Metro – Toronto Delivery Ops, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday May 11, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

C. Ciallella M. Duquette
M. Shearon L. Charles
D. Beardmore G. Miller
C. Samonte K. Davidson
D. Kane D. Roosevelt
S. Hardy G. Tomaszewski
S. Hewitt K. Munday
H. Bigras

Previous Business

Random Number

Union: We are requesting that the issue of random numbers be resolved before any additional bids take place. When the random numbers issue is resolved, it may have an impact on past bids that have already taken place and we may need to revisit them. There are also concerns for bids that have taken place at YDC due to the random number issue. The group 1 bid forms at YDC should be redone, they are difficult to follow and have created problems.

Mgmt: We will be holding off on any additional bids until the random number issue is resolved. We are aware of the problems with the YDC bid forms and will be redoing them with your input.

Union: There may be problems assigning new temporary employees because random numbers are not available.

Mgmt: The random numbers for these employees are available and can be accessed through SAP.

Heavy Parcels

Union: The stations are not getting the same treatment as YDC when it comes to the handling of heavy parcels. For example how do you get a heavy parcel back into the truck once you have attempted delivery? You need to establish appropriate time values for the handling of these items. We are unaware of any recent survey addressing this issue.

Mgmt: Handcarts are available to help with heavier parcels; we have also provided assistance when required.

39.07 Damages at Depot 11

Union: The issue is still ongoing; we will get back to you with date the issue began. There is still no one covering the position.

Mgmt: Please provide all the information regarding the period in question.

Pay Roll

Union: It is taking too long to resolve pay issues. When overpayments are recovered from employees, there are no dates on the cheques indicating what period is being recovered. When operations is recovering payment, they should be letting the employee know what is being done prior to doing it. This should also apply when changing leave to LWOP.

Mgmt: We are finding that there are too many people involved in trying to resolve a pay issue. The correct process must be followed to get an issue resolved, including the escalation process. HPM should also be contacting the employee when affecting pay and 35.06 should apply.

bullet Note: The 10% recovery would not apply to situations where the employee had requested LWOP or was on suspension, AWOL etc.

MMHE Training

Union: We have received copies of the MMHE training list form Zone 6. Where are the lists from the other zones?

Mgmt: We will follow-up with training.(D. Lagree)

New Business

WSIB Appeals

Union: There is a national agreement in place to deal with WSIB appeals. When you are appealing decisions a letter should be sent to employees informing them of our intentions.

Note: The union provided a letter sent form our National Workplace Safety and Health.

Mgmt: We will follow-up with OHSE. (A. Ackerman)

Bar Charts

Union: There has been a lot of recent movement, because of this we are not certain if the people doing the verification of bar chart information are properly qualified to do so. We would like to arrange a refresher course. Alex Azzopardi did the last course.

Mgmt: Identify the depots that don’t have the required training and we will look at the possibility of a course.

Model Depot

Union: There have been rumours that Richmond Hill Station will be a model depot. Before you begin this process we want consultation.

Mgmt: We will be consulting before the process begins.

Ajax Station

Union: What is the forecast for the Ajax Station.

Mgmt: We are moving the station on November 18th, 2005 and we expect operations to commence on November 21st, 2005. The new station will be located near Harwood and Hwy 2. The building will be built to expand over a 15-year period. The long-term plan is also to bring Pickering Station into the same facility.

Union: You need to have all the necessary inspections done to avoid any potential problems.

Mgmt: We ask that you bring any suggestions that you may have to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

Union: We need to know what is happening with the Retail Sections.


The union provided a spreadsheet outlining the activities of WSIB claims from inception to being forwarded to WSIB.

Union: The length of time taken to process a WSIB claim has greatly increased. Management is taking too long to complete and send claims to WSIB. If there is no union rep available in the station during the investigation phase, you should be contacting the union hall and leaving a message. Out of 205 IOD claims we have filled 87 complaints because they were not being forwarded to WSIB in a timely manner.

If an employee is running out of sick credits, we have an agreement that the employee should be notified when they have 20 days remaining. Supervisors should be letting the employees know this information.

Mgmt: We share your concerns and will be following up ensure that we are not at fault in delaying the WSIB process. (A.Ackerman)

Bringing Kids to Work

Union: Any one that is not an employee should not be allowed in our facilities, there is potential liability. Sometimes people bring their kids into work with them for whatever reason and allow them to wait in the lunchroom while they are preparing their mail for delivery. What happens when they go out on delivery, you must put a stop to this.

Mgmt: We share your concerns and will be addressing this issue.

CBM Sites

Union: There is a piece of equipment that keeps the CMB door from slamming shut, it can be ordered through your system. We have had problems with employees being hit by doors.

Mgmt: We will follow-up. (D. Beardmore)

Over Assessed Walks Payment

Union: There is a formal arbitration decision direction you to pay over assessment when splitting a walk for equal opportunity.

Mgmt: We have been directed not to make any such over assessment payments, until a review is completed.

Scarborough F

Union: There is a high amount of discipline coming out of Scarborough F regarding overtime. In one instance an employee was followed out on his route and was caught falsifying his overtime hours, however there was no mention by management that this employee was using his own vehicle on his route when he is not structured to do so.

Mgmt: The Zone Manager is aware of this issue and is addressing it. (L. Anastasi)


Union: There are still unresolved annual leave issues at YDC. People with issues that were promoted to full time positions on September 24th, 2004 still have issues unresolved.

Mgmt: We are willing to sit down with you to find a way to resolve this issue.

(M. Shearon)


Union: Employees who fail training will be given another position. We hope that this is done based on seniority.

Mgmt: Yes it will be done by seniority.

Article 54

Mgmt: Send us your proposal on a process for addressing Article 54 issues.

(M. Shearon)

Parcel Delivery Hubs

Mgmt: This information was also shared with the Toronto Local at a recent meeting. We are putting together a post implementation team to deal with issues coming out of the 3 delivery hubs. Information coming in after a recent audit indicates that we have not been consistent in applying the PDSL process. I will also be speaking to all managers about the time values and structures of there routes. You will be kept informed of any further developments. (C. Ciallella)

Union: We have being telling you our concerns for some time and we are willing to work with you to fix the problems.

Depot 2

Union: Depot 2 is losing 3000 minutes, there maybe a problem with the ERMA system. You may be using an older version of the ERMA system. Ensure that you are using the correct version for the restructure.

Union: We will be following up on this issue.

Meeting adjourned.

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All present

J. Hill, Director, East Delivery, GTA

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW Ontario Region

P.Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

N. Johnson, Manager, Labour Relations National

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations National

J. Wozney, Director Operations Support

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Support

A. Ackerman, Officer O.H.S. & E GTA

C. McLachlan, Manager, O.H.S.& E., GTA

D. Lagree, Superintendent L.D.I

C. Reece, Manager, Employee Relations, GTA