Y.D.C. #1

Transportation Services

1860 Midland Ave.,

Scarborough, Ont.,


Mike Duquette

President Scarborough Local

Re:Harry Potter July 16, 2005

Estimated total for delivery 11,773

MSC required 119 ( 99 stops for 8 hours = 114 items)

Relief 10

Start Time 08:00 for certain Loops 08:30 for remainder of loops

Delivery 09:00 to 17:00


July 15, 2005

#2 shift extend all Part time to 8 hours

Full Time offer of OT if required

#3 shift extend all Part time to 8 hours

Full Time OT if required

July 16, 2005

#1 shift Overtime for all staff 8 hours 22:00-06:00

#2 shift Early start 06:00 – 09:00 (regular 09:00 to 17:00)

(bring in all available terms)

#3 shift Overtime for all staff 16:00 –00:01

July 17, 2005

#1 shift regular hours 20:00.

I need to consult with you on this operation for Harry potter, and would like to have some time Friday June 3, 2005

This was the letter that was sent to Mike Duquette originally.

Consultation was held with Mike Duquette, L Charles, S Thomas and D Burke from CUPW.

Daniel Jones Officer was present for management.

Page #2

Dave Smith Mechanic for the PDSL will be canvassed as will rest of staff

G Wray our Truck Mechanic has accepted to work..

Update will be provided after June 10, 2005.

As of today June 06, 2005 we are running at 30% from last years numbers and that will affect the outcome as well.

Daniel Jones