Metro-Toronto Delivery Ops, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
RSMC Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday April 13, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

K. Vanderploeg M. Duquette
L. Anastasi G. Tomaszewski
D. Beardmore L. Charles
P. Dyck K. Davidson
S. Simpson D. Rooosevelt
J. Connery

Previous Business


The Corporation advised the Union that handcarts have been approved and in most cases have been ordered, received and distributed to the stn’s. These are on a pool basis and must be requested from the Supervisors.

Stouffville to follow up.

New Business

Ajax Hiring

The Union was of the understanding that a eligibility list was to be posted for hiring and replacements in the stn’s.

The Corporation advised that the eligibility list has been exhausted; it was only in place at the start of the C/A for the hiring taking place for those routes that were under master contractors. The current practice is outlined in the C/A. However replacement workers and helpers do receive a value towards the hiring process if they apply for a position. The Corporation certainly intends to hire the most qualified individuals for these routes..

The Union then advised that a National Policy grievance was filed on this issue.

Changes to Routes

The Union requested the status on the changes to the routes in Maple, 11 and 17. The Corporation advised that the Transition Committee did not approve the splitting of these routes.

The Union requests that the Corporation use the same process to verify routes for value that is used by the transition committee to determine whether a route needs to be split.

The Corporation responded that the hours assigned to routes does not represent the actual delivery time for a route.

The Union indicated that they wished to be able to verify the routes based on the Transition Committee process.

The Corporation will escalate to Delivery Services (S. Valla)

Pay Issues

The Union raised a concern over some of the changes taking place to pay of certain routes in the area.

The Corporation advised my pay corrections are being made based on the annual inspection reports. These is usually as a correction to admail sets. This data is now available through event manager.

The Union provided some examples of pay issues that need to be looked into. The appropriate Manager took the information for followup.

The Union asked for the process to deal with pay concerns.

The Corporation responded that is similar to the process for Urban employees;

Issue raised to Supt. – response required by next day if not ;

Raise concern to Zone Manager – response required by nest day if not ;

Raise concern to K .Vanderploeg – response required within 2 days if not

Raise concern to J, Hill, Director .

Position Control

The Union had asked to be provided a list of employees which should include name, id number , stn and route number.

The Corporation indicated that this will be supplied by the Zone Managers for their respective areas. (Managers)

Modified Duties

The Union asked for clarification on the Corporations position with respect to modified duties for injured employees.

The Corporation advised that modified duties was dependent on restrictions and ability to perform duties on their routes. A proposal from Metro-Toronto was sent to the Transition Committee for review. We have not yet received a reply.

The Union then inquired as to how PPD employees were to be addressed.

The Corporation indicated that this as part of the package sent to the committee, however the duty to accommodate must be considered in any event.

Meeting adjourned

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All present

S. Hewitt, Officer Labour Relations GTA

G. Pratt, 5th V.P. CUPW Scarborough Local

G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

P. Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations, National

J. Wellsbury, Manager, Delivery Services

S. Valla, Officer, Delivery Services

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