Metro-Toronto East Delivery / C.U.P.W. Scarborough Local (Urban)
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday July 13,2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

S. Simpson M. Duquette
S. Hardy L. Charles
M. Shearon G. Tomaszewski
C. Samonte D. Roosevelt
J. Coe
J. Connery

Previous Issues

Random Numbers

The Union advised that this issue has been mostly resolved, one (1) employee from grievance 602-95-00886 still has not had the correct T.O.S. date entered. Have spoken to Julie Best who is going to correct this. The change should result in an additional week of annual leave for 2005 –2006. Also need verification that he received his correct leave for the previous periods as a result of the grievance.

The Corporation will investigate and respond.

The Union also raised the concern of another employee’s seniority date. This employee transferred in from Toronto, both SAP and the Union have a date of Jan. 06, 02 whereas it has come to our attention that this might be incorrect and the actual date is June 7, 01.

The Corporation will review and respond.

The Union advised that there were still two (2) YDC employees whose records need to be corrected in SAP, and this will done on July 21, 05.

The Union agreed that the part-time bid will resume with the next monthly bid.

Depot 11 – 39.07

On going

CPC Notice to Challenge WSIB Claims

The Corporation advised that none of the local O.H.S & E. Officers were aware of the letter dated December 20, 2004 from Pierre Gourgon. No direction was received in regard to this letter.

The Union provided a letter dated March 31, 2005 in response to the letter of Dec. 2004 agreeing the wording of a letter which would notify employee’s of a challenge to a Worker’s Compensation decision.

The Corporation will share this letter with the manager of O.H.S.& E.

Bar Chart Training

On going

Sun Life Packages

The Corporation shared the package, received following the last meeting, with Benefits who advised that SAP does produce a monthly report which identifies those employees who are at risk of financial burden due to a long term absence and lack of sick leave credits. From this report they should be sending the D.I package to employee’s. The Corporation recognizes this does not always occur. Benefits has relied on contact from either the supervisor or the employee for the most part. A meeting will be arranged to discuss the implementation of the policy with Benefits. However, as per the policy the supervisor or employee can contact them for the package as required.

Effective Dates upon Promotion

The Corporation responded to this issue by advising that SAP has designed CUPW schedules as Sunday to Saturday, with the exception of Group 3. Therefore any promotions into group 2 since January 04 will have an effective date on a Sunday.

The Union provided a package showing that it is possible to have an effective date other than a Sunday, even after SAP was implemented. An example of an employee being given a Monday took place in Dec 2004.

The Corporation could not without know more details explain how that occurred. The Corporation advised that the effective dates are being applied consistently across the GTA , the appointment letters will be amended, as required, to reflect an effective date and a reporting date ( which will be different).

The Union asked if the effective dates were being applied nationally in the same manner.

The Corporation will respond.

National Policy Grievance – N00 03 00004 – Over-assessed route

The Corporation advised the Union that currently a systemic issue is resulting the inability to follow the direction from the arbitrator, It is expected that an update will be made by the end of this week.

The Union advised that the decision allows for payment where a local grievance was filed prior to the National grievance, the Scarborough Local filed grievance number 602-03-00134 in Jan 04 therefore will be seeking payments back to then.

The Corporation will review the decision and advise.

New Issues

Recent Restructures

The Union raised a concern with the recent scenario that took place in the bidding in Willowdale Depot 3 with respect to the accommodation issues. It appears that not all of the concerns were addressed.

The Corporation responded that at the consultation held with the Union all the names that were brought forth by the parties were discussed, in fact it was agreed that the Union and local management would meet at the station to review the routes and individual needs.

The Union understands this, however due to the short period of time to address this other employees have come forward who were able to self accommodate by bidding. The Union suggests that the parties meet at least one (1) month in advance of the implementation regardless of other matters to discuss accommodation issues. This will allow time to address any last minute concerns that arise.

The Corporation agrees with this suggestion.

The Union raised a concern that not all the routes in Will D-3 had complete walk packages available at the time of the bidding, we are being advised that changes took place after routes were bid on.

The Corporation responded that we are not aware of any changes, other than those agreed to at the consultation involving the part-time to full-time position, occurred after the consultation.

The Union indicated that errors were found and resulted in over-assessed routes.

The Corporation is unaware of any over –assessed routes, a copy of the last 075 dated July 19, 05 was requested from the stn and provided to the Union. No evidence of over-assessed routes.

The Union requested that should it be found some of these issues did occur, a re-bid take place.

The Corporation will investigate these issues and respond, a re-bid is a consideration if it is warranted.

The Union raised a concern in Scarb Depot 4 over the waiting time for taxi’s and how to contact them for a return trip.

The Corporation replied that employees are to arrange for the taxi when being dropped off on the trip out the route.

The Union stated that taxi’s will not wait in the event that you miss the pick-up time, and on those occasions there may be no place to call, or no money to make the call.

It is the Corporations understanding that taxi’s are to be at the pick up point and should wait a reasonable time for the employee. We will contact Transportation Contracting for the terms of the agreement. The Union also wished to raise the concern over the routes in Depot 4 employees are working overtime consistently and being harassed about it. Feel that the routes are not assessed properly, specifically the parcel delivery values.

The Union is requesting that employee’s be provided a quarter to make the call for the return pick up.

Will respond.

SLB Conversation to Trays

The Union raised a concern with the SLB’s that are cleared by the MLC’s which have been converted to the trays. The Stn’s do not have trays to replace those in the SLB, which then requires the employee to empty the tray into a bag, which takes longer then having to “sweep” the mail into the bag. Further, no instructions were given to those employees not to remove the trays.

The Corporation advised that process was for boxes having a 14:00 and 17:00 hr clearance, if some of the SLB’s have the early clearance as well they were converted. We will have Corporate Communications create an information bulletin with respect to the procedure.

The Union is seeking additional time values for the MLC’s .

The Corporation will respond.

Deletion of Positions – Impact on Rotation of Duties

The Union advised the Corporation that were it deletes group 1 positions consultation will be required for the rotation of duties schedule which will be impacted.

The Corporation will adhere to C/A with respect to rotation of duties schedule.

Walk Bids

The Union is requesting an extension for the Willowdale Depot 2 employees for the current monthly bid. The East Delivery positions were not posted until 4 days after the bid started unfortunately it was the West positions that was first posted.

The Corporation agrees to extend the closing date by one (1) week for the employees in Willowdale Depot 2 only. We will also correct the distribution of the bids to avoid this from happening in the future

National Agreement on the use of Stn Inspection Report

The Union advised that through a bulletin they received from their national office an agreement to utilize a standard report for the monthly safety inspections was reached. We are pleased to say it is the format currently in use in the Scarborough stn’s.

Change in hours for Pt group 1 inWest Beaver Creek

The Union is seeking to have the hours for the Pt staff changed from 04:00 to 04:30 hrs.

The Corporation will review its operation and reply. Be advised that this will be conducted following the summer operations.

Use of Corporate Vehicles for Overtime- Richmond Hill

The Union raised an issue that the past practice of using available Corporate vehicles to travel to overtime routes has stopped.

The Corporation advised that this was due to internal conflicts over the vehicles resulting in arguments. In order to avoid conflict it was decided that vehicles would not be used by non-motorized letter carriers on non-motorized routes.

Co-Chair for the Joint Health and Safety Committee

The Union requests that this position be filled as soon as possible, by not having a responsible person to escalate issues to it impacts resolution.

The Corporation advised that the position will be filled soon, in the meantime Joe Mateus can be contacted for priority issues.

Health and Safety Issue

The Union realizes that this may not be the proper forum for these issues they would like to express them for resolution based on the lack of a co-chair at the safety meetings.

We have some stns who are experiencing problems in obtaining Deet. Depot 4 is one location.

The Corporation will follow up to ensure it is available.

The Union requested additional fans for Don Mills due to the poor air circulation; the current fans do not seem to meet the needs. Again we realize the HVAC system is due to be replaced in the fall, but still feel additional air movement is required currently.

The Corporation will follow up on this matter.

The Union then raised the concern over certified first aid attendants, a handout indicating stns where first aiders are currently listed and the expiry date of the certificate; also concerned about the lack of trained personnel on the number 1 shifts.

The Corporation will advise O.H.S.& E. of these concerns for their action.

Modified Duties – Use of Group 2 in Group 1 functions

The union raised it’s concern with the lack of notification as per the March agreement when Group 2 employees are being assigned to Group 1 duties.

The Corporation responded that where cases of employees seeking modified duties for periods of greater than one (1) week and will be assigned duties in group 1 based on restrictions the Zone Officers will advise the Union, as per the agreement, We will also advise the stns that they are not to reassign employees to group 1 duties for durations of greater than one (1) week without notifying the zone officer.

Night Recovery Schedule

The Parties have met and agreed to conduct the bidding for TN leave by station by the zone officer.

Retail Issues


The Union inquired as to the disposition of the retail employees when the letter carrier operations moves from it’s current location.

The Corporation replied that a decision from Ottawa is expected on or about August 02, 2005.

The Union would like as much advance notice as possible so that the employees have an idea of whether to start bidding to other locations.

Fatigue Matting- Richmond Hill

The Union asked if this request has been acted upon, also request the same for Stouffville in the back operations at the sorting cases.

The Corporation will follow up with the respective managers

Stouffville- Cracked Window

The Union indicated that a window at the Stouffville Post Office has been cracked for some time, request that it be fixed.

The Corporation will contact the manager.

Y.D.C. Issues

Group 1 Monthly Postings

The Corporation advised that C. Samonte will be conducting the monthly bids form this point forward. If there are any concerns they can be directed to Chit. This process will stabilize the bidding.

Temps in Vacant Positions

The Corporation advised that there are no temporary employees in vacant positions; the bidding results indicating that were incorrect.

Harry Potter

The Corporation advised that the volumes expected for the July 16,2005 operation are around seven thousand (7000) as of the current information.

Meeting adjourned

Distribution ( via Email)

All present

Paul Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relation, GTA

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW Ontario Region

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Services, GTA

C. McLachlan, Manager O.H.S.& E, GTA

Scarborough Stns Information Books

C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations National

N. Johnson, Manager Labour Relations National