Metro East Delivery Ops / C.U.P.W., Scarborough Local Consultation
Held on
Tuesday June 07, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On.
Subject: Restructures of Scarborugh Depot ‘ C’ and Scarborough Depot 4

L. Anastasi M. Duquette
J. Walling L. Charles
D. Thurston T. Parks
J. Hill J. Gillis
J. Paulin
J. Connery

Scarborough C

Corporation advised implementation date is June 20, 05, the date of the volume used was November 15 –26, 2004 inclusive. The CMVI applied was 103.8 . The FSA of M1X was removed as these routes are being transferred to Depot 4 and were part of the Depot 4 results.

Present                     Restructured                       Variance

Full time 34                34                                        0

Part time 3                ( MIX) 0                                 - 3

RLC’s 5                     5                                           0

LCA FT 1                  1                                           0

LCA PT 1                  1                                           0

Vehicles 6                 4                                          - 2

Private Vehicle 23    12                                        - 11

The following initiatives were included in the restructure, S 4, relay stops, RTS, DRS and PM PCI.

The Union advised those who selected the Private Vehicle routes and accept payment fro the implementation date will be locked into those routes and unable to bid to another route until the next restructure. In the event of an employee’s transfer the route is to be treated as special transportation, not private vehicle.

Accommodation Issues;

The parties discussed those employees requiring some type of suitable routes based on restrictions. It was agreed further discussion are to take place on Wednesday June 8, 05 at the Art 54 meetings with respect to one employee. The parties agreed that the current DRS employee would remain in that position.

The “rehab” grid shows one route with flat terrain, limited stairs.


The parties agreed that only those employee’s holding assignments on November 15, 04 would participate in the first round bidding.

After much discussion the parties agreed that a canvas of employees versus a posting with the final results posted, would take place. The parties also agreed that the local management would conduct a mini meeting to explain the process. Meeting to be held on Wednesday June 8, 05 . First bids to be on June 9, 2005.

Local management to post list of qualified bidders, by seniority and the expected date that they are to select. Bid to be completed by Friday June 17, 2005.

With regards to the M1X routes , the application of 47. 20 will be used to determine who remains at Scarborough C.

Scarborough Depot 4

Updated packages presented to Union. This included all the “ Plan A “ report, 075, Volume count assessment, Parcel Breakdown, Conveyance Report.

Corporation advised implementation date is June 20, 05, the date of the volume used was November 15 –26, 2004 inclusive. The CMVI applied was 103.8 .

Present                        Restructured                     Variance

Full time 32                    34                                       2 *

Part time 7**                    4                                        -3 ***

RLC’s 5                           5                                         0

LCA FT 1                        1                                         0

Vehicles 17                     13                                      - 4

* Includes the M1X FSA showing net gain of Scarborough C and Depot 4

** includes the M1X FSA as if the rtes had been transferred

*** net loss of part time assignments between Scarborough C and Depot 4 structures


The Union asked what value was given for MLC/MMC parcel delivery – per item or per stop.

The Corporation advised that the value was per item, with the addition of one –half ( ½) the street distance for door to door and three quarters ( ¾) for CMB areas.

The Union then indicated that a discrepancy in the drive times for routes 5,8,16, and 20 was found during the verification. Inquired if actual drive times were used.

The Corporation advised that the times were taken from the current data they were not driven.

The parties agreed to drive these routes on Wednesday June 8, 2005 and make any adjustments required. In review of the time values from the 075 none of these routes would be overassessed. Any adjustments can be made from the as directed time allowances.

The Union raised a concern with the conveyance plan, specifically vehicle allocation where one route uses the vehicle in the AM, returns to the facility and uses taxi for PM transportation and the vehicle is then used by another route to travel to their PM. Can see problems when the AM user is delayed and the vehicle is not available for the PM route.

The Corporation recognizes the potential for problems and will obviously be monitoring the impact of such occurrences. Contingency plans will be used when needed to ensure all carriers are provided transportation to their routes in a reasonable time.

The Union feels that this situation will lead to employees reverting to using their private vehicle in violation of Art 48.

The Corporation will monitor such actions and take appropriate steps.

The Union raised their concern with three (3) letter carriers sharing one (1) case.

The Corporation advised that an A- 33 has been requested so that they work side by side, each route has minimum POC’s. Rte 8 = 28, Rte 16 = 43, Rte 20 = 24.

Accommodation Issues;

The parties agreed to review the grid and any employee restrictions at the Art 54 meetings scheduled for June 8, 05 to determine if accommodation issues were required.


The parties agreed that only those employee’s holding assignments on November 15, 04 would participate in the first round bidding.

The exact same process as described for Scarborough C will be applied at Depot 4..

The Union did express their concern with the Corporations action in implementing the most recent restructures. The Corporation is continuously asking for time limit waivers in these matters, as a result of the time lines set up. While recognizing the associated cost of the actual restructure, volume count, observer’s , RMO’s there is also an impact on those employees involved at the station. It is not our intent to just throw out restructures, it may be necessary in the future, if schedules remain as tight as they are, by not waiving the time limits we are entitled to.

If the RMO’s could complete within the four ( 4) months that would allow the operator’s and union time to make adjustments, not force employees to bid in short time frame. This would improve the acceptance of change

The Corporation will share your concerns with Delivery Services. It is not our intent to rush these restructures in, however there are factors that we cannot control.

The Corporation thanked the Union for their cooperation and assistance in the implementation of these two ( 2) restructures for June 20,05.

The Corporation used this opportunity to provide to the Union the restructure package for Willowdale Depot 3.

Meeting adjourned.

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All Present

P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations, GTA

G. Devceau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

J. Wozney, Director, Mail Operations Support

D.Raccioppa, Manager, Delivery Support GTA

N. Johnson , Manager, Labour Relations National

C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations National