Metro Toronto East Delivery, Retail / CUPW-Scarborough Local
Consultation meeting
held on Wednesday March 09, 2005
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough, Ontario.

Peter Scott Mike Duquette
Larry Wilkinson L. Charles
Jim Wineck D. Roosevelt
J. Connery K. Davidson
Ashok Kapoor G. Tomaszewski

RE: Closure of Willowdale “B” Retail section, effective April 15, 2005.

CUPW- What is the plan?

MGMT- All concerned, Retail/Commercial customers will be appropriately informed.

CUPW- What is the employees, people plan?

MGMT- Technically there are 4- FT PO4 vacancies on the books (Final sort assignment, Pickering, Zone 7 Relief , one midnight position at Scarboro Depot 5) plus what ever attrition may create in the next month.

CUPW- Pickering is a Bilingual position, 2 are in process for article 54 accommodation.

MGMT- Employees at Will ‘B’ are already bidding and should continue to participate in the March Bid. As of Monday April 18, 2005, these employees will be unassigned in the East Post Office.

CUPW- proposed to float these employees as Retail Relief and delete these relief positions as they become vacant.

MGMT- one employee is on SunLife disability, others will be re-assigned to Relief at West Beaver Creek or as required. We will keep Retail Section at Will ‘B’, albeit changing the positions to be Relief after closure until employees bid into positions per bidding process.

Parties agreed that article 53 will not be required. Replacement of temporary employees will be considered as the need to assign the above employees takes place.

CUPW- asked for the business plan for Will’B’ used by the Corporation to identify the need for the closure. This was supplied for Depot 11 closure at the relevant time.

MGMT- P. Scott will summarize it for Mike Duquette.

Meeting adjourned.

Distribution (via Email): All Present; J. Gilbert; J. Hill; A. Yam; C. Reece; C. Marcil;

P. Mulvihill; G. Deveau, B. Yap.