September. Dan Jones and Mike Duquette to review bid in question Monday, July 25th, 2005.07.25

The Corporation and the Union agreed that all staffing bids from this day forward would be conducted by bid board.

Rotation schedule

The Corporation advised the Union that a rotation schedule (attendance board) would be posted by cycle in the facility. It will not be used to take attendance, only to show the rotation schedule. The Union agreed.

PT MSC interim structure

The Corporation advised the Union of their intention to delete 7 of the 9 PT MSC positions in the interim structure and create 7 PT Relief. The Relief positions will then be deleted as they are vacated.

The Union did not agree. They said that if the Corporation created 7 Relief, they wanted the 25 that were agreed to. They also advised that the creation of these positions would impact the barcharts.

The Corporation advised that in the alternative they would change the hours of work for these assignments to 1530 – 1930 where the work exists (pick-ups, SLB clearances). This change will take place the first week of August. The Corporation will advise the employees by the end of the week.

The Union asked if the Corporation was still considering creating weekend tours.

The Corporation responded that this restructure is still tentative. Will review to establish if this initiative could resolve the interim structure matter.


The Corporation advised the Union that beginning the week of August 14th or the week of August 28th Group 1 employees will be required to swipe in and out of their areas of work (start, before and after lunch and end of day). 2 ATRs will be installed in the facility.

The Union asked how the employees would be advised.

The Corporation responded that an information book notice will be posted as well as mini-meetings held with employees to advise them of this new requirement. A “grace period” will follow the implementation during which reminders will be given.