Metro – Toronto Delivery Ops, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday April 13, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

L. Anastasi M. Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
D. Beardmore G. Miller
C. Samonte K. Davidson
L. Wilkinson D. Roosevelt
D. Kane G. Tomaszewski
T.C. Chung K. Munday
M. Shearon
P. Dyck

Previous Business

Payroll Presentation

Mr. D. Kane provided a handout and presentation on the Time and Leave module of SAP.

The presentation gave a pre- SAP overview of the ETC system and the role of pay with respect to input and corrections, Mr. Kane then discussed the current state with the implementation of SAP and the shift of responsibility to operations. SAP is an exception- based process.

Mr. Kane explained the difference between creating an off cycle cheque for missed hours and the creation of a salary advance. If an employee who receives their statement on the Monday prior to the Thursday deposit brings the situation to the attention of the supervisor, and the supervisor finds an entry problem and corrects it and notifies pay through the Central Pay email address, an off cycle input can be made so that the missing funds are in the bank for the Thursday deposit. However if the correction is not made until after the close of business on the Friday following the pay deposit the adjustment won’t be made until the following statement and pay period.

An advance is just that, an advance against future earnings and is generated at approx. sixty (60) percent of the gross amount. When this happens the advance is deducted from the next pay period when the corrected input is made.

A question and answer period followed.

One area of concern raised was in the PT A/L payment, the C/A indicates that the payment will be made on the employee’s scheduled hours, yet when a P/T ee works in an acting assignment the receive eight (8) hours pay. The response was that unless the acting assignment ends SAP has the employee schedule at eight (8) hours. In order to prevent this these employee’s must be returned to their regular schedule prior to commencing leave. When they return the eight-hour schedule is put back into SAP. This requires the supervisor to end the acting assignment and restart it, Employee relation’s needs to be notified for this to take place.

The Union also raised a concern about those employees’s who have promoted from PT to FT and the payout of the vacation pay. Can a statement be given to them showing how much has been used and paid and what the entitlement should be, to prepare them for any overpayments.

The Corporation will investigate (L. Wilkinson)

Random Numbers

The Corporation advised the Union that Julie Best is still working on this problem. She has removed herself from her other duties to complete this task over the next three weeks.

The Corporation has no response to the issue of the new hire concern at this time (C. Reece)

Heavy Parcels

The Corporation has not received a response to the Unions suggestion at this point.

(J. Hill / J. Wozney)

Group 1 Staffing – 280 Progress

The Union indicated that they are aware that the employee’s want the schedule change from 00:00 – 08:00 to the proposed 23:00 – 07:00 hrs. The Union has no objections.

A bid must be conducted by section on the new schedule, suggest that a signoff be used with a copy of the results being forwarded to the Union office.

Any 39.07 coverage’s would end with the new schedule. These must be re-canvassed if the Corporation intends to backfill them.

The Union is also asking for Rot. Of Duties schedule for Depot 11, we understand that it was started and stopped. With respect to the RTS change, suggest that the DRS position be changed to accommodate computer needs. This is less impact.

The Corporation will review and if needed consult on a new schedule. Agree to change DRS hours instead of RTS. (L. Anastasi)

Richmond Hill

The Union asked if this situation was being addressed, the parcel impact is the same as other stn’s concern with the volumes being received and the ability for the operations to deal with them.

The Corporation indicated that yes actions have been taken to resolve the concerns; it also appears to be a pollution problem coming from the YDC. This will be followed up with the YDC management team.

Scarb Depot 11 39.07 coverage

The Union advised the Corporation that their was a liability with this issue, to date the position has not been backfilled event though the assignment did not end, only the coverage by the PT ee who was promoted. This has been an issue since Dec ’04.

The Corporation will investigate and respond. (L. Anastasi)

Reverse Seniority Equal Ops Lists

The Union has received the lists and is requesting a separate meeting to discuss.

It was agreed that a meeting is to be held on May 04, 2005 following the grievance hearings.

New Business


The Union requested that due to the convention next week, any interviews of a serious nature are held over until the following week.

The Corporation agreed under the condition that the Union was willing to waive time limits for these issues.

The Union agreed to a waiver equal to the time away from the office and the date of the offence.

Modified Duties – route verification

The Union asks that prior to assigning modified duties ee to route updates that the Corporation contact Tom Parks. This will ensure that the employee is aware of the requirements and has the training to perform such tasks.

The Corporation will endeavour to contact Tom Parks in these cases.

MMHE Training

The Union raised a concern that the past practise of providing a monthly list of MMHE trained employees has stopped.

The Corporation will follow up with the training department (D. Lagree)

Don Mills

The Zone Manager advised that a response to the letter was provided; however some of the concerns required additional information, which is being sought.

The Union was advised that the HVAC system in Don Mills is scheduled for replacement in the fall, and that the OHS & E officer is scheduled to do an air quality check in that facility.

The Union raised their concern with respect to the equal opportunity lists not being shown to the steward when requested. It is our understanding that the night supervisor has no access to the list therefore it cannot be being applied correctly and updated as required. The Corporation will follow up, as it is our understanding that the list is updated as it is used.

The Union also raised a concern that there is no Group 2 list. The Corporation indicated that this is located in the same area as the Group 1. The Union stated that they have been unable to find it, and that the when the steward request to see the Supt. it is being ignored. The Corporation took exception to that statement as the Supt often works the off shift and is available for the steward to see, there is no reason why the Supt would not meet the steward when asked.

Pickering – RTS mail

The Corporation responded to this issue by advising the Union that the stn was experiencing a high period of absenteeism and this took place over the two (2) short workweeks. The issue is being addressed and resolved.

Willowdale Depot 2 Restructure

The Corporation advised the Union that the lost data was retrieved, in fact a meeting was held to discuss the issue. The Union responded that yes a meeting was held but they disagreed with the Corporations position in this matter. The Corporation advised that the restructure would be going ahead. The Union indicated that a grievance would be filed. The Corporation to follow up with Delivery Support (S. Simpson / D. Racioppa)

WSIB - Late reports

The Union shared the latest numbers with respect to WSIB claims and the late reporting to the board From Feb 28 – Mar 11, 05, Thirty (30) claims. Of these ten (10) had time issues and only six (6) had Union participation. From Mar 15 to present twenty (20) claims. nine (9) with time issues and five (5) signed by Union rep

The Corporation understands that a time lag results from the fact the claim is filed by email then reviewed and returned before it is printed and given to the employee / Union to sign. Suggest that we have the Supervisors print it upon submission and then a final print given with any corrections that were made.

The Union also raised a concern that no recurrence forms were received, and nothing since Sept 04. Hope this reflects that no recurrences occurred since Sept 04.

The Corporation will follow up with O.H. S. & E. (Al Ackerman)


The Union advised the Corporation that a bulletin was sent to shop stewards advising them not to sign S.A.I.R. unless they were involved in the investigation.

Parcel Delivery of M1X and M1V

The Union indicated that there is a lot of uncertainty with respect to plans of these FSA’s and the parcel impact. The Corporation advised that Depot 4 is being restructured with normal LC conveyance and as such the parcel products would be going to the YDC operation. This should be effective upon implementation of the restructure.

The Union indicated that would require a restructure of the YDC loops and no notice has been given in that regard. (D. Racioppa / M. Shearon)


The Union indicated that complaints are being received about the confirmation copy of transfer forms are not being returned to the employee. The Corporation advised that these forms are received in high numbers and that input takes some time, will follow up however to ensure that the confirmations are being returned. (C. Samonte)

The Union also raised a point of confusion with respect to YDC; we understand that forms are being accepted for MSC at YDC instead of the East Post Office. YDC is not a Post Office. The Post Office is South Central City Parcels and applies to Group 1 only.

The Corporation agrees any transfers received as MSC YDC should be returned, we will pull up the transfer list to ensure that no MSC are on the list. (C. Samonte)

Willowdale D Safety tours

The Union indicated that the Supt was tampering with the monthly reports but changing or adding comments after the tour was conducted.

The Corporation will follow up. (S. Simpson)

Miscellaneous Concerns

The Union would like to see more involvement and communication with work place projects, as it is now a notice is put up and the employee’s are not really advised as to what is taking place.

The Union asked where dirty relay bags could be sent for cleaning, some of the bags in services are extremely dirty and should be cleaned or removed. The Corporation is unaware of process for this concern, however will follow up with Delivery Support.

(J. Wozney)

The Union asked if any update on the sharing of the bubble report has taken place.

The Corporation to follow –up

Update – the bubble report was shared with the Privacy Co-Ordinator, upon that review it was determined that the information on the report would have to be altered except for Name, Class, Code the balance of the information falls under the employment use.

Temp Lists

The Corporation asked the Union to consider amalgamating the three (3) zone lists into one (1) overall list accessed by the three (3) officers.

The Union indicated that they were not opposed to this idea; suggest that retail be kept a separate list.

The Corporation would like to discuss on May 4, 05 as well.

Article 13 Postings

The Corporation asked the Union to consider a bi-monthly bid for the art 13 assignments; the current process creates some training issues for those employees’s moving into MMC or MLC.

The Union indicated that they would not agree to a bi-monthly bid, they in fact would like to see thirteen bids a year using a four (4) week cycle.

The Corporation could not agree to that schedule.

Meeting adjourned.

Distribution (via email)

All present

J. Hill, Director, East Delivery, GTA

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW Ontario Region

P.Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

N. Johnson, Manager, Labour Relations National

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations National

J. Wozney, Director Operations Support

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Support

A. Ackerman, Officer O.H.S. & E GTA

C. McLachlan, Manager, O.H.S.& E., GTA

D. Lagree, Superintendent L.D.I

C. Reece, Manager, Employee Relations, GTA