Metro Delivery, East / CUPW , Scarborough Local
Consultation Meeting
Held on
Wednesday May 04, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On
Topics : The application / review of Art 15.14 Equal Opportunity Lists used in Jan. and Feb 05.
The amalgamation of Temporary Employee Call- in Lists

L. Wilkinson M. Duquette
M. Dionne L. Charles
L. Anastasi
S. Hardy
S. Simpson
C. Carpenter
J. Connery

Temporary Employee Lists

The Corporation proposed to merge the three ( 3 ) lists, currently reflecting the Zones within the Scarborough Local, into one list. The current lists are used to staff letter carrier or postal clerk assignments. The rational being that approximately forty ( 40 ) percent of the employees are currently not working. In such cases you may have a temporary employee on one list not working and another temporary employee from another list with less seniority working. This can result in a high turnover in some areas due to lack of work opportunities. In merging this would result in the most senior employees continuing to work.

This merger would not involve the Retail List, due to special training requirements nor would it involve the YDC MSC list.

The Corporation suggested that the list could include a column for preference due to the geographic locations.

The Union indicated that there was no objection to this merging of the list, however did have a concern about the preference issue.

Following some discussion it was agreed that preference would not be a consideration for work assignments. The seniority of the employee would be the only criteria in offering work, it would then be left to the employee to accept or decline.

The Corporation indicated that a target date of June 1st would be used to merge the lists, a letter will be sent to all temporary employees advising of the merger and the effective date. ( L. Wilkinson)

The parties agreed that anyone currently on an assignment would remain on that assignment until its conclusion and that the merging would not create a bumping situation for employees to move to other zones on assignments currently covered.

The Union asked for an updated MSC call-in list for the YDC.

The Corporation will provide. ( M. Dionne)

Reverse Overtime Equal Opp Lists

Zone 6

Depot C appears to be the only location using the reverse order list and only on one occasion.

The Union asked for clarification of the N/A and why nothing was recorded for some employees. The Union also felt that the list was used more than the one day.

The Corporation sought explanations and found that the legend was indicated, missed by both parties, and in fact in further review it was determined that the application was recorded in such a way that the right opportunities were recorded.

The Parties agreed to distribute this list as an example for the rest of the area.

Zone 5

The parties reviewed Will B list – it was difficult to determine dates and when the list was ending for the date in question. also no indication of the number of opportunities for each employee.

The Corporation agreed to contact the station and respond ( S. Simpson)

The Parties then reviewed the Don Mills list. – this list did not indicate numbers and as such may have resulted in bypasses to those who should have been forced but were not.

The Corporation will discuss with the station and respond ( S. Simpson)

The Union raised a concern with respect to Will. Depot 2, it is their understanding that employees were “ordered back” during Jan. or Feb.

Both parties agreed to investigate and respond. ( S. Simpson / M. Duquette)

Meeting adjourned

Distribution ; (via Email)

All present

P. Mulvihill – Manager, Labour Relations, GTA

G. Deveaux – National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

C. Marcil – Manager . Labour Relations, National

N. Johnson – Manager, Manager Labour Relations, National