Metro Toronto East Delivery / C.U.P.W. Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday June 08, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On

J. Hill M. Duquette
D. Kane L. Charles
C. Ciallella K. Munday
M. Shearon G. Miller
L. Anastasi G. Tomaszewski
S. Simpson D. Roosefelt
D. Beardmore
H. Bigras
C. Samonte
J. Connery

At the request of Mr. Kane the parties dealt with any payroll concerns/questions first.

The Corporation advised that the part-time vacation pay was to be on the pay period of June 16, 2005. Those who had been promoted form temporary to indeterminate had the calculation manually entered.

The Union raised the concern that the verification for employee will be difficult , whereas in prior years they had the T 4’s to use.

The Corporation indicated that the determination is by the collective agreement and is based on the vacation year earnings. A communiqué will be sent out to employees explaining how the calculations are arrived at.

The Union asked for an update on the WSIB “top up” issue for employee’s who received a direct payment from the board.

The Corporation provided an explanation as to the process required to be followed in order to generate the payment. Hard copy to be sent to L.R. ( D. Kane)

Previous Issues

Random Number’s

The Corporation will provide the Union the results of the bidding based on the changes. There are still five ( 5) employees in the East Post Office to confirm.

The Corporation will also supply the YDC seniority list from SAP for review by the Union. (C. Simonte)

The parties agreed to hold a separate meeting with the Union once the info has been provided the Union has had time to review.

Scarborough Depot 11 – 39.07 coverage

This matter is still ongoing. The Corporation to meet with the Union to discuss what is still outstanding ( S. Hardy / K. Munday )

CPC Notice of WSIB Appeal

The Union advised that they had provided a copy of the agreement at the last meeting, request status in the implementation.

The Corporation will contact OHS& E for an answer and respond next meeting . ( J. Connery / C. McLachlan)

Bar Chart – Training / Refresher

The Union indicated that there has been a lot of recent movement, because of this we are not certain if the people doing the verification of bar chart information are properly qualified to do so. We would like to arrange a refresher course. Alex Azzopardi did the last course.

The Corporation agrees that it would be beneficial to provide a joint training session. A list of names form both the Corporation and the Union to be supplied by Friday June 17, 05 to J. Connery. ( Zone Mgr’s / Union Exec / J. Connery)

New Busines

Sun Life Applications

The Union raised a concern that employee’s were not being sent Sun Life Packages when on long term leave and their sick credits are running out. An agreement from previous years allows that the supervisor contact benefits to issue the package.

The Corporation will review the process and respond. ( J. Connery)

Effective date of Promotion and Seniority

The Union raised a concern with the effective dates on the “reporting letters” for group 2 being promoted from temporary to indeterminate. The problem arises when the letter provides an effective date for a Monday yet SAP shows a Sunday date. The Union, upon receiving the letter provides a seniority date from the first day working in the bargaining unit. In the case of group 2 a Monday through Friday, whereas it would be possible for a group 1 to effective on a Sunday as the “work week “ for group 1 is inclusive of Sunday to Saturday. We would like a consistent application for the group 2 , new hires, that being appointments only reflective as a Monday through Friday date.

The Corporation will review with Employee Relations and respond. ( H. Bigras)

National CUPW Policy Grievance N00-03-00004

The Corporation advised that National Labour Relations is still reviewing the decision and any plans for review of same.

The Union advised that the ninety ( 90 ) days to seek judicial review expires June 13, 2005.

Ajax Retail

The Union inquired if any new plans have been developed, we would like as much advance notice as possible.

The Corporation advised that the plans are still under review nationally and no decisions have been made as of yet. The closure of the Harewood exit from the 401 has result in some loss of business.

The Union suggested that we consider the same plan as used at West Beaver Creek, use of Appendix T, for a year to determine the requirements. This was successful in both West Beaver Creek ad at 280 Progress.

The Corporation will take this suggestion under advisement ( P. Scott )

The Corporation would also like to clarify, from last months minutes, that the movement of the Pickering Letter Carriers is part of the fifteen (15) year plan. It is not our intention to move the operation in the immediate future.

Lead Hands and use of personal vehicle

The Union raised it’s concern with respect to the retail lead hands using their personal vehicle to take deposits to the bank. Employees, will receiving mileage are covered under their insurance.

The Corporation understands and will provide transportation to those that are required to make deposits.

Fatigue Matting _ Richmond Hill Retail Section

The Union is requesting fatigue matting in the retail area, as well there is an employee who requires a chair to perform their duties.

The Corporation will follow up the Retail Business Manager ( J. Wineck)


The Union advised that an opportunity to address the staffing issues from the Will B closure is available. It has come to our attention that two employees will be retiring in the next two (2) months. Suggest that this be brought to those employees currently assigned so that they may bid .

The Corporation will communicate this to those involved. ( J. Wineck)


The Union was advised that employees wearing union T-shirts were told they would be suspended if they were not removed.

The Corporation indicated that letter carriers are provided a uniform and as such should be in compliance with the dress code. Will review the situation with the local supervision to determine facts.

The Union understands they is a dress code and believes the issue is with RSMC’s .

The Corporation advised if that is the case it can be addressed at the RSMC meeting.

Night Workers Leave Bid

The Union raised it’s concern over the latest bid, it is understood that officer’s have changed, however we want to ensure the bid id correct. The issue is where an employee accumulates credits and then bids all of them on the same bid. The parties did agree that only first choices would be awarded based on the previous earned credits, and use of accumulated credits would be allowed following the entire bid of those bidding current entitlement based on previous period.

The Corporation agrees, this will however result in a late posting in Zone 5 ,as the bid is redone. In Zone 6 an amended result will be posted.

Restructures _ Scarb C and Depot 4

The Union advised that the meetings were held, as per the consultation, however in the case of Depot 4 did not provide sufficient details to commence the bidding. The maps and start times are not available.

It is the Corporations understanding this information will be available this afternoon, we will also assist the employees with any concerns they may have during the bidding.

First Aid Training

The Union raised the issue of compliance for trained first aider’s in the stations. With the employee movement and the lack of training course being offered we feel that some stations do not have trained first attendant’s. Can you provide a current list of employees who are qualified.

The Corporation will follow up with O.H.,S.& E. ( C. McLachlan)

WSIB Allowances

The Union raised a concern that the Corporation is not providing the information to WSIB with respect to householder payments, overtime paid, during the period prior to the injury so that WSIB can do an averaging and make appropriate payments. This would apply to those absences greater than four ( 4) weeks.

Will follow up with O.H.S & E. ( C. McLachlan)

Temporary Employee Lists

The Union requested a copy of the weekly assignments for the temporary employees on the on call list.

The Corporation will follow up with Candice Carpenter, who is now administering the list . ( C. Carpenter)

Scarborough Station F

The Corporation advised the Union that preliminary steps have taken place as a result of the lease on the current facility expiring and the landlord not wanting to renew. The current plan will be to move the unit into 280 Progress Ave in January of 2006. The Union will be provided the necessary notice’s with as much advance time is possible. We will share any information, as it becomes known.


Monthly Bids – Group 1

The Union asked about the monthly bids for Group 1, with the transfers there must be some employee’s who have not had the chance to own, through the bid, an assignment.

The Corporation indicated that no bids have been required, as no positions are available. We are revisiting the staffing levels, and are planning to delete vacancies as they occur until the staffing levels are stabilized at the required numbers.

The Union provided a copy of a posting dated May 18, 05 and indicated that it lacked information for a proper bid, no schedule , number of hours.

The Corporation will review, not aware that a bid was posted.

Temporary Employee Usage

The Union asked if the Corporation are using temporary employees in vacancies, as we received a document showing temporary employees in vacant position number’s.

The Corporation requested the item for investigation. It is not our intent to use temporary employee’s in vacancies. ( M. Shearon)

Record of Employment _- Temporary Employees

The Union asked if a record of employment is issued when temporary employee are placed back on the on call list,

The Corporation will follow up with Employee Relations                    ( H. Bigras)

Update - When a temporary employee’s assignment ends and they are placed back on the on call list, therefore continuing the employment relationship an R.O.E. will only be issued at the request of the employee. This request can be made through the supervisor to the Central Pay Email address for action

When the employment relationship ends, for whatever reason, Employee relations would then make the input in SAP which would initiate the R.O.E.

Von Veh Award

The Union asked if the documentation was available now that the decision from Arbitrator Von Veh has been made.

The Corporation will work with L. Charles on this matter.

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting : Wednesday July 13,05 @ 10:00 280 Progress Ave Boardroom.

Distribution ; via email

All present

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW Ontario Region

P.Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

N. Johnson, Manager, Labour Relations National

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations National

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Support

A. Ackerman, Officer O.H.S. & E GTA

C. McLachlan, Manager, O.H.S.& E., GTA

C. Reece, Manager, Employee Relations, GTA

P. Scott , Retail Support