Metro-Toronto East Delivery Ops / C.U.P.W., Scarborough Local
R.S.M.C. Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday July 13, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

S. Simpson M. Duquette
D. Beardmore L. Charles
J. Coe G. Pratt
S. Hardy D. Roosevelt
J. Connery G. Miller

Previous Issues

The Union is still concerned that route in question which involves duties at both the Ajax and Pickering facilities is too large.

The Corporation indicted that the Transition committee is reviewing the route.

The Union also indicated that the helper covering the sortation of RR 7 has still not been paid for the month of May.

The Corporation replied that the matter was filed as a grievance on July 13, 05 and will now be addressed in that forum.


The Union is still not getting the minutes from the CPAA Health and Safety meetings as agreed to.

The Corporation will follow up with the Manager ( D. Baldock)

The Union asked if there was any update on the status of the facility.

The Corporation will contact Delivery Support and advise ( E. Aguinaldo)

Update – The plan for Delivery to relocate has been approved, currently seeking a location.


The Union raised the concern that vouchers are not being signed off by the RSMC, an example provided was by a LTA RSMC who is away from the workplace, how is that voucher being handled. Still feel that some RSMC s are not completing the required documents for their helpers.

The Corporation advised that it would investigate the LTA issue, however if an RSMC hires helpers as done prior to the C/A then these individuals would not be paid under the voucher plan.

Route Salary Adjustments

The Union is still concerned that the agreed upon meetings with the RSMC affected by salary adjustments are taking place.

The Corporation will re-issue the guidelines (D. Beardmore)

The Union raised a concern with a route in Richmond Hill which had calls added to it yet the RSMC had a pay reduction with no warning. Also concern with Unionville SS 1, the explanation for a reduction was the admail volumes, the rte assessed for only four (4) set per week based on the Corporations records form June 1, 04 to May 31,05. Feel that is highly unlikely for Unionville.

The Corporation will investigate (D. Beardmore)

Log Reports

The Union advised that these are not in place in Maple. Stouffville or Unionville.

The Corporation will contact the respective managers. (D. Baldock/ P. Dyck/ S. Hardy)


The Union still wishes for the Corporation to reconsider the position taken on the helper that was removed from the station. We also wish clarification on the statement from the last minutes with respect to Shop Stewards.

The Corporation advised that the decision made with regards to the replacement worker will not change. The Corporation further advised that it is our position that shop stewards recognized under the Urban C/A will not be allowed paid leave to represent/ investigate issues involving Rural C/A employee’s.

The Union requested a copy of this directive., and disagreed indicating that CUPW stewards are not restricted by the C/A’s.

Relief Staff

The Union inquired if there were any updates.

The Corporation indicated any updates would be attached to the minutes.

Update – No new information to share on this pilot project at this time.

New Business

The Union raised several concerns with respect to pay issues that do not seem to get resolved in a timely manner. Gave a specific example of payment for an individual who is owed from March.

The Corporation indicated that confirmation was received that this individual was to be paid.

The Union advised that as of this date he had not received any money. Every month we are told next month, Now the individual will have to wait until August to see his pay.

The Corporation will follow-up and advise ( D. Beardmore)

The Union raised a concern over the fact that most RSMC’s are not aware of the Control Centre or what it’s function is.

The Corporation will contact Corporate Communications to see if a bulletin can be issued. ( D. Beardmore)

WBC Route SS 12 & SS 20-22

The Union inquired as to why the employees on the above routes cannot exchange assignments; we understand that other situations where workloads are too extreme routes were split. In this case it is possible for the two individuals to just change routes.

The Corporation advised that we would investigate and respond. (M. Beamish)

Unionville SS 60-62

The Union advised that this route has required updating since May, when asked the Superintendent indicated that changes were submitted in June. This also applies to SS 33.

The Corporation will follow up (S. Hardy / D. Robertson)

The Union indicated that they feel that these are the issues that are resulting in the salary changes; the Corporation is using the updated POC at the current status and applies the that number against the admail pieces for the entire year which results in an incorrect sets/week number. Also feel that the growth in some areas is resulting the routes expanding beyond manageability.

S.A.P. Implementation

The Union understands that RSMC’s will be going live effective September 05, and wish to know if this will be a monthly pay system or bi-weekly.

The Corporation cannot verify, but will follow-up. (D. Beardmore)

Meeting adjourned.

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All present

P.Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW, Ont Region

D. Baldock, Retail Business Manager, GTA

K. Ratchford, Retail Business Manager, GTA

P. Dyck, Retail Business Manager, GTA

J. Wineck, Retail Business Manager, GTA

J. Hill, Director Metro-Toronto Delivery Ops East

A. Yam, Director Metro-Toronto Delivery Ops Central

J. Wellsbury, Manager Delivery Services, GTA

M. Beamish, Officer, Employee Relations RSMC , GTA

S. Bordeleau, Manager , Labour Relations National - RSMC