Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Union Of Postal Workers
July 5, 2005
4567 Dixie Road, Mississauga
Re: Harry Potter Delivery
Scheduled for Saturday July 16th, 2005

D. Jones L. Bouvier
R. Vanderzwaag L. Charles
T.C. Chung
L. Wilkinson
D. Beardmore
A. Azzopardi
S. Hardy
J. Connery
S. Hewitt
H. Bigras

The Union asked that it be reflected in the minutes that they were unhappy with the lack of notice given for this consultation. They attended on a without prejudice basis.

The Corporation apologized for the lack of notice and explained that they were not acting in bad faith but responding to misinformation.

The Corporation proceeded in saying that, as was the case for the 2003 Harry Potter delivery, they would be working under the auspice of flexible delivery therefore using Group 2 and CUS. The big difference from the previous delivery is the role of the RSMCs.

The Union was provided copy of the staffing guidelines.

The work will go to employees who normally do flexible delivery (MSCs, MMCs and CUS). The work will flow to RSMCs on an as needed basis. The Corporation does not anticipate that there will be a need for RSMCs.

The Corporation said they had originally anticipated a 40% in volumes over the 2003 delivery but now estimate that the volumes will be similar.

Delivery will be based out of 11 MMC hubs and 3 MSC hubs: YDC, 1 Yonge Parcel Hub, Adelaide, West Parcel Delivery Hub, Unionville, Oakville, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newmarket, Brampton, Etobicoke Delivery Center, Malton, Scarborough Depot 4 and Concord.

The Union asked who would be responsible for the Maple and Unionville deliveries for example.

The Corporation responded that the West Parcel Delivery Hub is responsible for flexible delivery in the Maple area and that MMCs would be delivering for Unionville. Employees will be canvassed as outlined in the staffing guidelines provided.

The Union will not deviate from the agreement reached with the YDC in the local consultation held re: staffing for the Harry Potter delivery.

The Corporation agrees.

The Union asked what rate the RSMCs would be paid if they were to deliver the books.

The Corporation responded that, based on the National guidelines, RSMCs will be paid $1,00 per piece and $0,44 cents per kilometer.

The Union stated that this was an incentive for the RSMCs not to participate in the Harry Potter delivery.

The Corporation indicated that the same rules would apply to Newmarket and Aurora. CUS will be used to delivery the books as they are responsible for flexible delivery in those areas. If there are not sufficient CUS, the Corporation will canvass Group 2.

The Corporation went on to say that for MMC sites a blended rate of 18 pieces per hour would be used. There expectation is that all deliveries will be done in a three to six hour window and hopefully by noon.

The Union stated that 18 pieces sounded high and asked if employees would be guaranteed 8 hours of pay.

The Corporation responded that employees would be guaranteed 3 hours.

The Union asked if canvassing of employees had started already.

The Corporation stated that other than at the YDC, no canvassing had begun, since the Union had not yet been consulted. Canvassing should begin later this week.

The Union reiterated that they had attended on a without prejudice basis and that the process was open to grievances if it was found that a violation of the Collective Agreement occurred. If specific issues with other areas such as Hamilton arise, the Corporation has the obligation to consult locally.

The Corporation agrees that consultation would have to take place in the other areas. The Corporation also reiterated their apology for the short notice, but noted that National consultation had only taken place last week therefore left a small window of opportunity to consult Regionally and Locally.