DATE OF MEETING: March 2nd, 2005

C. Ciallella M. Duquette
D. Jones L. Charles
D. Haller D. Burke
H. Bigras S. Thomas
H. Leslie
D. Roosevelt
V. Kane


CUPW: We have an agreement that long term leaves under 39.07 as well as annual leave at the UMO will be covered by employees from the YDC who are in the same Group. We are aware that the Corporation is not holding up their side of the agreement.

CPC: The UMO has not asked that we cover their annual leave. New management was not aware of this agreement. Furthermore, our new staffing profile may not allow us to cover absences at the UMO.

CUPW: The Corporation will have to ensure the new staffing profile at the YDC does allow for leave coverage at the UMO.

CPC: Since we have become aware of the current problem, we have “parachuted” someone in to the UMO to cover the leave. Since the matter was urgent, the proper process was not followed; we will begin canvassing by seniority today to cover the leave of absence appropriately. Furthermore, a meeting will be scheduled with the Manager of the UMO to discuss the process to follow for leave coverage, both long term absences as well as annual leave based on the agreement.

CUPW: We are willing to agree to applying 39.07 to annual leave as well as long-term leaves, but we expect the Corporation to hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to covering leaves of 1 day as well.

CUPW brought up concerns with Health & Safety issues relating to Purolator products (overweight parcels, hazardous materials). The Corporation advised that these issues are important but must be addressed with the UMO management team.

CPC: Is the YDC temporary employee list an option for the UMO?

CUPW: It could be a possibility, although the UMO and the YDC are separate Post Offices. We cannot, however agree to anything until we are certain the Corporation will respect the leave coverage agreement.

CPC: We will set up a meeting with the UMO management team next Wednesday and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.


CUPW: Has the implementation schedule for the new staffing profile changed?

CPC: The Corporation would like to advise you that because of the Easter holiday, it would be easier to delay the implementation until April 4th. We are also looking at the possibility (if logistically possible) of extending the bid by 2 days, to March 16th.

CUPW: Delaying the implementation is fine. If you can extend the bid, it would be appreciated. Employees are complaining that there aren’t enough Loop/tour sheets available for the sign-out system.

CPC: Too expensive to print more than the 2 packages per Loop. If complaints persist, we will review.

CUPW: We will also post the packages on our web site (without customer information). This could help alleviate the problem.

CPC: MSCs are receiving their bid sheets when they come in for work. Tour sheets are available from 0900 to 1700. The Union observers are also available to answer any questions. All bid forms are to be returned to Dan Jones. He will collect them and forward them to Employee Relations at the end of the bid.

CUPW: There is a window of time, between 1700 and 1900 where no one is available to answer questions. The Union observers are willing to cover that window of time. Will a management representative also be available on site?

CPC: We will advise the Union of the RMOs hours of availability. We will also provide a flip chart (“parking lot”) for employee questions that will be reviewed and answered every day. We will also look into the Union’s suggestion of posting a generic list of terms that are used on the tour sheets (such as “as directed time” and “trapped time”).

We have discussed the sequencing issue with D. Campbell who advises that the way the LDUs were assigned to the Loops could affect the high variances in the sequences. He will review the possibility of adding sequence numbers. The Corporation will advise once the analysis is completed.

CUPW: Must careful that you don’t max out on all the sequence numbers as this could also cause problems.

CPC: The Corporation is taking this into account.

CUPW: As discussed in the last Union/Mgt meeting re: the restructure, there are issues with the number of RPOs on the tours.

CPC: The RMOs are taking this issue into consideration for the next restructure. If the Drivers do encounter problems, the RMO will correct them asap. They must be brought to our attention in order for the Corporation to rectify.

CUPW: Drivers will not necessarily bring problems forward.

CPC: We cannot fix what we don’t know is broken. We will review and investigate all issues/problems and get back to the employee when they are brought to our attention. Issues will also be addressed with employees who constantly bring parcels back every day and no problems are identified on their tour.

CUPW: There seem to be discrepancies between the 111s and the tour sheets.

CPC: We thought these were all corrected. Will review and correct.

Rotation of duties

CPC: Provided a proposed weekly rotation of duties schedule for Shift #3, Group 1. 2 pages: 1 - FT 1 hour

2 - FT and temps for rest of shift

To be implemented Monday, March 7th.

CUPW: Employees would prefer a ROD schedule that would involve keying for half the day and racking for the other half. We also suggest that you change the order in which the employees key and rack every week so that they don’t always start and end their day doing the same thing.

CPC: Will make suggested changes to schedule.

CUPW: The schedule says that there will be no “trade offs”, why?

CPC: We would like to avoid, as much as possible, the employees performing the same job functions all the time. We want to be fair and consistent therefore we will be firm when it will come to the application of the ROD schedule and the adherence to the ROD schedule. We will also be reviewing medical accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

CUPW: When will the Corporation consult on the other 2 shifts?

CPC: #1 shift in a few weeks. #2 shift, hopefully next week. Please be advised that we will be revising the ROD schedule when the new staffing profile is implemented.

CUPW: All employees should have their VOPs. When will training be scheduled for those who do not have them?

CPC: All the temps have their VOPs. The FT employees who are not “grandfathered” will be trained as soon as possible after the new staffing profile is implemented.

Easter schedule

CPC: Provided holiday schedule.

Thursday, March 24th: operation shut down at 2200

Friday, March 25th: Holiday (closed)

Saturday, March 26th: Regular hours 0900 to 1700

Sunday, March 27th: Holiday (closed)

Monday, March 28th: Blanket rotation day OT on all 3 shifts. Full operation.

If the BMF changes their weekend plan, they have been asked to advise us in advance. We will in turn advise you. We will try to avoid a change to this schedule at all costs.

CUPW: The schedule looks fine with the exception of one minor mistake. Easter Sunday is the Holiday, not the Monday – no impact to the schedule.

When will you consult the adjustments to the weekly schedules for the week prior of March 20th and the week of March 27th?

CPC: Next week we will provide you with the adjustments for your approval. We are looking at adjusting the Wednesday schedule in the first week and the Tuesday schedule in the second.

Other issues

CUPW: Employee Relations have expressed that they could take over the Group 1 bidding as well as doing the Group 2 bidding. Will they be doing it from now on?

CPC: We were not aware of this. We will discuss with them and advise. Do not foresee a problem with this proposal.

CUPW: Is the annual leave draw done and posted?

CPC: MSC - The bid sheets are going out. Employees have to bid on the second round.

CUPW: The annual leave credits have not been adjusted for the new PT to FT PO4s. When will they be?

CPC: They will be reviewed and adjusted next week. PO4s will have to bid in the 3rd round.

CUPW: Not all employees are aware that they are entitled to pre-retirement leave.

CPC: We will post an Information Book Notice with the required information. Pre-retirement leave is selected in order of seniority. Employees can make changes to the schedule but cannot “bump” someone else’s pre-retirement leave in the process.

CUPW: The YDC is 6 months behind in their barcharts.

CPC: We are aware. Barcharts will be done – Mgt rep.: Joanne Lauzon

Union rep.: Alan Bailey

CUPW: An additional relief is required because the base was affected when the Corporation converted the 18 PT assignments to 9 FT. When will this new relief be added?

CPC: We were not aware. The new relief position will be included in the bid.

The Corporation would like to advise the Union that we are aggressively trying to reduce operating costs, including OT hours. The Model is costing the Corporation far more than expected. As you are aware, we did not call OT on #3 shift last Sunday. We will continue to do so. This coming weekend we will be pre-loading the vehicle on Saturday for delivery on Sunday in order to avoid more OT hours.

CUPW: When can we commence the PT flex investigation?

CPC: When H. Leslie returns form vacation we will discuss. How much time will be required?

CUPW: We will require 6 complete days to complete the audit.

CPC: Management will review and discuss upon H. Leslie’s return.

CUPW: 50% if IODs are late being reported. The Supervisors do not know what the reporting requirements are.

CPC: We recognize that there is an issue. We are trying to schedule training.

CUPW: Has the snow clearance contract been changed from plowing to snow removal?

CPC: We realise there is an issue. The snow is supposed to be moved onto the lawn. We will discuss with J. Bunker.