DATE OF MEETING: May 3rd, 2005

M. Shearon M. Duquette
D. Jones L. Charles
H. Bigras D. Roosevelt
G. Fillier
F. Monofarian

Rotation of duties Group 1


CPC: Read over the proposal including job functions. Explained that each employee is assigned a # to which is attached 2 job functions – 1 before lunch and the other after lunch.

CUPW: We would like to see position #s as well as employee names in order to better track when employees move to other positions.

Would also prefer to see the word “relief” as opposed to “spare”.

CPC: No issue with either request.

CUPW: It says that no trade offs will be allowed. Does this include employees who require accommodation under Article 54?

CPC: No. Employees requiring accommodations under 54 will not be included in the regular ROD. Whether they have temporary or permanent restrictions, they will be accommodated accordingly.

CUPW: What is considered as temporary? We’ve had employees temporarily accommodated for over 6 months?

CPC: Depends on the medical.

CUPW: We’d like the Corporation to show how the employees on modified duties will rotate through the duties.

CPC: They will be identified.

CUPW: Isn’t GENCON a more sedentary function employees could be accommodated in?

CPC: No. It isn’t sedentary work; it actually involves heavier work in some instances.

CUPW: What about Prime? Isn’t there Prime available on all 3 shifts?

CPC: Prime is currently being used for employees requiring modified duties.

But overall, there isn’t a great deal of sedentary work available in this facility.

CUPW: What about the culling? What will that work involve and when does it come in?

CPC: This activity will not be implemented until some time in June. It will also involve some heavier work and does not provide for the employee to perform the culling sitting down.

CUPW: Nothing is preventing you from adding DRS/RTS positions in the facility – Art. 54 positions. We’ve said this before.

The PTs are not included in the ROD schedule. What are they doing?

CPC: They perform duties in the GENCON, the North and South docks, keying and racking. They do not have an official ROD schedule yet; we are open to having them rotate on a weekly basis.

CUPW: We do want a formalised schedule for the PTs also.

CPC: Agree.

Now that the bid is completed, we will add the employees’ names.

CUPW: Clerks want to rotate every 2 hours on Saturdays.

CPC: As long as they rotate at breaks and lunches so as not to disrupt the operation, we have no concerns for Saturdays. We will formalise the 2 hour rotation on the Saturday schedule.


CPC: Read through the proposal. Indicated that names, employee numbers and position numbers will be added to the schedule.

CUPW: Also need to identify the run-offs on the schedule so that employees know exactly where to go.

Concern: Training is to supply us with a monthly report of employees who have MMHE license. We are not receiving this report. We need to know who has license in order to ensure others receive the training and are able to be included in the ROD schedule.

CPC: We will follow up with training. We are also looking at providing the training to our supervisors so they are also aware of the rules surrounding the use of this equipment.

We will adjust the schedule for anyone who requires training. We will try to train everyone in every function before they must rotate in that function.

CUPW: Noticed tape on electrical cords/batteries – could be because of defect. You must remove the tape.

CPC: Will do.

The ROD schedule could change if we identify problems with it.

CUPW: We have no issue with that as long as consultation takes place. We can review 2-3 weeks after implementation to review.

We also have a concern with employees being asked to drive equipment they have not driven in a long time – safety concern. Although these employees are licensed, they will require refresher training.

CPC: We will identify all employees who require training on all functions. We will provide the training we can. We will try to train everyone in every function before they must rotate in that function. All employees will be trained on MMHE (within medical restrictions).

CUPW: Will employees be allowed to bid based on seniority into the ROD schedule – where in the schedule they will start.

CPC: Where they start in the ROD schedule will be based on their seniority and their training requirements.

Everyone goes live on Monday, May 9th.


Agreed to review the ROD schedule at another time.

Other issues


CUPW: Employee Relations has been working on a number of problems with regards to random numbers. Employees with lower seniority will be affected. There could be a big impact on the results of the bid.

CPC: We will wait for the outcome of the analysis. We will look at how we will re-bid employees who are affected by the problem.


CUPW: The Union is putting the Corporation on notice that there is a potential issue with regards to RDOs for FT employees on shift #1. There are only 46 hours between the end of their shift on Friday and the beginning of their shift on Sunday as opposed to 48 hours. We are reviewing jurisprudence.

CPC: Employees leave work Friday at 06:00 return Sunday night at 20:00 hrs, they have 62 hrs between shifts, more than two full days. Furthermore, Article 14 does not outline the number of hours required between shifts. The Corporation does not see an issue.

ART 13.07 f)

We agree to disagree on the interpretation of 13.07 f) when it comes to PO4s passing the keying requirement of the job description.

(LR - A basic requirement of the Parcel Support Clerk’s job description is the ability to key. If a Clerk does not have this ability they will be returned, under 13.07 f, to their former classification – the next available vacancy in the East Delivery Post Office.)


CUPW: When employees transfer out, their blocks should be posted.

CPC: We agree and apologise for not posting in March. We will put the blocks up for bid today until Saturday and ensure that employees who are currently on leave are advised.

CUPW: Blocks should be going back up for selection after the staffing profile goes in next week. You have built your relief compliment on each shift based on A/L so you need to rebid by shift.

CPC: Disagree. Will do it this year since consultation has taken place. But will change this practice next year.

CUPW: Review National Grievance 00-0012 (?).

CPC: Will review and respond.


CUPW: Is the Corporation monitoring smoke and bathroom breaks?

CPC: No. Supervisors have a right to manage employees. If an employee goes to the bathroom 20 times in a shift the Supervisor will ask if there is a problem…Employees can smoke during their scheduled breaks. All we want is for people to do their jobs. If you have concerns with specific Supervisors, please provide their name and we will address.


CUPW: We want all E.O. lists for Group1 and Group 2

CPC: None currently exist for shifts #1 and #3. We will implement them with the new staffing profile on Monday. They will start at zero and will be posted every time an opportunity is used. Superintendents will be trained on the proper procedures to follow when applying E.O. (what constitutes an occasion…).

CUPW: Some employees are complaining that they are being bypassed for OT.

CPC: Provide names and dates and we will investigate. We have mostly offered blanket OT.

We will build criteria around how long the opportunities will be posted for – posted Wednesday until Friday after dispatch. Those who sign up but don’t get work are not charged an opportunity but those who do not sign up are charged.

CUPW: We will bring the complaint to the grievance hearings tomorrow morning.


CPC: There are 16 MSCs on modified duties. We would like to agree to a process for Group 2 where we identify limitations we can accommodate here and limitations we cannot accommodate here. What we cannot accommodate in this facility, we will accommodate in another.

CUPW: As long as you advise M. Duquette, L. Charles and D. Roosevelt and give us 24 hours to respond.

CPC: If we agree to the limitations that we can or cannot accommodate in this facility, we will move the employee in good faith. I will advise the Union of my decision. If issues are raised, we can discuss.

CUPW: We have a concern with the greater need aspect.

CPC: We don’t think we would ever reach a point where we could not accommodate an employee. I don’t want to penalize anyone. If issues arise, we can discuss.

CUPW: If 4 employees for example, have the same limitations/restrictions, and you don’t have enough work to accommodate all 4 in this facility, who leaves and who stays?

CPC: We will deal with these as they arise.

CUPW: We agree as long as you notify us.


CUPW: When will the ride-alongs start in order to correct problems with tours? Issues with off loading times and RPO timing have been brought up before and still have not been taken care of.

CPC: Will get back to you on Monday on date we will start ride-alongs.

CUPW: Issues with Loop H tours 234 and 235. We think tour 234 has been restructured to include work that should be performed on tour 235.

CPC: Will review.


CUPW: Has the Flip chart been installed downstairs for employees to write down there questions? And if so, is it being used?

CPC: We will check. If not, it will be done today.