Metro – Toronto Delivery Ops, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly RSMC Consultation
Held on
Wednesday May 11, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

D. Beardmore M. Duquette
S. Hardy G. Miller
H. Bigras K. Davidson
S. Hewitt T. Tomazewski
L. Charles

New Business


Union: What will happen to the RSMC when the station moves in November?

Mgmt: The RSMC will be moving with the station.

Union: There is an RSMC Dean Munn who is having delivery problems on his route, we believe the route maybe too big. Can the route be split to avoid future problems? You should not have to wait for the employee to complain of problems before you split a route.

Mgmt: We will consider your suggestion.

Meeting adjourned

Distribution: ( via email)

All Present

P. Mulvihill - Manager L.R. Central Region

G. Deveau, - National Director, Ontario Region C.U.P.W.

S. Bordeleau - Manager L.R RSMC

J. Wellsbury - Manager Delivery Services