Metro Toronto Delivery, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday March 09, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On

L.Wilkinson M. Duquette
F. Ala L. Charles
D. Beardmore K. Davidson
S. Simpson D. Roosevelt
A. Kapoor G. Tomaszewski
J Wineck
P Scott
J Connery

Previous Business

Payroll Presentation

The Corporation first offered a clarification from last months minutes which may have been misleading. The commitment from Payroll for those employee’s, who were experiencing pay problems and the corrections required identified, and whereas the minutes indicated payment for pay period ten, was contingent on Operations making those identified corrections into SAP in time for the system to generate the adjustments.

I would like to this opportunity to stress that it is Operations responsibility to ensure the accurate reporting in SAP in order to maintain the integrity of employee’s pay. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Mr Kane’s presence at the meeting for 1860 Midland was for mentoring and to assist Operations in correcting the errors resulting in employee’s pay difficulty.

At the Unions request the process to follow relating to pay issues is being reprinted in these minutes.

- Employee raises the concern along with pay statement to supervisor for investigation. The supervisor/superintendent will respond within 24 hrs.

- Employee/Union rep contacts the Zone Manager if a reply has not been supplied as per above. Zone Manager to respond within 24 hrs.

- If the Zone Manager has not responded Union rep to contact the Director. Director to respond within 24 hrs.

Mr Kane requested a postponement of the presentation in order to arrange for superintendents to attend the presentation as well. The Union agreed. The matter will be carried over until the April Consultation (Zone Mgrs/ YDC Mgr)

Random Numbers

The Union raised the ongoing concern over the random numbers, it is currently impacting the annual leave selection in some facilities, an example provided was Will D-2 records show that the ee is longer service employee yet has a higher random number than others in the facility.

The Corporation advised that this is still in process. (J. Best)

Modified Duties

The parties agreed to table this to a separate meeting to be held on Monday March 21, 05 at 10:00 AM in the 280 Progress Ave boardroom.

Art 54 Bidding

The parties discussed the sharing of databases with respect to this issue and agreed that this will require continuous monitoring. (L. Wilkinson/ C. McLachlan)

Heavy/ Irregular Parcels

The Corporation advised that drivers have several options in facilitating the delivery of these items. The driver prior to removing the item form the truck makes contact with the point of call to confirm that someone is available to accept it. The driver may also choose to contact the addressee prior to departing the facility to confirm that someone would be available to accept the item. In each of these cases an additional time to complete routes would be paid in accordance with art 15.08 of the CPC/CUPW agreement. In the event that a driver has a high volume of heavy/irregular items they should be discussing their concerns with their immediate supervisor.

The Union has suggested that the vehicles be supplied with a ramping system that would allow the driver to “walk” the product out of and into their vehicles as required.

The Corporation advised that the suggestion will be forwarded to the appropriate department. ( J. Wozney)

The Union has also suggested that all MLC/MMC vehicles be given individual dolley’s as opposed to a pool.

The Corporation will take this under advisement.

Bar Charts

The Union advised that the receipts are much better from the stns, however a concern was raised that these charts are not being vetted at the stn level.

Schedule Change – 280 Progress Depot C & D P0 4’s #1 Shift

The Corporation advised that all employee’s are returned to the established hours until such time as the consultation is concluded.

The Union indicated that the Local has not seen any notice regarding the consultation.

The Corporation indicated it was sent to the Regional Director, and will provide a copy to the Local.

Double Stacked Mono’s

The Corporation advised the Union that Richmond Hill does in fact have a “stacker” and utilises this to stack mono’s awaiting processing.

The Union will review, concern that proper procedures may not be being followed.

New Business

Vehicle Security - change in discipline

The Union inquired as to the rumor of a change in the policy for unsecured vehicles.

The Corporation advised that yes a review of the VOP suspension was conducted and the National Union was advised that suspension of VOP’s would no longer be part of the overall discipline process. Any employee currently having a revoked VOP would have it reinstated by March 14, 05. The five (5) suspension remains in place for major misconduct. A communication was sent from National LR for distribution to discuss with employees. Update – this bulletin was not sent from the local LRO to the managers, this has now been done. Supervisors are to discuss the changes in 5 minute mini-meeting.

Annual Leave Results

The Union reminded the Corporation that all the results were to be sent to the Union as per the agreement, to date only five (5) have been received, four (4) Group 2 and one (1) Group 1.

The Corporation will follow up to ensure that this results are forwarded. (Zone Mgrs)

The parties held a discussion with respect to two employee’s who recently transferred from one the area plants. These employee’s were not given the right to bid prior to leaving. It was agreed that they would select based on their seniority within the board for their group as it stood at first opportunity. As these individuals have 2004 seniority.

Reverse Seniority Overtime

The Union indicated that they had requested copies of the reverse order equal opportunity lists, to date only one has been supplied . In reviewing that list it would appear that some concerns need to be addressed.

The Corporation will follow up with those facilities who have needed to apply these lists.

(Zone Mgrs)

New Hire and Random Numbers

The Union raised the concern that new hires are given their random number in time to establish placement on the on call list. This means a problem with assigning work by the Zone Officer’s. A process needs to be put in place so that prior to completing training the numbers are available.

The Corporation will escalate to Employee Relations ( C. Reece)

Directors in GTA

The Union made an inquiry as the change in the Director(s) for the GTA.

The Corporation advised that a change has been undertaken and a new organization is in place, however the 6.05’s list are not being changed. In other words the Post Offices remain as East and West., with two Director’s for the West Post Office.

The East Director is John Hill, Central Director is Arlene Yam and the west Director is Jim Gilbert. Some realigning of Zones is also to take place. Toronto R, S & K will move to the Central Director as well as Newmarket, Aurora and Keswick. The Retail Business Managers will be reporting to the Delivery Directors in the respective areas.

Staffing - 39.07 coverage in Depot 11

The Union raised the issue of damages to the appropriate employee in Depot 11 by the transfer of the individual covering a LTA. When the employee transferred the assignment should have been re- canvassed .

The Corporation will follow up. (F. Ala / L. Anastasi)

Householder Delivery

The Union asked if there was nay flexibility in the delivery time frames of admail were there is an overburdening.

The Corporation advised that the time frames are determined by the customer and cannot be changed.

The Union asked that the payments be posted after each pay period is entered so that employees know what is to be paid on the next payment.

The Corporation will follow up with the Stations (Zone Mgrs / Supt’s)

T.T.C. Potential Strike

The Union advised the Corporation that the TTC drivers were taking a vote and that it points to supporting a rejection of the offer, which could lead to strike action in the near future. Asked if we had contingency plans should that occur.

The Corporation thanked the Union for the information and will certainly look at what is taking place with the TTC.

RLC Training

The Union indicated that RLC’s in some areas are not trained in the DRS / MLC functions and are therefore excluded from covering these assignments.

The Corporation will follow up with the stn Supt’s to ensure that training is provided as needed. (Zone Mgr’s / Supt’s)

Relay Bag Conveyance

The Union asks that the stations be reminded of the proper means to transport relay bags to the relay boxes.

The Corporation will remind all supervisors/ superintendents. ( Zone Mgrs)

WSIB and H.H. Benefits

The Union raised the issue that in order for the employees to receive the average allowance under WSIB the information has to be supplied to WSIB when requested. Find that some stations are unable to obtain this information. Please advise them that this information may be obtained from Payroll Operations.

The Corporation will follow up with the stations to confirm. (Zone Mgrs)

Stat Holiday Pay for Part-time Employees (Art 18.04)

The Union raised the concern that employee’s scheduled for eight (8) hours on the day when a stat falls are only receiving the average hours from the previous five(5) days.

The Corporation will follow –up. (L. Wilkinson)

Update - We are advised that SAP will pay the employees who are scheduled for eight (8) hours the eight (8) hours for the stat. For those employees who are not scheduled for eight (8) hours they will receive the average of the previous five (5) days.


No Issues


Easter Overtime

The Union inquired as to whether Toronto stations were being canvassed for overtime at Y.D.C for Easter Monday.

The Corporation responded that no direction was given to canvas any letter carrier facilities for overtime at Y.D.C.

Meeting Adjourned.

Next meeting : Wednesday April 13,05 at 10:00 AM in the 280 Progress Ave Boardroom

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All Present

G. Deveaux – National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

J. Gilbert – Director, Delivery Operations, West

J. Hill – Director, Director, Delivery Operations, East

A. Yam – Director, Delivery Operations Central

P. Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations GTA

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations, National

C. Reece, Manager Employee Relations, GTA

J. Best, Officer, Employee Relations , GTA

C. McLachlan, Manager, OHS & E, GTA

J. Wozney, Director, Delivery Support GTA

Information Books, Scarborough Local Stations