Metro – Toronto Delivery Ops, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly RSMC Consultation
Held on
Wednesday June 8, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

J. Hill
D. Beardmore M. Duquette
L. Anastasi K. Davidson
S. Hewitt T. Tomazewski
L. Charles
G. Miller

New Business


Union: There is an RSMC Dean Munn who is having delivery problems on his route; we believe the route maybe too big. Can the route be split to avoid future problems? You should not have to wait for the employee to complain of problems before you split a route. There is also a concern regarding a letter that was sent to Dean, regarding him not providing replacements to cover his entire route. Since his absence his route has been covered, we are also concerned that there have been threats made to one of the replacements on Dean’s route. The replacement was told not to cover off the route by someone in the station, there are come family problems involved in this situation that may have played a role in this matter.

Mgmt: To our knowledge the entire route was not covered and letters were sent reminding Dean of his obligation. We are not aware of any threats being made to Dean’s replacement, if any such threats took place they should have been handled under our violence in the workplace policy.

We are now in the process of splitting off a portion of Dean’s route, specifically the portion in Pickering, this should make the route more manageable.

Union: We are also concerned that Dean was suspended for a previous incident and then suspended again for not having a replacement to cover his absence due to his suspension.

Mgmt: An RSMC is required to have a replacement to cover his route in the event of any absence.


Union: There are people being paid under the table working for RSMC and vouchers are not being used. For example SS 2 in Ajax Brenda Anderson. The supervisor states that it is the responsibility of the RSMC to fill out the vouchers.

Mgmt: It is the responsibility of the RSMC to fill out the vouchers, we do not condone people being paid under the table, and RSMC (S) are required to use the voucher system when utilizing helpers for their routes in excess of 8 hours.


Union: In previous consultation we asked for minutes from the Maple Health and Safety meetings, we have received a few in the past but have not received any in a long time.

Mgmt: We will follow-up with the RBM responsible for that Station.

Union: What is the status of the Maple station, is it moving? They are in the process of putting in two new routes, space is already very limiting.

Mgmt: There was a meeting recently to discuss the situation at Maple; we will provide you with any follow-up information.

Route Salary Adjustments

Union: There was and agreement made with Kelly Vanderploeg regarding salary adjustments, any RSMC having their pay affected either as an increase or a decrease was suppose to have a face-to-face meeting with their supervisor to explain why the changes were taking place. These meetings are not being done.

Mgmt: We have agreed to make sure these meetings are taking place and will follow-up to find out why this is not happening.

Payroll Issues

Union: There are many unresolved pay issues and it is taking too long to resolve them.

Mgmt: Provide a list of all the outstanding pay issues and we will escalate the matter.

Log Sheets

Union: All offices do not have the new log sheets

Mgmt: We will instruct all office to order the appropriate sheets.


Union: There was an incident involving a helper who has been around on a family run route for 7 years. The station shop steward wanted to accompany her when she was in the supervisor’s office for the purpose of investigating the matter, but they were told that they could not attend because she was not an employee. This situation may have had some impact on the RSMC; therefore the shop steward should have had the opportunity to investigate this matter.

Mgmt: We have no problem with the shop stewards investigating situation that pertain to the RSMC.

Not mentioned in the meeting but further to this, shop stewards that represent the RSMC should be utilized for this purpose.

Relief Staff

Union: What is the status of relief staff for RSMC?

Mgmt: There has been agreement to select 9 sites for the relief pilot project, no further information is presently available, we will keep you to up to date as additional information is communicated.

Meeting adjourned

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All Present

P. Mulvihill - Manager L.R. Central Region

G. Deveau, - National Director, Ontario Region C.U.P.W.

S. Bordeleau - Manager L.R RSMC

J. Wellsbury - Manager Delivery Services