DATE OF MEETING: June 15th, 2005

C. Ciallella D. Duncan
S. Running C. McKenzie
M. Duquette R. McPhail
F. Pollard J. Marsh
D. Sylvester J. Leader
M. Shearon B. Loretti
S. McInerney S. White
W. Chan D. Hacking
D. Daniels D. Duckworth
T.C. Chung M. Ciddio
H. Bigras S. Thomas
D. Burke

Parcel Delivery Model

The Union asked for an update on the status of the model. They indicated that they took offence to someone allegedly saying that if the Union didn’t make things work, the Corporation would take the parcels away in 2007.

Canada Post replied that they have put a post-implementation team together with the goal to stabilize the model. The team is fully committed to making the model successful and has already devoted many hours towards reaching this goal.

The Union pointed out that the success of the parcel delivery model will be significant for the next round of negotiations.

To this, the Corporation responded that it is good business sense to them as well to make the model work.

RPO drive times

The Corporation stated that the RMOs are starting their study in both locals. The Corporation offered to provide maps if the Union wishes to see them.

The Union responded that the liability is growing everyday and the Corporation should be concerned. The Scarborough Local grievance on this matter is scheduled in front of an Arbitrator on June 29th. The Toronto Local will start submitting grievances immediately.

The Corporation will review and respond.

Out of loop stops

The Corporation said they are looking at opportunities to move stops into stations.

The Union responded that the stops were incorporated into the YDC because the Corporation could not ensure the product arrived at stations on time.

The Corporation responded that they are currently studying volumes and times in order to determine the opportunities to move the stops to the stations. This should be completed within the next 10 days.

The Union asked if the Corporation was looking at earlier start times for the clerks.

The Corporation replied that many station dispatches at the YDC are at 0230 hours. They are focusing their analysis on the pollution of LC product in the Hubs and parcel pollution in the stations. Monitoring occurs everyday and feedback is being given to the BMF on this issue. The Corporation will put the right processes in place to ensure the right product is going to the correct facility for delivery. The biggest issue that has been identified is a misunderstanding as to what is a packet vs what is a parcel. This was identified to the Toronto Local at a consultation held on June 9th, 2005.

The Union indicated that they have been advised that when the BMF is overwhelmed with RPO mail they send it to the WLPP to be sorted in station monos.

The Corporation will follow-up.

Offload times

The Union said they received notice that the Corporation is to start structuring M4Y for the weekend. They asked how the Corporation determined which SLBs would be cleared on weekends vs which would not be cleared.

The Corporation responded that they had not yet made the determination. They have only collected data on volumes found in SLBs.

The Union asked for clarification on the data collected, more specifically: the times the SLBs were checked, when they were checked, what is considered to be full, ½ full and ¼ full and what the Corporation will do to address when 2 SLBs were found to be ¼ full each within 1 km of each other.

The Corporation responded that they will go back to the MSCs, with the observers originally involved in the data collection process and request clarification.

The Union asked if any tours would be restructured into the YDC.

The Corporation responded that they are looking at several factors, including customer service and costs in order to determine their course of action. No firm decision has been made yet. They will consult when they know how and where the restructures will be done.

The Union said they provided the Corporation with a list in January of all outstanding issues re: offload times that have yet to be addressed. They requested a target date on when the Corporation would start addressing the issues.

The Corporation responded that they have started the data analysis at the YDC a few weeks ago. They consulted with the Toronto Local on June 9th, 2005 and indicated to them that they are studying the work before they could make any changes. They are currently reviewing processes, tours, arrival times, locations of offloading activities. Other issues also impact the analysis such as the use of the new tubs for SLB clearance.

The Union replied that they were told that their issues would be addressed shortly after their National Convention which was held the week of April 17th, 2005.

The Corporation will do the YDC in June and will hold discussions with the Union during the months of July and August in order to commit to starting the WPDH and 1 Yonge Hub in September (not the week of Labour Day).

The Union reiterated they wanted both Locals to be involved and want the Corporation to recognize this.

The Corporation responded that they are not saying anything different. They will start with the YDC – get best practices established. Union representatives will be involved.

The Union stated they wanted it on the record that they are not satisfied with the amount of time it took to get here, but acknowledge the fact that the Corporation is addressing the issue.


The Union asked how the Corporation was doing re: setting up ride-alongs on tours.

The Corporation responded that the process was started at the YDC and at the WPDH but not at the 1 Yonge Hub.

The Union asked a series of questions pertaining to the number of tours that were identified for a ride-along and how many management reps were conducting the ride-alongs.

The Corporation answered that they started with the tour with the most sources of dissatisfaction, as agreed. No definite number of tours has been identified. Due to the lack of resources and the high number of priorities, one Supervisor is currently conducting the ride-alongs.

The Union asked that a list of tours be provided to them. They advanced that this request stems back to the beginning of the year. Issues have been raised and have not been addressed.

The Corporation replied that if issues are raised they will be addressed. Observers have been told who to bring their concerns/ issues to for action. If they are not receiving timely responses they should contact the Director directly.

The Corporation restated that the post-implementation team is committed to moving forward and reaching stabilization. They said that should the Union have concerns with the timeliness of their responses, they should contact the appropriate person by telephone. The Corporation will address all concerns and resolve all issues.

The Union said they wish to meet with the Route Measurement Officer at the WPDH weekly.

The Corporation agreed that meetings with Union observers at all 3 Hubs would be beneficial. They said they would set up meetings at all 3 Hubs next week to set parameters, determine the process and to ensure they are followed.

The Union indicated they did not think that one management representative was enough to conduct the ride-alongs. They asked for a list of tours that will be involve in the study, more resources to conduct the ride-alongs, more resources to analyse the data and more meetings to agree or disagree with the results of the ride-alongs.

The Corporation said they understood that more resources are needed but reiterate that they lack the means to get more resources at this time. They reiterated that both Managers are committed to moving forward and addressing all concerns. 700 modifications made at the YDC and WPDH with respect to the recycle process were used as an example to demonstrate that issues have been raised, addressed and resolved.

The Union questioned why the Union was not involved in analyzing the data re: recycled parcels.

The Corporation responded that they addressed concerns MSCs raised as the concerns were brought forward.

The Union raised their concern with the Corporation’s priorities re: the analysis of data and which problems they are choosing to address. They said that the only way to be certain a change in classification is with fixed worked analysis.

The Corporation said that pilots aside, the issue needs to be addressed. The issue on the fixed portion vs the delivery portion will be addressed by looking at the system first.

The Union said the PDSL is not being used properly and the flex aren’t being used properly therefore the realities aren’t captured by the system (traffic issues for example). They said the study is senseless since the data is faulty.

The Corporation advised that they have addressed this with the Local Union. The advised both Locals of the role of the post- implementation team including the training of the different operators on the proper use of PDSL. They are looking at the data in order to find/discover the issues and address them. Observers have been involved in the training currently taking place. We do not want this forum to resolve issues that can be resolved at the local level.

The Union took offence to this advising the Corporation that the role of the committee is to resolve issues at their sites. The asked that the Corporation provide the list of tours being analysed.

The Corporation responded that the list of tours is available to all since they use the recycle report to determine the tours with the most sources of dissatisfaction. The Corporation advised that data on recycled parcels is being pulled in order to implement the same process put in place at the YDC at the WPDH and the 1 Yonge Hubs to address this issue.

PDSL training

The Union asked how the training on the PDSL was going.

The Corporation responded that a few sessions were held at each site already addressing percentage loading and cut off times. The Corporation said that they are working from the basics. They want to ensure that management reps using the system know how it is to be used accurately.

The Union agreed and said that everyone has to be treated fairly. The also reiterated that they feel the Corporation’s desktop analysis is useless until data is accurate.

Sequence numbers for single address

The Union said they have an issue with some addresses (buildings) with many sequence numbers.

The Corporation said that this issue is mostly in the West and is being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Fewer and fewer of these issues are being raised as time goes by.

Loop design

Then Union asked if the Corporation was going to redesign loops.

The Corporation responded that it would depend on the size of the loop.

The Union mentioned Loop Q in the Scarborough Local. They said the Scarborough Local conducted an analysis of Loop Q and think a restructure is more valuable than the desktop analysis conducted by the Corporation.

The Corporation asked the Union if the results of this analysis were shared with the Corporation.

The Union said that they had not shared the results but that there are PDSL problems that need to be addressed.

Then Corporation told the Union that they will not sanction changes unless the data is analysed. In order to have sustained changes the Corporation needs to understand the data. They asked the Union to share the information collected re: Loop Q.

The Union asked if they would see tangible results in a month.

The Corporation said they hoped the Union had already seen tangible results. Labour hours have gone down, there is less manipulation of the PDSL and people are more familiar with the intent of the model.

The Union replied that for results to be tangible, MSCs had to be going home on time. They said they hope to se this in a month.


The Union asked if MSCs are still going out over quota (quota vs capacity).

The Corporation said that MSCs were not going out over quota to the extent of their knowledge.

There was discussion about the next release of PDSL and although time limits were waived on the tech change all other requirements are to be met.

There was also discussion about percentages and flex tours re: PDSL not assigning more than 8 hours worth of work to the Flex PTs. Changes to the report were made to show 100% for the Flex PT as 8 hours. The Union asked that it be noted that this does not reflect the C/A.

Other issues

The Union asked if the Corporation intends on conducting full restructures of all 3 Hubs.

The Corporation responded that it did not until all data is collected and analysed.

The Union reiterated that the data is meaningless because the process are not being followed and that their official position is that until the model is stabilized the data cannot be collected and analysed.

The Corporation agrees that accurate data will be used for the analysis.

The Corporation took the opportunity to advise the national committee that the 3 Hubs are overstaffed with respect to Group 1 FT employees. The Corporation advised that all Group 1 positions will be deleted as they are vacated. Also, that all efforts are being made to eliminate the ‘Interim’ driver positions at both YDC and WPDH and that Management would be working with the Local unions on this.

The Union responded that the Corporation’s obligation is to maximize FT (App. S and 39.06) and that should the need arise, an arbitrator would decide.

The parties agreed to disagree.

The Scarborough Local raised a few issues:

1) The Corporation changed the scheduled hours of the P04's for the shift of May 24, 2005 without consultation.

2) The Corporation ran machines at the YDC without GLTs and ELs. Their position is also that these employees should always work in pairs.

The Corporation will review and respond.